How To Know If Your Dog Has Dehydration?

Dehydration is very dangerous both for humans and animals, if dehydration is not treated at a time then it risk the life and health of animals. It is observed that many people do not know when their pet is dehydrated. Read this article because we are going to explain to you what are the main signs of dehydration and what should you do to protect the health of your pet.

Main Signs Of Dehydration

Protect your pet from dehydration

  • If your pet does not drink enough water then they can become a victim of dehydration or if they have any condition due to which they lose more water then usual. Diarrhea and vomiting in dogs cause to lose a lot of fluid.
  • In the hot season make sure your pet drinks a lot of water and you should also provide water at least 3 times a day otherwise the risk of getting dehydration increases.
  • One method to check either your pet is dehydrated or not by using their skin, if your pet drinks a lot of water then their skin will be elastic, To check dehydration In your pet grab a little of your dogs skin near the shoulder or you can grab lower part of the dogs neck and fold it.
  • If your pet does not have dehydration then its skin quickly returns to its normal position, on the other hand, if a dogs skin lacks water then it will take a longer time to return its normal position which is a sign of dehydration In your pet.

Smell Of food motivates dog to drink water

  • In case you observe your dog is lazy, sleeping a lot and it is difficult for them to walk or run then you should touch its nose if it is dry then it is a clear sign of dehydration.
  • To make sure either your pet is hydrated or dehydrated you must check the gum of a dog if dogs gum does not look wet and their tongue also lack wetness, then it is confirmed your pet is dehydrated. Bad breathing In dogs is also a sign of dehydration.
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  • When your pet is facing dehydration it is important that your dog should recover the minerals and liquid which it has lost. You should give them water slowly so that your dog does not vomit. It is observed that pets which have diarrhea and vomiting refuse to eat anything. If your pet has the similar condition then you should insert the liquid with a syringe needle constantly throughout the day.
  • You can also give your pet light meat or broth of chicken which contains vitamins and minerals, This food helps your dog to get rid of dehydration. The smell of this food will encourage to drink more.

Dehydration in dogs

  • If all these above methods do not change your pet’s condition then you should urgently take your pet to a vet.
  • The amount of water a dog drink depends upon the food you are giving to your dog and the weight of your dog. if you are feeding your dog dry food then pets need to drink water a lot on the other hand if you are feeding them wet food then they require less water.
  • Always remember vet doctor recommends the dry food for dogs because wet food contains a high percentage of fats.
  • The dog’s food is calculated in grams which are based on the weight of an adult dog, vet doctor recommends dogs should drink approximately 60ml of water for every kilo of their body weight. Which means if a dog has the weight of 10 kg then it needs to drink 600 ml of water daily.
  • The amount of water a dog drink also depends upon the physical condition of your pet and the environment in which it lives.
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  • If you have a dog of large breed which has weight of 20 kg and it eats around 300 to 400g per day and you take your pet for a walk for at least two hours in one day then instead of giving them1200 ml of water according to the above given calculation( 20kg multiply by 60 ml) it actually needs 1 and half liter of water per day.

Keep your pet hydrated

  • Whenever you take your pet for a walk you must take a break for at least 10 minutes that your dog drinks water and rest before he continues again. Note: your dog should not drink water above 250 ml of water in these breaks otherwise giving excess water during the physical activity causes the bloating.
  • In case you have a puppy dog then it should drink water on every day as veterinarians doctors also recommend that for first three months you should mix water with food to soft the baby dogs food which makes it easy for them to chew it.
  • Puppies become hydrated when they eat their food. The ratio for a puppy to drink water is same as mentioned above which is multiply 60 ml of water by its total weight. For example, if a 5 months old puppy whose weight is 1500g should drink water 90 ml daily.

Take your pet to vet

  • You must remember in hot weather increase the percentage of water to keep your dog hydrated.
  • If you see your dog suddenly stop drinking water and do not want to play or eat then you must immediately take your pet to vet because there are a various disease like parvovirus or distemper which decrease the interest of animals to drink water.

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