Does My Car Have a DPF? Importance & Advantages of DPF Filter

Does My Car Have a DPF: Cars, no matter whether Diesel or Petrol Engine Cars, have different types of filters in it, such as Fuel Filter or Oil Filter. But the cars with diesel engine operated may contain a unique type of filter commonly called DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

DPF is responsible for removal of Diesel Particulates or soot from the gas that is exhausted out from a diesel engine.

Does My Car Have a DPF

DPF is installed in the diesel engines so that these are more environmentally friendly. Cleaning of this type of filter is necessary as in case of other types of filters. In some cars, there is an inbuilt system of self-cleaning of DPF whereas, in many others, this has to be done manually.

That’s why you need to know whether your car has a DPF installed in it or not. In this article, we will let you know some basic information on DPF and how to know whether your car has one such filter installed.

What Is DPF?

As evident from its name (Diesel Particulate Filter), it is a type of filter that is installed in diesel engines to remove diesel particulate from the exhaust gas. Way back in 1970, scientists first pointed out the impact of diesel particulates that are generated by the diesel engines thus polluting the air.

Owing to this, manufacturers started to introduce DPFs in 1980 for heavy diesel engines and by 1985, this type of filter was introduced in heavy transport vehicles. Passing through a phase of development, most of the diesel engine cars do have this filter installed since 2006 onwards.DPF

At present DPFs can remove more than 85% of the soot, whereas in high-efficiency cases even 100% is possible. Some of the DPFs are designed for single-use, i.e. these have to be removed once fully chocked with ash. Some other types of DPFs have a mechanism of self-cleaning either through a catalyst or through fuel burner technique. This is also known as filter regeneration.

Like all other filters, DPFs also need maintenance and/or replacement. When the ash accumulation crosses a certain limit, warning or indication appears on the car panel, alarming that this is the time to either clean or replace the DPF.

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How Would You Know Whether Your Car Has A DPF?

If your car is too old, rest assured, your car does not have any such filter. But if the manufacturing date of your car is after the year 2006, then there is a possibility that a DPF is installed in your car. In case your car is manufactured after 2012, you may be 100% sure that this type of filter is installed in it.

DPF car filter

However, below is the list of few useful tips regarding your car has DPF or not:

  • DPF is installed in the exhaust pipe of your diesel engine car.
  • This exhaust pipe is situated between the catalytic converter and the silencer.
  • In some cases, it may be integrated with the catalytic converter.
  • In most of the cars, the information about the DPF is given on various stickers. Such stickers may be pasted on inside of the driver side door.
  • Some manufacturers provide such information on the stickers pasted inside of the bonnet.
  • Some manufacturers paste such sticker (providing information about DPFs) on the caps in the diesel engine.
  • Such information may also be pasted on the upper side of the bumper.

So, if your car is manufactured between 2006 and 2012, there is every possibility that it may have a DPF installed in it. If so, try to locate it using the above information. If your car is manufactured after 2012 it is 100% sure that it must have a DPF installed and you can locate it easily as mentioned above.

Why It Is Important To Know Whether My Car Has DPF?

Since the DPFs need a certain level of maintenance or in some cases replacement, it is very important for you to know about its existence and location in your car.

Ash which is produced as a byproduct of oil consumption starts building up in DPF because ash cannot be converted to gas so that it can pass through the walls of the filter. This increase the pressure on the filter and after a certain level, the driver is intimated through warning lights about its maintenance or replacement. In order to increase the efficiency of these filters, DPFs undergo a regeneration process.

Regeneration process may be either passive, active or forced. Active regeneration takes place when the car is not underused and it is completed in 10 minutes. Passive regeneration takes place during the driving, whereas the forced regeneration is required when the DPF accumulates too much ash.

This type of regeneration can be done by professionals in a workshop, where forced regeneration is done by them manually or with the help of a computerized system.

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List Of Cars With DPF

We make it easy for you if still,  you are unable to find out whether your car has DPF or not. Check the below list of brands with the cars models that contain the DPF.

1- BMW

Following are car models that do not have DPF, while all other models contain the DPF.

  • E36
  • E46
  • 320D
  • E90 163BHP
  • Pre 2004 330D
  • 530D
  • 525D
  • X5

2- Audi

The car models above with the 2.7 V6 TDI engine do not contain the DPF filter until some point in 2007.  One more thing about which you should care is, models earlier 2.7TDI have DPF but as a factory option.

3- Mercedes

All pre-2003 models of Mercedes do not have DPF filter fitted inside. But few cars in 220cdi series have DPF.

4- Skoda 

All cars before 140BHP PD and 1.9 TDO/SDI models do not have DPF filters.

5- VW

Following is the list of VW models that comes with DPF free engines.

  • 1.9L 69bhp
  • 90bhp
  • 110bhp
  • 130bhp
  • 105bhp
  • 150 bhp TDI
  • SDI
  • 140bhp PD TDI
  • 2.5tdi V6
  • 140bhp
  • 170BHP
  • 2.0TDI

6- Citroen / Peugeot

Cars with 1.9 turbo diesel engines before 2000 are all DPF free engines. But If we check 2.0HDi engines, then few models contain DPF.

7- Saab

Cars with 2.2 dti and 2006 3.0 V6 have DPF free engines.

8- Landrover

All old diesel engine of Landrover does not have DPF.

9- Volvo

Pre 2004/2005 models with diesel engine don’t have DPF fitted inside. Most of the D5 engines also do not have a DFP filter.

10- Fiat

115 bhp and 105 bhp 1.9 8V Multijet are DPF free engines.

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