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Dog Body Language: Tips To Read & Understand Your Dog’s Body Language

Animals can’t speak as human beings do. They can’t express their feelings and pain in words. Yet they communicate through their body language.

Dog keepers know every move of dog and how they are feeling. A new pet owner might struggle in communicating with a dog. To understand a dog’s feelings is important.

dog body language

We have a brief description for you to understand Dog Body Language.

Dog’s Body Language

Doggies use signals either intentionally or unintentionally. Any sign is shown by a specific part of the body means a dog is communicating. They want to say something. Yet, many times the same signals in different situations have different meanings.

Let us see some common misunderstood about doggies

  1. Relaxed
    • Dogs are approachable when they are comfortable and relaxed. Be aware of greeting a new dog, don’t rush into welcoming.
      relaxed body language
    • To know if a dog is in a relaxed position his/her
      • Ears are up straight or relaxed. Head high.
      • Mouth slightly open, tongue out.
      • Tail down and relaxed.
      • Weight flat on feet.
  2. Aggressive
    • Dogs are bad-tempered too. They can be aggressive when they are challenged.
    • To know if a doggie is in a bad mood
      • Ears forward or might be in a wide V shape.
      • Mouth open and forward.
      • Teeth are visible. Lips curled. The nose is wrinkled.
      • The tail is raised, and stiff or might vibrate side to side.
      • Body slightly leaning forward. Hackles raised.
  3. Fear
    • When the pup surrenders, he doesn’t want to fight.
      dog body language fear
    • To know if a dog is in fear, he rolls on the back showing off the stomach, and throat.
      • Ears back and flat.
      • Corner of mouth back.
      • The tail is tucked.
      • It might pass urine.
      • Nose and forehead smooth.
      • Avoid direct eye contact.
  4. Playfulness
    • Doggies want to play. He/she is excited and his/her rough behavior does not mean to hurt you.
    • To know if a dog is in the mood to play
      • Ears are up
      • Mouth open, tongue might be out.
      • Tail up.
      • Pupil dilated.
      • Front lowered by bent fore-paws.
  5. Stressed and Distressed
    • If a dog is in stress his body language is,
      • His Ears are back.
      • Fast breathing with a corner of the mouth
      • Tail down.stressed
      • Pupil Dilated.
      • Body lowered.
      • Paws sweating.
  6. Alert
    • A dog is alert when he detects something of his interest or some suspicious thing.alert
      • Ears are forward as they might catch a sound.
      • Mouth closed.
      • Tail straight but not stiff. It may move from side to side.
      • Eyes wide.
      • Nose and forehead smooth.
      • Slight forward but standing tall on toes.

Other than body signs there is a lot more to understand through the sounds made by a doggie. You can easily understand what your dog is telling you once you get to now these sounds

  1. Yawn
    • Mouth wide open, inhaling deeply and body stretched out.
      • It means your pup needs rest.
  2. Bark
    • Bark means a lot of things :
      • One bark means to alert.
      • More than one means she is calling you to tell something.
  3. Yipping
    • When a doggie gives a short sharp cry it means:
      • He is lonely or you are going somewhere leaving him alone.
  4. Growl
    • To make a low rough sound.
      • Dogs growl with revealed teeth when they are angry.
      • Otherwise, they growl to play roughly.

Some other actions

  • Scraping ground after pooping or peeing means that he is marking his territory.
  • A pup might jump to greet you, show love and affection to you. Moreover, they will start licking and cuddling to show love and respect.
  • Breathing heavily means your dog is exhausted and tired. He might be in heat for a long time. You can move towards the shade and cool place.
  • Tilt head means they need your attention or they are showing empathy.

Those who invest their time in understanding dog’s behavior put themselves in a good position. Moreover, they don’t get into a disaster. Understanding body language can help you in removing any unpleasant situation.

dog language

Noticing your dog and understanding him can train him much better than those dogs who are misunderstood.

Furthermore Dog’s body language can make us avoid any aggressive or less friendly situation. There are many more small gestures which tell us more about dogs. These small gestures vary in dogs.

I hope you like my post, let us know below is there any other “Dog Body Language” that is not listed in the article. Read more related articles:


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