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How to Make, Delete, Set up, Hack Or Report A Discord Server?

Discord Push To Talk: Discord is an application for text and voice chat, specially made for gamers in particular. It is simple and sleek in design which makes it a wonderful alternative for the previous apps like Skype and Teamspeak.

Discord is being inspired by Teamspeak’s extensive management and customization options but has hidden some of the choices within the interface. Fortunately, it is pretty easy and simple to get started.

Discord Push To Talk

In this article, you will get to know about how to delete a discord server? How to make a discord server? What actually is a discord server? How to set up a discord server? How to join a discord server? How to leave a discord server? How to make a good discord server? How to hack a good discord server? How to report a discord server?

How to Enable and Configure Push to Talk in Discord?

If you are looking for a Discord buddy or if the gameplay of your chat friends is affected by you, then you can try the Push to Talk facility in it as soon as possible. Gamers also use Steam Family sharing through which they can share and play a game at the same time on Steam. First, we will see how to enable this feature then we will move on to the configuration part.

Enabling Push To Talk In Discord

First of all, make sure that you are logged in successfully. Once you get it going then you will need to follow these steps:

1. In the left corner at the bottom of your screen, look for your username. Next to it is the settings icon, tap on it.

how to delete a discord server

2. After entering the discord setting, you will scroll down and click the Voice & Video, then voice.

how to make a discord server

3. Now check the box for enabling the “Push to Talk” feature.

how to leave a discord server

Now, that you have enabled push to talk, now you can configure it as well.

Configuring Push To Talk In Discord

To make it work properly and efficiently, you need to configure it properly in which you will set a key for Push to Talk feature. Here’s all you need to do:

1. In the settings menu, scroll down and find “Keybinds” section. Just know that Discord will let you set more than one shortcuts for the same feature. This can help you in a way that if you are playing more games and each of them has different controls. You can add as many shortcuts as you want.

how to make a good discord server

2. Once you reach there, tap on the top right corner where “Add a Keybind” is written.

how to hack a discord server

3. Now to choose an action make sure Push to Talk is selected. Once you reach that place tap the “Record Keybind”. Then press the key that you wish to choose as a Push to Talk. Then tap “Stop Recording” to save your choice.

how to report a discord server

4. Now move back to the settings tab, then click voice. Right beneath Push to Talk enabled, you will a small slider named as Push to Talk Release Delay. This slider will modify the time taken by Discord to check your voice signal after you leave the keybind.

discord push to talk

What Is A Discord Push To Talk Server?

If you are an Online gamer then you must be familiar with Discord but if you have no idea about it then know. Discord Server is designed in a way to assist the game players in communicating and coordinating via private chambers which allow you to text and talk.

The Discord app is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms, with combined features of a message board, a VoIP chatting system, and chat lobby into one app which will not hog resources on your PC or phone.

what is a discord server

Discord is famous and it is being multiplied in the last few years as the application is reaching 90 million users. If you are also an online game player then this is a must-have app in your mobile or PC.

How To Make a Discord Server?

Making a Discord Server is quite an easy task. First of all, you will need to download Discord for your required operating system (Windows, Mac, etc) or you can simply open the Discord Web interface.

Whatever option you choose, you will have to create a free user account to get going. So first do that then proceed with the following steps:

  • When you will first open the Discord and sign in, it will ask you whether you want to create a new server or you want to join an already created server. If you have used discord already then you can skip this step. If you wish to create a new server then tap the large plus button in the Discord interface.

How to make a discord server

  • Whatever option you choose, you will see the same screen. Tap on “Create a server” to make a new server.

Make a New Server

  • You can give a name of your choice to your server. Choose a unique region if your server did not detect correctly. Then tap the “Create” button.

discord push to talk

  • You have successfully created the new server, now you are connected to the server. You can select a new server on the left, then tap the drop-down arrow next to its name and you can different options like creating channels, changing server settings, inviting friends and many more.

discord push to talk

You can explore these settings of your choice. You can configure the notifications settings, categories, channels, etc the way you want them.

How To Set Up A Discord Server?

Specific permissions are given to the users In Discord when roles are assigned. You can create various roles, for instance, the moderators they have the ability to block users and delete messages.

Any user with this role can inherit the permissions. Roles let save you from getting to assign permissions to every user. You can also use roles to do some simple and easy stuff like giving your friends a color or a cool rank.

