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How To Display Travel Souvenirs?

Traveling may be for different reasons. But one thing is perhaps common with every traveler; buying souvenirs. Over the years, these souvenirs start piling up in your home and often you wonder, what to do with them. You cannot throw them out, as these are unique, precious and you might have an emotional attachment to them.


There are so many ways to preserve these souvenirs. You can decorate your room with these souvenirs. You can create a wall art or these can be used to make a beautiful glass jar and so many other things can be created with these souvenirs. In this article we will suggest some useful and great ideas on how to display travel souvenirs.

Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best and most popular ways of preserving and displaying your travel memorabilia. You can do it in so many ways, using your own instinct. We suggest a few here. But before doing that, we suggest, you should segregate the available things based on their type, such as photos, postcards, key chains and mugs and so on.

  • You can display photos and postcards on any spare wall of your room. But don’t disturb the ambiance of your room. Be somewhat imaginative while selecting the wall.
  • You can even display air, train or bus tickets of different cities, to create a wall art. Even the old passport stamps will add some creativity to your wall art.
travel Souvenirs
  • You can mix up the photos, postcards and tickets in a creative way so that your wall art will look more attractive and colorful.
  • You may have a wonderful travel picture. Why not convert it into a large canvas print and display on a suitable place in your room. Try it.
  • You must have some maps of different cities and Countries in your memorabilia. Frame a few of them and display artistically in a different style in your room.
  • If you have a world map, display it on the wall in your living room. Mark the places you have visited in your life. You can also pin up coins of relevant Countries on the world map. This will make a wonderful art piece and will often remind you of the sweet memories of your travel to that Country

These are just a few tips, but you can do a lot more with these things, using your own imagination and creative sense.

Displaying Collections

It is quite easy to display things like coins, tickets and photos or maps but what to do with other things you might have bought during your travel, such different objects, like mugs, magnets, key chains etc. Again, you should segregate each type of things and try to display them collectively, one type at one place. Let’s suggest a few ways to display them:

  • Look around your room and you will find a little free space on a wall, in a corner or anywhere, depending on the decoration layout of your room. Fix a small shelf on this spot and you can display different items on it, such as mugs or other such like items.
  • If space and layout of your room allows, you can create more than one shelves in different areas of the room. Think of corner where you can create a series of shelves, one on the other, starting with a large one on the bottom and smaller ones on the top.
  • You have gathered sand or soil samples from different areas of the world? Don’t worry, you can preserve these samples in small glass jars or containers of different styles and display them on any shelves, you must have or you may have created for this purpose in your home. Write the name of Country or city, this sample belongs to, on its glass container. Writing name in your own handwriting will look great.
displaying collections
  • If you have some sea shells or any other such thing, you can preserve them and display in the same manner, as explained above.
  • You might have collected unique, beautiful stones from different Countries. These can also be displayed in the same manner, as you have done with sand samples. But in this case, you have to select larger containers. Fill the container or jar with stones from one Country and write the name of that Country on the relevant jar.
  • People often collect different tea towels, which reflect the Country you visited. You can create beautiful pillow cases using these tea towels.
  • Similarly, you might have collected different spices from Countries you have visited. Place them in small glass jars, write name of Country on the jar and display in your kitchen.
  • If you have collected magnets from different cities, you can attach them to your fridge in a creative style.

Displaying Other Souvenirs

There might be some other souvenirs with you. Let’s see how you can display them. It needs, however, creativity and some DIY skills.

  • Make some wall cubby in different sizes and styles at a suitable place in the room. Place one type of souvenirs in one cube. Whenever you see this wall, you will remember the places you have visited.
  • Prepare you memory box. A reasonable sized glass container, filled with souvenirs from one Country will remind you of the sweet moments you have spent there. Display these containers on any shelves you may have in your room. Don’t forget to write the name of Country to which they belong.
  • Display maps or brochures on different bowls and trays. Just cut the map and glue it on the tray or bowl.
Other Souvenirs
  • Gather different books you have bought from different places you visited. Stack them in your study room or on your coffee table in a creative way.
  • You can display carpets or rugs, you might have bought during your travel. Use any prominent wall to display them.
  • If you have some cloth pieces purchased during your travel to a Country or city, use them to cover your sofa, pillows or use them as a table top.
  • Have you ever bought a handmade pair of shoe? Obviously you will like to preserve it, instead of wearing it. You may hang it on a wall to place your keys in it.
  • If you can, making homemade jewelry with sea shells is a great idea. You can paint them in different colors and display them anywhere in your room.
  • Some of the souvenirs may be placed in front of your books in the book rack.

The list is endless. Just keep thinking and you will find many more ways to preserve and display your souvenirs.

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