If you have a pet dog then it is possible that it can get disease leishmaniasis which is caused by a parasite, this is known as leishmaniasis. This disease can be prevented if we take appropriate measures as this disease is transmitted by mosquito bite of genus Phlebotomus. If not detected early this disease can be fatal and serious because this disease is incurable.

Dog with Leishmaniasis

In this article, we will tell you how to detect either your dog has Leishmaniasis or not.

  • The leishmaniasis is the endemic disease and is spread mostly in the area where the weather is hot, or there is high humidity.
  • If your dog has initial symptoms of this disease then it is very hard for your dog and you should be very patient and keep it in mind that your dog needed treatment, you have to properly check your dog during the treatment so that this disease does not get high.
  • Keep it in mind that leishmaniasis is an incurable disease and in case your dog got this disease then it means this disease remains whole life and keep coming again and again.


  • The best thing you can do is provide constant medical supervision to your pet, do not leave your dog alone show love to them.
  • Leishmaniasis does not transmit from one dog to other animal or human so you as an owner do not have to worry about getting the disease.
  • Leishmaniasis disease shows many symptoms in its initial stage, if you ignore these symptoms then this disease get worse and it can affect your dogs liver, kidney.Therefore you must pay attention to your dog’s health when you saw some symptoms of this disease and immediately take your pet to vet doctor.

ill Dog

  • In case you saw sores on the head or on the edge of dogs ears, limbs and inflammation of eye then it can be the initial symptoms of Leishmaniasis.
  • Some of the symptoms you should check in your dog to know he has leishmanial or not are abnormal nail growth, hair loss, wounds never heal etc.
  • Some of the clinical signs to know either your dog has leishmaniasis or not are the following.
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Limp
  • Fever
  • Swelling of abdomen
  • Joint inflammation
  • Conjunctivity
  • If any of the above sign is present in your dog you must immediately take your pet to vet, The vet doctor will do some test to verify either your dog has Leishmaniasis or not, in case your dog has this disease at initial stage then your dog can recover from this disease with proper medical checkups.

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