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Does Sleeping Late Make You Gain Weight?

There’s no better feeling than slamming the snooze button on your alarm clock for the millionth time. Because let’s face it! Sleep is truly the most precious thing on this Earth and the most loved!

But, the question is, is sleep an ill bargain for weight gain? There’s only one way to find out! Read through this Try Articles article to find out if sleep plays any role in weight gain.

Sleeping Causes Weight Gain

Susan Zafarlotfi, Ph.D., clinical director of the Institute for Sleep and Wake Disorders says, “When you have sleep deprivation and are running on low energy, you automatically go for a bag of potato chips or other comfort foods.”

Does that not totally explain how sleeping late can cause weight gain? Your brain prompts your body that it needs energy since you’ve been staying up too late and you end up eating more and at smaller intervals. This vicious cycle leads up to an easier path of gaining weight, without much effort and warning.

What Does Science Say?

Science And Sleep

According to researches made in Science, it’s been discovered that sleeping less than required makes the body produce endocannabinoid at higher rates. Endocannabinoids are present in our bloodstream. They make the feeling of eating food very pleasurable.

Research has also shown that both, sleep-deprived participants and participants who rested well, burn the same number of calories. But, here’s the dip! Sleepy people will eat about 300 more calories than well-rested people in a day. Which means this is an added amount of calories that could have been avoided had sleep been taken as required.

Workout Routine

Sleeping During Workout

When you sleep late and have to wake up early for work or college you’re already tired and would probably want to skip on your morning run. Even, if your workout sessions have been placed later in the evening, you will most definitely be more tired than you were in the morning as the time of staying up on sleep deprivation increases throughout the day. You skip the gym and just lounge around at home being lazy Comfort Foods.

While you skip on those workouts and still attack food out of gaining energy, you add a few pounds to your waistline without you even noticing! That’s actually the worst part. The pounds add up to your weight so innocently, you barely feel it until you jump on the weighing scale.

Comfort Food

Comfort Food - Donuts

When we are sleep-deprived and then eventually energy deprived as well, we tend to reach out for comfort food. This is the category that includes food with high carbs. Imagine binging on chocolate glazed donuts. You’ll empty the entire box containing half a dozen donuts and still feel lethargic. In fact, you would feel bloated. An added problem with trying to keep your eyes open!

Though, such foods may solve your satiety, since your brain tells you that your stomach is full. But, other than this no check marks to your sleep-deprivation are made.

How To End Your Cycle Of Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep Deprivation

It’s actually pretty simple but you just need the will for it and you can end this vicious cycle. All you need to do is count seven and a half hours or eight before the time you need to wake up. This bracket of time ensures that you are getting enough sleep. This will turn on the alarm clock of your body and you will wake up at the proper time.

You’ll notice, a few days into this, that you’ll probably be getting up before your alarm goes off or just at the time that it does. Consistency is key here, get your body into this habit of sleeping for seven hours and you’ll naturally and easily fall asleep.

When you wake up the next morning you will feel refreshed and relaxed and will not be tempted to devour on high-card foods or caffeine to help you through the day.

Follow A Routine

Following A Routine

Following a routine is a must, not only for your sleep but having your entire day planned out really helps. Just make sure you end all work related things well before bed-time, so you may relax before you start your bedtime routine.  Make sure your workouts are also spaced out in your day to ensure a healthy life.

Bed Time

Eating Before Bed Time

It’s very important to take note of what we eat before bedtime. Having a few slices of pizza and ramming down some carbonated drinks will make sleep harder, as it will make digestion harder.

Enough time needs to be given in between your meal and sleep time. Preferably, it is thought best to not eat anything after 8 pm. Give our digestive system enough time to work out, before we lay to rest for the night.

No Snacking

Snacking During The Night

Once you sleep on time, you have very fewer chances of snacking during the night. The next morning you might not feel the urge to snack as much as you did on days where you stood up late in the night.

It’s basically a cycle, and how your body tricks your brain and in between all this we tend to forget that well we need to satiate all your hunger pangs and lethargy is just enough sleeping.

We hope you found this article helpful and it aids you in making healthier choices for your weight issues. Always, looking forward to your feedback!

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