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How To Train A Dog To Walk On A Leash?

If you have a pet dog in your home then you definitely want to give him a comfortable life, It is the responsibility of pet owner to train its pet in early age because what dogs learn in early age will remember in there whole  life and it is difficult to change the behaviour  of a dog when they are adult. many people think that dogs know how to walk politely with a leash but the reality is this skill needs to be trained.

Train your pet at early age

it is interesting to know that you can teach this skill very easily to a puppy to walk on a leash. dog training experts give some tips on how to train your dog to walk on a leash. read this article to know how to train your dog to walk on a leash.

Steps to train a pet to walk on a leash

  • First of all, you need to train your pet making them wear a collar while you are playing with them in the house you can make your pet to harness and leash. Always give them a treat for wearing these things around their neck. Little puppies will love”collar and leash time” because it will look to them as fun and food.
  • Always pick a right kind of leash for your dog which needs a leash training because it could benefit from the use of a training lead. Like if you use a short leash then it keeps the dog at your side. The short leash is used to train the dogs and to correct the bad behavior of a dog quickly by avoiding the dog to distract.

Always pick right size of leash

  • Do not punish your dog ever while training them2 because it can make your dog to disobey you instead of obeying. Do not use a choke chain because they cause pain whenever you pull them and makes your pet to fear from you.
  • take your pet to a walk so that whenever a leash appears in front of them it creates excitement in dog and they should associate it with a walk.
  • make your pet come to you while he is still wearing the leash collar and you must give them reward for doing this. As your puppy listens to the tip noise, it will come to you and will continue to progress until they are tired. Puppies have a short attention, so please shorten the session. End this process when they have still excitement not when they are exhausted.
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  • once your puppies understand how to come to you, then make your pet to practice in a room with a little distraction because the feeling of seeing leash around his neck is enough to challenge for a dog.

Reward your pet

  • You can introduce leash to your pet a the meal time to do that you have to place the collar on him when your dog is eating and keep the leash hanging, in this way your pet associate the leash with a positive experience.
  • You can offer your pet a treat with one hand while holding the leash on the other hand, in this way your pet feels comfortable by associating leash with a treat.

Dog Command Words

If you teach your pet commands then it is not only beneficial for you. It gives you power and control over your dog and gives you essential mental and physical simulation. Teaching command words to beginners strengthens the bond between owner and pet which ensures safety in case of difficult situations. Here is the list of command words which you can use to teach pets basic respect and to discipline your dog.

  • Sit: This command is helpful in building to good behavior in your pet and gives them a message do not jump or run around you. This command tells your pooch to sit down immediately and stop whatever he is doing.

puppies have short attention

  • Stand: This command gives you pet a signal to stand up if he sleeping or sitting down. It is important for dogs to be in a standing position like during teeth brushing or during the veterinarian checkup. Whenever your dog hears this word you dog must stand still.
  • Stay: This command helps your dog to be in Self-controlled in case your pet is hyperactive.
  • Watch Me: This command is used to get the attention of your dog, once you get your pet’s attention then you can start teaching them.
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  • Come: In case your bet goes away from you then you can call him back by using this command, this command is very helpful to protect your dog from getting into a fight.
  • Heel: This command is used to ask your pet to walk beside you. This command helps to improve your pet’s behavior and it maintains their safety.

Use Command Worlds

  • Wait: If your dog continues to follow you inside your room then you can use this command to ask them to wait. This command will teach a dog to stay in their current position and do not run away through the public doors, store entrances etc.
  • OFF: Use this command to ask your pet to get off something such as home furniture or person etc.
  • Drop it: Use this word to ask to give instructions to your pet to drop something which is not good for your pet.
  • Crate: You must arrange a specific place for your pet in home-like bed, carpet, blanket or crate. Use this command to tell your pet to move to this specific area.

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