What Does It Mean When My Dog Humps Me?

Many people get dogs as a pet because they are very loyal, social and amazing pet. Does this happen to you that your dog tries to humps you or your leg? Although many people think it to be a dog sexual Impulses, If your dog shows this kind of behavior then Gesture shows many things, in fact, If animal rubs his body against you It is more likely there is another reason for it.  Although the sexual aspect is present when another dog is nearby.

Dog Humps

It is believed that when a dog humps you when they are on heat or he wants to reproduce.  However, It is not always true to read this article because we are going to explain to you Why dog seems to humps you. So, that you can better understand your dog behavior.

Dog humps show their Domination

  • One of the reasons dogs try to humps a person because they want to show domination. It is observed that when a dog is introduced to a new family or a group of people then they end up not understanding their position or place in the new family environment.
  • Therefore, it is Important to stand still when dogs try to show its domination over you. To show their domination over human beings dogs do various acts like they can try to Humps their owner.

Dog humps to show their Domination

  • In case your dog is doing this act (Humps you) frequently then you must immediately stop them Because your dog must realize that you are the owner and you are dominant. It is observed that puppies Humping behavior very normal.
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  • This behavior does not mean any sexual motivation it is the way through which dogs show the domination through humping.

The excessive energy of dogs

  • It is also observed that pet humps their owner when they are playing due to their excessive energy. In case your pet is a puppy or is very energetic then it can hump you so that it can discharge its energy. In this way, pets think of it as an act of a game like playing or jogging in the street with other animals.
  • It is important for you to break this habit in animals by clearly telling them ‘No’.  Teaching pets at their early age will be easy and they learn it quickly to follow you. Note: you must take your pet for exercise as it is very good for pets health and helps to calm their anxieties and nervousness.

Pet Humps to Play

  • Natural playfulness is one other reason which makes dogs to humps on people. Therefore, if you are wondering why your dog humps you during playing then here it is the answer.
  • The dog thinks the movement of the owner as a funny gesture, at the same time it can be a pleasurable act for dogs. That is the reason your dog can want to do it again and again, especially when they are puppies.

Pet Humps to Play

  • it is recommended to take your pet outside for a walk so that they can easily release their energy, you can also use a ball or you can use a stick so that your pet have fun to release their energy. it is recommended to take your pet outside in a garden where they can play with other animals in this way you can teach your dog to be social.

Dog Humps to show Sexual Urges

  • Dogs have sexual needs and it is possible that your pet Humps you when they have a sexual impulse. it is true when dogs are in heat once in the year because they become active and want to establish a sexual contact.

Choose a Right word for dog commands

  • It is important for you to start training your pet as early as possible because puppies struggle in the early stage but as you teach them they develop. At an early stage, you can give them some basic commands and as they grow so do the commands become advance.

Right word for dog commands

  • Either you have a puppy or adult dog you must choose words carefully while training your pet. Here is the list of some basic command words for your dog.
  • First of the word you choose must end with a hard constant such as C, T, X or K. This give your command a hard finish which helps pets to distinguish commands more easily.
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  • Use the short word for commands having a single syllable. You must select one word for one action and be consistent with that word. Remember do not repeat the word because it can confuse your pet. The dog must associate with that word to perform action instantly.
  • Words should not be too common, try to avoid choosing words which you often use at home or while using a phone because your pet hears these words, again and again, therefore, it will not associate these words with the right command or it will get confused.

Dog Command Words for beginners

  • If you teach your pet commands then it is not only beneficial for you. It gives you power and control over your dog and gives you essential mental and physical simulation.

Take care of your pet

  • Teaching command words to beginners strengthens the bond between owner and pet which ensures safety in case of difficult situations.

I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, I’ll be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit Tape daily

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