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Why Does My Dog Shiver All The Time?

If you have a dog in your house then you have observed dogs Tremble which is a very common behavior in dogs. However, this behavior can be due to some minor disease your pet has. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention whenever your dog changes its behavior. In case your dog shiver and you do not know the reason for it then you must read this article to know why your dog shivers all the time.

Dog Shiver

Why your dog Shiver

  • Before we talk about why your dog shiver, it is important to know that some breeds of dogs are most likely to shiver as compared to other breeds of dogs such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers. If you have this breed dog in your home then do not worry if they shiver because these dogs can shiver for any reason for example when you praise your dog for good behavior they start trembling.
  • If you observe this behavior in your dog then it simply means they are excited, as one of the most common reasons behind dogs trembling is excitement. Whenever dogs feel happy or when you give them reward than as a reaction dogs shiver.

Dogs shiver when they are afraid

  • Dogs also shiver when they are afraid or stressed or something, it is pets a natural way to show their reaction. For example, your dog shiver when they hear a loud or sudden noise like firecrackers, it is also possible that your dog has a phobia of these sounds.
  • In these situations, the best thing you can do is to take your pet to a vet for treatment. There are some toys available in the market which can help to overcome this situation in dogs such as a kong.
  • The physical condition of your pet can be a cause of dogs shiver, one of the most common reason is low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. It is very common which is found in smaller or you can say miniature dogs.
  • In case your dog does not eat for many days then their sugar level falls below than normal, and they start trembling. If your dog has this condition then we recommend you to take your pet to a vet for proper treatment.

Toys to handle this situation

  • Dogs can also shiver due to low temperature in the same way human beings shiver when they feel cold. These symptoms can be found in small or miniature breeds of dogs. Dogs can also shiver due to fever in them.
  • If your dog is on a course of medication then they can shiver due to some side effects of this medication, if you observe these signs in your pet then we strongly recommend you to inform your vet about your dog’s condition so that he can further guide you.
  • If only some parts of your pet shiver like dogs leg then it is possible that he is suffering from muscle disease or weakness such as inflammation In canine arthritis. If it is the case in your pet then it is important that your dog rest until they fully recover.
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  • If your dog has some kind of injury or pain then they shiver, you must find out the infected area and take your pet to vet for proper treatment.

Shivering symptom can be found in small dogs

  • At last, trembling in dogs is one of the most common symptoms of shaker syndrome which is also known as the white shaker dog syndrome as it is very common among the small dog’s breeds. This disease causes the seizures, muscle weakness, and tremors in your dogs.

Symptoms Of Dog Poisoning

  • The symptoms of poisoning depend upon the substance which your dog has eaten,  but there are some clear signs of poisoning which occur frequently and for which you should remain attentive.
  •  there are almost 3 forms of Canon poisoning which are following
  •  By mouth, when a dog eats a toxic product or he is suffering from the food poisoning.
  •  Typically, the substance which causes the adverse reaction or intoxicates the animal which comes into contact with skin.
  •   Breathing, when a dog inhales a poisonous chemical or a substance which is bad for dogs health.
  • the first step, you have to make sure that your dog is not suffering from the food or plant poisoning; in case you know what type of poison your dog have eaten then it will become easier for a vet to treat your pet.

Take care of your pet

  • We recommend you to have basic knowledge of foods which are poisonous or toxic for your dog as well as the plants which are dangerous for your pet.
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  • If you find out your pet has eaten any of these substances which are mentioned below then we recommend you to take your pet to vet immediately. Most common toxic products for dogs
  •   Nuts
  •  Dairy products chocolate
  • Avocado
  •  Tomato
  • Aloe Vera
  • Azaleas
  • Lukacs

In a case from last 12 to 14 hours, you have applied any product or cream for human use on the skill of your dog and you are not sure that it is appropriate for the pet or not, then you must see the area where you have applied the product.

In case the area where you applied the product is swollen or red or have Rash then it is possible that this product has poisoned your pets. In this case, take your pet to a specialist. Symptoms of poisoning in dogs

  •  Diarrhea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Excessive drooling
  •  Difficulty in moving or walking
  •  Difficulty in breathing
  •  Lack of appetite
  •  Rash on skin marks
  •  Confusion, apathy

In case you’re pet shows these symptoms then it is possible the presence of other serious condition like distemper. If you have any doubt that your dog has eaten any substance in your home or in the street which has poisoned your dog then you must immediately take your pet to a specialist.

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