How To Know If Your Dog Is Overweight?

If you have a pet dog In your house then it is clear you are feeding them well but what if they get overweight? How would you know about it? Keep reading this article because obesity is a most common disease found in dogs which can cause health problem for your pet. One of the best things you can do is to find out the amount of fat your pet has gain and the proper way to do it is by examining your dog’s body.

Overweight Causes Health problem

In this article we are going to explain to you how to know if your dog is overweight, it is important to know that it is your responsibility as a pet owner to make sure your dog is fit and healthy. You must prevent them from getting obese.

Dog is Overweight

  • First of all, you must do in order to find out an obese dog is to see how much extra fat your pet has. When a pet’s weight exceeds the weight which is appropriate for the age, sex, and breed by approximately 20 % then it is said to be an overweight dog.
  • Making your pet lose weight is not a cosmetic issue but it is more serious as overweight causes many health related issues and it also reduces the life expectancy of a pet.
  • The most simple method to check out the Overweight of a pet is by touching your pet, you have to run your hand over your dog’s abdomen and chest part. This method will give you an idea about the fat your pet has put on and you can tell either your dog is overweight or not.

Take your pet for exercise

  • You can also tell either your dog is obese by a simple touch, at first glance, it will come to your notice that pets spin, ribs and pelvic ones are stick out, which means your dog underweight. In case your pet has very think and it needed to gain some weight then you must take your pet to vet.
  • A vet can properly guide you what should you can do to help your pet to get an ideal weight and he can also guide you why your pet is not getting weight.

Overweight pets are lazy

  • Always buy the right and quality of food for your pet which has all the nutrients a dog needs.
  • In case you are able to see the waist of your pet by looking at them from above the abdomen then the good news is your pet is slim. Whenever you observe a slim dogs chest and abdomen you will see very little fat on them.
  • If you find out the difference between dogs waist and hips by looking at them from above then it means your dog needs to have more weight, therefore, you need to provide the proper nutrition.
  • If you feel the ribs of your pet but they are not visible then it is a clear sign of a healthy dog which has ideal weight according to its age, sex, and breed. By looking this type of dog you can observe their waist is properly defined but you are unable to see the bones and abdomen sits.

Protect your pet from dehydration

  • If your pet does not drink enough water then they can become a victim of dehydration or if they have any condition due to which they lose more water then usual. Diarrhea and vomiting in dogs cause to lose a lot of fluid, Similarly and an overweight dog needs to be hydrated.
  • In the hot season make sure your pet drinks a lot of water and you should also provide water at least 3 times a day otherwise the risk of getting dehydration increases an overweight dog also needs to drink a lot of water too.

Measure your pets weight

  • One method to check either your pet is dehydrated or not by using their skin, if your pet drinks a lot of water then their skin will be elastic, To check dehydration In your pet grab a little of your dogs skin near the shoulder or you can grab lower part of the dogs neck and fold it.
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  • If your pet does not have dehydration then its skin quickly returns to its normal position on the other hand if a dogs skin lacks water then it will take a longer time to return its normal position which is a sign of dehydration In your pet.
  • In case you observe your dog is lazy, sleeping a lot and it is difficult for them to walk or run because of overweight then you should touch its nose if it is dry then it is a clear sign of dehydration.
  • To make sure either your pet is hydrated or dehydrated you must check the gum of a dog if dogs gum does not look wet and their tongue also lack wetness, then it is confirmed your pet is dehydrated. Bad breathing or overweight In dogs are also cause dehydration.

Provide fresh water to your pet

  • When your pet is facing dehydration it is important that your dog should recover the minerals and liquid which it has lost. You should give them water slowly so that your dog does not vomit. It is observed that pets which have diarrhea and vomiting refuse to eat anything. If your pet has the similar condition then you should insert the liquid with a syringe needle constantly throughout the day.
  • You can also give your pet light meat or broth of chicken which contains vitamins and minerals, This food helps your dog to get rid of dehydration. The smell of this food will encourage to drink more.
  • Puppies become hydrated when they eat their food but make sure they do not get overweight. The ratio for a puppy to drink water is same as mentioned above which is multiply 60 ml of water by its total weight. For example, if a 5 months old puppy whose weight is 1500g should drink water 90 ml daily.
  • You must remember it hot weather increase the percentage of water to keep your dog hydrated and when your pet is overweight then increase the water too.

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