Difference Between Psychotic And Neurotic People

Psychosis is defined as impaired emotions and thoughts in which a person lost the contact with reality. It is a serious mental disorder. And neurosis is defined as excessive anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, and worry. Neurotic people may have immature and insecure behaviors.Difference Between Psychotic And Neurotic People

Hallucination and delusions occur in the psychosis while these conditions are absent in neurosis. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the difference between psychotic and neurotic people.

Difference Between Psychosis and Neurosis

Neurotic people can bite their nails, pull their hair and behave unusually and abnormally. Psychoneurosis is a sense of mental disorder that causes a sense of distress and abnormal functioning. It also includes anxiety, depression, and feelings of unhappiness.

Psychosis is the brain tissue in people that is caused by environmental factors, genetics or biochemical changes. This disorder can affect the feelings, memory, relationships and consciousness of a person. The person with this disorder does not know his conscious condition and make his own imaginative world that is outside of reality.

Neurosis can caused disorganization of mental or physical conditions. People with this order cannot handle their emotions and certain situations that lead to anxiety, aggression, sexual disorders, depression, sleep disorders, discomfort, and depression. Difference between psychosis and neurosis is following.

Definition Of Psychosis And Neurosis

Psychosis: Psychosis is the disruption of relationships with others, social insecurity, and loss of contact with the reality.Definition

Neurosis: Neurosis is a neuro-psychical disorder that includes borderline functioning and poor management of emotions, relationships, and difficulties.

Types of Psychosis And Neurosis

Psychosis: Psychosis mix with other disorders and it can cause many other abnormalities. Types of psychosis are following.

  • Schizophrenia.
  •  Bipolar.
  • Delusions.
  •  Paranoia.
  •  chronic hallucinatory psychosis.
  •  Paraphrenia.
  •  Epilepsy.
  • Senile or pre-senile dementia.

Types of Psychosis And Neurosis

Neurosis: Neurosis includes mental and physical disabilities and improper functioning. Neurotic people cannot stable themselves in tough situations. Neurosis mix with other disorders and it can cause following disorders and abnormalities.

  • Neurasthenia.
  • Fearful neurosis.
  • Hysteria.
  • Compulsive conditions.
  • Phobic disorders.

Changes Of Personality

Psychosis: The personality of psychotic people become destroy from this disorder. They can’t identify their true personality and lose their identity. Psychotic people forget about events of past and present. They fail to identify their true self.Changes Of Personality

Neurosis: Neurosis is a disease that performs poor functions and it does not affect the personality. Neurotic people remain aware of their personality and conscious.

Contact With The Reality

Psychosis: Psychotic people completely lose the contact with the reality. They fail to recognize the place and situation where they exist.Contact With The Reality

Neurosis: Neurotic people remain intact with the reality. They partially lose the value of reality but still, they know about their conscious conditions.

Awareness Of Ownself

Psychosis: Psychotic people do not realize their disorder and illnesses. They can suffer from hallucination and delusions. These people cannot judge their conscious situation and diseases. They do not have any awareness of themselves and others because they can lose the contact with the reality and live in their own world of imaginations.Awareness Of Ownself

Neurosis: Neurotic people know about their problems and difficulties. They have awareness about their present situations. They do not lose the contact with reality.

Communication And Language

Psychosis: The psychotic disorder can severely affect the language and speech of a person. It can cause disorganized and improper language in psychotic people. They do not know that what are they actually speaking. They even do not know about meanings of their worlds.Communication And Language

Neurosis: Neurosis is a mental disorder. It cannot affect your language and communication with other people. Neurotic people use the normal language and can manage their communication.

Organic Changes

Psychosis: Organic changes can also affect the psychotic people. Pathomorphological and pathofunctional changes in the body can cause severe symptoms of neurosis in people. This disorder changes the function of neuro-cerebral substance in people than their mental conditions become highly disturbed and disorganized.Organic Changes

Neurosis: There is no organic reason for neurosis and it is a pure mental disorder in the people. Any organic change cannot cause the symptoms of neurosis in the people.

Factors That Affect Psychosis And Neurosis

Psychosis: The psychotic disorder can transfer from generation to generation. So genetics play a vital role in transferring several abnormalities from parents to the child. Some environmental factors can also cause this disorder in people. Biochemical changes are also the reason to produce abnormalities and disorders in people.Factors

Neurosis: Psychological factors can cause neurosis in people. Many issues in handling the difficult situations and emotions can become the reason of neurotic disorder in people. Socio-economic and socio-psychic climate factors are also responsible to cause neurotic disorders in people.

Behavior Of Psychosis And Neurosis

Psychosis: Due to a loss of contact with reality, psychotic people cannot manage themselves properly. They can commit suicide or play any dangerous activity with others and themselves. That’s why they need hospitalization to recover.Behavior

It can be threatening for a normal person to live with psychotic people because they highly affect the mental and psychological conditions of others. Hospitalization is the best option for psychotic people. When psychiatrists fail to treat these people then their family may leave them in a mental asylum or permit them to live at home.

Neurosis: Hospitalization is not important for neurotic people because they can manage themselves. They can recover from this disorder at home and behave normally with their family or friends.

Treatments Of Of Psychosis And Neurosis

Psychosis: Psychotic people are difficult to handle and their treatment is also difficult.  Antipsychotic medicines, psychological therapies and social support can play a better role in the cure of this disorder.

Psychotic people have fewer chances of recovery because they completely lose the contact with reality. Psychologist and psychiatrist handle them very carefully. It is not sure to recover from a psychotic disorder.Treatments

Neurosis: Moral and social support can play a better role in recovery from this disorder. Medicines can be also given to neurotic people for best treatment. Cognitive therapies can help to recover the neurotic people from this disorder.

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