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DIY Boho Bedroom Decor

Diy Room Decor: The decoration is an art and Decorating a home is something that needs a little personal touch in addition to artistic thinking. But when it comes to decorating the bedroom, the most important thing is personal expression. Bedroom belongs to you and therefore it must reflect your personality but in an artistic and stylish way.

There are so many styles and patterns of decorating a bedroom, mostly influenced by the traditions, culture, civilization and sometimes a little touch of religious attachment. But some styles are almost universal and globally adopted. Boho is one of those wonderful styles.

boho bedrooms

Boho or Bohemian style is a freestyle that allows everything, a colorful blend of patterns, styles, fabrics, and eras, with lots of free artistic spirit. Boho is an attitude saying, “anything goes as long as I love it”. Boho is the style of free spirits, artists, travelers, gypsies and hippies. It’s all about the display of unconventional, colorful collections and free expression.

The word Boho or Bohemian is derived from a French word that means Gypsy, in English and is typically associated with those who live a free unconventional life, like artists or travelers. Being free of any set rules, Boho has gained popularity in almost every part of the world, for decorating bedrooms. In this article, we will suggest some useful ideas about DIY boho bedroom décor.

Boho Diy Room Decor With Neutral Colors

When you think of a boho bedroom, the first thing that strikes your mind is lots of bright colors. But as said earlier, boho is the free expression of your individuality and follows no rules. So, if you love neutral colors, nothing stops you from using them in decorating your bedroom.

DIY boho bedroom

A boho bedroom with neutral colors, though sounds something out of the pattern, is still a wonderful idea. Start with a neutral palette and you can use many different types of patterns, textiles and lots of personal belongings to decorate your bedroom in boho style with neutral colors. A neutral color scheme reflects peace and serenity.

Boho Bedroom With Books

Display your favorite books to create your boho bedroom. Instead of a solid headboard, think of a wall behind your bed, with overlapped art pieces with two towering bookshelves on each side. Design and style of bookshelves depend on your artistic sense. Make it more and more artistic and place your books here. Combination of bright variant colors while choosing the bedcovers and pillows will add value.

Boho Bedroom With Books

Boho Diy Room Decor With Artwork

Some may love the flea market artwork. Boho bedroom allows you to hang different art pieces, paintings, and antiques on any of the walls of your bedroom. No rules, just follow your own artistic sense to hang these things on the walls of your boho bedroom.


Boho Bedroom With Screens

Different screens such as wooden, wicker or fabric can be used in your boho bedroom. You can use these beautiful looking screens anywhere in your bedroom. You may use one as a headboard or can be placed in another position to create a separate sitting area or use one to give you some privacy in a corner of your bedroom. All depends on your liking and utility.


Boho Bedroom With Flowers And Plants

Flowers are perhaps the perfect match with Boho style when it comes to the bright colors. Use bright colorful flowers to add freshness and beauty to your boho bedroom to match or in contrast with the colorful bedcovers and pillows. Place different plants near windows or at any other suitable place in your bedroom.

Flowers And Plants

Plants will add beauty and freshness to your boho bedroom. Use plenty of different plants of your choice. Place them in a style, mix flowers and other plants at different places in your bedroom

Boho Bedroom With A Textile Ceiling

The essence of a unique boho bedroom is the use of lots of textile and fabrics. Soft and billowing textile makes your room a typical bohemian bedroom giving a caravan look. To give it a more typical look, use a textile piece to cover the ceiling of your bedroom, exactly above the bed. Hang this piece of textile in a way that it drapes a little in the center stretches at the corners; a perfect caravan touch.

textile ceiling

Boho Bedroom With A Cozy Bed

The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed itself. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom and that also is true with your boho bedroom. A cozy bed with colorful bedcovers is a wonderful s idea. Use lavish colorful bedding to create a cozy bed, piled high with textile. Place quilts above the colorful sheets, place throw blankets and pillows, all in bright colors.

cozy bed

Boho Bedroom With Mixed Patterns

The best part of the boho style is that it gives you the liberty of using mixed patterns on and around your bed. Use unmatched and mixed throw pillows and blankets. Use mixed fabric drapes, along with lighting fixture. Use tapestry in place of the headboard. This will add a personality and excitement to your room.

Mixed Patterns

Boho Bedroom Decor With Hanging String Lights

Hanging lights are so exciting and give a light magical touch to your boho Diy Room Decor bedroom. Hang the lights with strings around the headboard. Can also be used around windows or any other place in the bedroom.

Hanging String Lights

Boho Bedroom Decor With Decorated Walls

Decorate the walls of the boho bedroom with beautiful artwork. You can also frame these artworks, paintings, fabric pieces, old photographs, the collection of feathers anything you like to display on the walls of your bedroom.

Decorated Walls

The styles and things that can give your bedroom a bohemian touch is unlimited. Just start thinking out of the box and decorate your bedroom with everything you have. Fill up every space with your favorite collections, may it be anything. Use bright, light and neutral colors, whatever you like.

There is no end to this list, such as using plenty of toss pillows of different styles and colors or hang a quilt behind your bed, or fill your bedrooms with antiques or just hang a fabric as a ceiling above your bed. Just think and give it a go.

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