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How To Disinfect Clothes – 4 Foolproof Methods?

It is very important to disinfect your clothes because clothes get germs, bacteria, and viruses very easily. Even if we visit a person who is severely sick, or having some infections, in any case, our clothes easily get their germs. So, every time we should disinfect our clothes with hot water and liquid detergent, this is the simplest and quickest disinfecting clothes method to follow. There are many other ways also to disinfect your clothes in consuming less time.

Disinfecting clothes

Clothes need extra care and protection, they should be always neat, clean and sanitize. Many gems and bacteria’s transfer from clothes. If you share clothes with your friends or cousins then there are great chances that they could get germs or anything like that if they are not washed properly.

So, always make sure to disinfect your clothes, you can also use normal washing bleach to disinfect your clothes but there are many other ways also. So, here on, we are providing you some many effective and efficient tips on How to disinfect your clothes without damaging or fading them.

Things required from disinfecting clothes

  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Soap powder
  • Liquid detergent
  • Hot water
  • Chlorine
  • Bucket

Steps to follow disinfecting clothes

  • Very basic and most common way of disinfecting clothes is to wash them with washing powder or liquid detergent in the washing machine and after washing cycle put them in boiling water for half an hour so all the germs will be killed. After boiling your clothes, you must wash them again with chlorine so they will also get sanitized.
  • You should know that you cannot boil all the clothes, boiling water can also damage the fabric of clothes, you can only boil towels and beddings because nothing happens to their fabric after boiling.
  • Remember that we are talking about disinfections which are for normal diseases like flu, cough, and fever. If someone in your house is seriously sick or having a very dangerous disease then you should consult a doctor for proper disinfection, which are from machines or rays to kill the germs and microorganisms.

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Disinfecting clothes with white vinegar

  • When you wash clothes, you should try to use this home remedy. As we all know white vinegar helps us to remove tough stains, it also eliminated the foul smell from clothes and it makes clothes brighten and whiten. While washing clothes put one cup of white vinegar in washing cycle of the machine, this will remove all the stains found on clothes and also helps you to disinfect them. Vinegar is natural cleaner and disinfector, which helps us in many ways.

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant

  • When we talk about vinegar, we mean white vinegar because if we will use colored vinegar on clothes, your clothes will absorb the color of the vinegar. Another method to disinfect clothe using vinegar is that soak clothes in white vinegar for half an hour after washing them in the washing machine. This method will help you to eliminate any foul smell from your clothes. White vinegar also makes your clothes softer as it is natural fabric softener also.

Using sanytol to disinfecting clothes

  • Sanytol is a very famous textile disinfectant, it is very effective to use on clothes for disinfecting them. It kills 99.9% germs and bacteria’s from clothes which cause a foul smell in them. It also kills germs from towels, pet bedding, carpets and you can use it to disinfect almost every fabric. Sanytol also leaves great fragrance in clothes after washing them with it. When you wash clothes in the washing machine with sanytol, it also sanitizes your washing machine as well.

Use sanytol for disinfecting clothes

  • You can use it on almost all type of fabric materials, such as home textile, undergarments, on baby clothes and many others. Sanytol kills bacteria which it found on clothes, so when bacteria are killed then your clothes are automatically sanitized and clean. It is very helpful especially in homes where there are small kids because everything should be hygienic and sanitized for kids. Sanytol works at a low temperature usually, from 20°C.

Disinfecting clothes using baking soda

  • Another we easy and common method for sanitizing and disinfecting clothes is to wash them with baking soda. Baking soda is not only for use in a kitchen or in food it is also a very good and natural cleaning and disinfecting product. You can put a half cup of baking soda generally known as sodium bicarbonate in washing cycle.
  • This method will also eliminate all the bad and nasty smell from your clothes and make them bright like a new one. Baking soda also helps you to get rid of sweat stains and sweat smell.

Baking soda is natural disinfactant

  • Another method to disinfect your clothes from baking soda is to soak your clothes in baking soda and water solution for half or one hour after washing them in the washing machine. This is very helpful and cheap method as baking soda is available in all homes or you can buy it from any nearby market at very cheap cost.

Disinfecting clothes using hydrogen peroxide

  • A very cheap and useful method for disinfecting clothes is to soak them in hydrogen peroxide solution before washing them in the washing machine. This method will keep your clothes free from all bacteria’s and germs. Hydrogen peroxide kills all the bacteria that produce foul smell in clothes. So using hydrogen peroxide sanitizes your clothes. You can get it from any nearby market or superstore at a very cheap price.

Disinfecting clothes using alcohol

  • Another useful method for disinfecting clothes is to use alcohol. Soak your clothes in alcohol solution before washing them in the washing machine. This method will kill all the germs, bacteria and viruses from your clothes, making them softer and brighten for you.

dry clothes in sunlight

  • Another very simple method for disinfecting clothes is to hang them in sunlight for 2-3 hours. Allow your clothes to dry in sunlight as sunlight can also remove the foul smell and kills bacteria and germs from your clothes.

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