You can also manage the roles that you have assigned. Just open the server settings and tap on Roles category on the left. You can also add new roles by tapping the small plus button to the side of the roles. Select a role to manage permissions.

how to set up a discord server

There is another role as well the Administrator role, it gives you every permission except deleting the server. The primary setting “Display role members separately” will show people up in their own category in the Users panel.

You can also keep these settings off for certain roles. For instance, if you if there are more admins and you want to give yourself a different color, you can take a new role and adjust it right above the admin.

  • Now, this is a role created in Cool Color. You can assign any color to the role that you have created.

discord push to talk

  • Any user who lies in the Cool Color role will be displayed in the same color.

discord push to talk

This tick can be used with permissions. You can make a role named “Server Administrator” with the permission of Administrator. Give this role to selective people instead of giving it to everyone.

  •  Once you have set up the roles that you have to use, now you can assign the users of your choice to these roles by right-clicking their name. Then enable the correct box in the roles menu.

discord push to talk

If your server is large, you can definitely search for the member in the Members tab in the settings panel. This will save time as you will not have scroll down and search for the required person.

How To Join A Discord Server?

With the help of Discord, you will be able to communicate easily with your game buddies or friends in the form of image, text, audio, and video. It is a very useful app that is basically made for video gamers.

But before you could do that, you will need to join the discord server by the following method:

  • Open Discord. This app has a blue icon depicting a smiling game controller. This icon can be found on your home screen.

Discord push to talk

  • Tap . You can find it at the top-left corner of the discord server screen. 

discord push to talk

  • Tap +. This is also at the left side in a column. This will open the Servers window.

how to join a discord server

  • Tap the button for “Enter an instant invite URL or code.

what is a discord server

  • Now, enter the server’s URL or the invitation code. If you do not have the URL or code, try searching it online.

Discord push to talk

  • Tap join. It can be seen at the bottom of the screen. Now, after joining the server, you will find its icon in the list of servers at the left side of Discord.

discord push to talk

You have now successfully joined a server.

How To Leave A Discord Push To Talk Server?

You can also leave any unwanted server. It is easy and simple just follow these steps:

  • Open Discord.

Discord push to talk

  • Tap ☰. You can find it in the top-left corner of the screen. 

discord push to talk

  • Select the desired server which you want to leave. All the joined servers are listed at the left-most column.

how to leave a discord server

  • Tap ⁝. It will be found at the top corner at the right of the discord screen.

discord push to talk

  • Tap leave server. It can be seen in the red text at the end of the screen.

discord push to talk

  • Tap leave server to confirm. Then you will no longer be a part of that server.

discord push to talk

Once you have left the server now you can only join if someone invites you by sending their URL.

How To Delete A Discord Push To Talk Server?

Sometimes you may want to leave an app or you are bored to use the same app for quite some time and you want to delete your Discord Server, then follow these steps to delete the Discord Server.

Deleting a Discord Server is a very simple and easy task, you do not need to do much. Only a few easy clicks and you can delete your discord server. Server deletion is as simple as deleting a channel on your server. Follow these steps:

1. Open Discord. It has an icon that is like a white gamepad with a smiling face and has a dark blue background. If you have not signed in then first enter your credentials to do so. Open the settings on your server by taping on the Server Name Box.

how to delete a discord server

2. Then you will Tap ☰. You can find this icon at the top-left corner of your screen in the Discord app.

what is a discord server

3. Then you will tap the server that you want to delete. Servers must be listed on the left panel of the screen. Tap the Delete Server from the bottom left menu and confirm the server deletion.

how to set up a discord server

4. Then tap . You will find this icon on the top of the right corner of your server screen. 

how to leave a discord server

5. Then tap Server settings.

how to make a good discord server

6. Tap overview.

how to hack a discord server

7. Tap on the top right corner of the overview screen.

how to report a discord server

8. Tap Delete Server.

how to make a discord server

9. Then again Tap delete server to affirm. Now the server is deleted successfully.

discord push to talk

Note: Only the owner of this server is able to delete it, no matter what permissions are assigned to any role.

How To Hack Discord Push To Talk Server?

You have successfully configured the Discord Push To Talk. Now you can use it for chatting during the games. You can also visit the Technology category to view more related articles like “How To Delete Amazon Account?” and “How To Add Admin To Facebook Group?


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