What Is The Difference Between Star And Planet?

When we look at the sky in the night, there are millions and billions of twinklings. These twinklings are of stars and we have read about them in the nursery rhymes and books. Just like that, we have heard about the planets. The Earth on which we live is a perfect example of a planet. Also, we have heard about the planets, in our school, in the topic of the solar system.

Is that knowledge is enough about them? No, there is much more we should know about them for better knowledge. In this article, we will describe the structure and formation of stars and planets and also distinguish them.


What are stars

A huge radiant ball, mostly formed by the amalgamation of hydrogen and helium gases, integrated together by gravitation force, is known as a star. Nuclear fission reaction at the core of a star is the reason behind the emission of photon light and heat as well as the heavy element in a small amount.

The astronomical distance by which the distance between stars and Earth is measured is called a light year. A light-year is a distance which is traveled by the light in a year that is almost equal to 9.4607 × 1012 km or nearly equals to 6 million million miles. The stars are at the millions of light years of distance, away from the Earth, and we can analyze that how big the stars are that we can see their light even from such a large distance.

Formation Of A Star

When a star is born, it is just a cluster of different gases such as hydrogen.  In this cloud of gases, the gases begin to collapse with each other due to the gravity. When the temperature of the gases is raised about 18 million Fahrenheit, the nuclei of hydrogen is fused into the helium nuclei due to a nuclear reaction.

This nuclear reaction is the cause due to which the light emits and that is how a star is formed.


what are planets

An ethereal body that revolves around the star is called a planet. The surface or structure of planet can be gaseous or there can be rocks or sand. Planets have their own force of gravitation but the thermonuclear reaction is weak. So the planets can’t emit the light.

Formation Of A Planet

Regarding the formation of a planet, it is said that the planets come into being with the birth of their parent stars. As per the theory of the formation of planets, due to some explosion in the core of the star, the materials having their own gravity were formed near the orbit of a star.

These center of gravity collapse into each other and become denser and denser, up to the star reaches maturity and after this, the planet takes its explicit form.

Difference Between Star And Planet

the difference between star and planet

  • If you have to tell the difference at a sight, then the main point is that stars have their own light and they twinkle in the dark, while the planets do not have their own light and they don’t twinkle.
  • Stars are secured at a point whereas the planet revolves around their parent star.
  • A huge nuclear reaction exists in the stars while planets don’t have their own nuclear reactor for such reaction.
  • Stars are much bigger in size as compared to the size of planets.
  • At first, the stars are formed and then the planets are formed as their child within the orbit.

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