Can I Give My Dog Chips?

Humans love to eat snacks, therefore, it is very common to have crisps or potato chips hanging around home. Dog owner seems to be very keen to give potato chips to dog as a treat especially when your pet is very greedy and have begging nature. Although chips are not on the list of toxic foods for dogs you should have some knowledge before you consider giving chips to your pet.

Dogs love to eat chips

In case you are from England and refereeing to what is commonly known as ‘French fries’ in American language, then you should know that there is reasonable doubt on whether you should give this food to you’re pet or not. As it is very common human beings have a very different digestive system from those of dogs. It does not matter what you are referring to, we will let you know if you can give your dog chips or not?

Are chips bad for dogs?

  • If you give a small number of chips to your pet then it does not be intoxicated or have indigestion problem, but remember when you give them this food they crave for more.
  • Flavored chips can be worse for your pet because the ingredients added to the process potatoes increases the risk of dogs having a digestive system problem.

Are chips bad for dogs?

  • In case your dog manages to eat the whole pack of chips packet then you will find out next day they will be suffering from diarrhea.

Can you give chips to your dog?

  • Yes, you can but it is not ideal the reason is chips are made up of different ingredients which make the taste of chips delightful. So when dogs eat this food it seems to be very tasty for them and they demand more, therefore, giving them a great number of chips is very harmful to them.
  • You can give your pet one or two chips which are fine but remember do not give them on daily basis otherwise they will get used to it and crave more whenever you bring chips at home.

Feeding large quantity is harmful

  • If you want to give a treat to your pet then there are many alternatives, which you can give to your dog instead of giving them chips and they are healthier too for a pet, such as vegetables or you can create a special treat for your pet at home such as oatmeal.

What should you do if a dog eats chips?

  • Whenever your pet eats this food make sure the water bowl of your pet is full because chips contain sodium which makes your pet thirsty. In case your pet eats a huge amount of chips then it can cause dehydration, therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure water bowl is not empty.

Are vegetables Healthy for dogs?

  • Vegetables are healthy for pets in general similarly they are healthy for human beings but remember animals and human beings do not synthesize all the minerals in the same way, some of the nutritional vegetables, for example, lettuce are a taster and healthy for dogs same like it is good for Humans.

Feed your pet vegetables

  • One study shows that some vegetables reduce the risk of developing carcinoma disease which is a type of cancer. This study is done at Scottish terriers and this study shows that the green vegetables like lettuce were particularly reduced the risk of cancer.
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  • It is recommended that some vegetables are included In your dog’s diet plan because it helps in digesting food. But remember never give your pet onions because they contain the scallion which is very bad for your pet.
  • Some garlic family contains thiosulfate which can cause illness in your pet. Lettuce does not contain any of these chemicals, therefore, it is good for your pet’s health.

Foods dogs should not eat

  • As we mentioned above lettuce is good for your pet’s health but there are some fruits and vegetables which you should never feed to your pet like.
  • Avocados: They contain persin which is good for humans to consume but they are very fatal for your dog.
  • Grapes: They are very dangerous for dogs, unfortunately, the reason behind it is very little known. Alcohol hops and yeast are the products which you should avoid giving your pet.
  • Many pet owners give a raw bone to there pet as a treat during their training to show them your love. There are certain types of bones which you can give to your pet like chicken, lamb, turkey, oxtail and beef raw bones are safe for dogs. These bones help dogs to keep their teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Some Food are very harmful for pet

  • These bones are very strong and do not break or splinter easily that is one reason you should give these bones to your pet.
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  • There are certain types of cooked bones which you should not give to your pet. Like cooked poultry and fish, bones are very dangerous and worse bones you should avoid giving to your dog because when these bones are cooked they have a tendency to become very brittle.
  • When these types of bones are chewed they break up into small splinter easily and cause choking of your pup. The tiny splinters of these bones can damage the teeth, throat, and gums of a pet even they can cause the death of a pet if they get stuck in the dog’s throat.
  • Whenever you go to store for your pet’s shopping you will observe there are different types of bones placed on the shelves. These types of bones are good and safer for the pet. These types of bones keep your pet busy for hours but make sure you discard the bones when dogs chewed of pieces of bones.
  • The bones which are available in the market are specially designed for the dogs and have a label on them so be sure when you are buying one for your pet and see the label first.

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