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Dog Sprayed By Skunk: How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell On Dog? Best Method

Skunk is small mammals that are commonly found near the garbage. There is much chance that your dog will encounter with this animal. So if your dog had interacted with a skunk and dog sprayed by a skunk.

Don’t worry there are many ways through which you can get rid of that smell.

skunk spray

Skunks are small black and white color animals, they use a spray in order to defend themselves from other animals. The skunk spray has an undeniable smell. They can spray up to 15 feet away. These animals eat everything and mostly they live in garbages located near the homes.

What is Skunk Spray?

Skunk spray is produced by the anal glands of the skunk, these animals use to defend themselves from the preditors. This spay contains a kind of sulfurous chemicals which is called thiols.

A skunk can spray that liquid up to 15 feet, so there is a huge chance that your dog will blast directly on face or neck.

dog got sprayed by skunk

A Skunk has two glands that are located at both side of the anus, these glands are responsible for the skunk’s spray. This spray has an offensive odor, because of a chemical such as mercaptans. This spray is quite powerful to ward off potential attackers.

Is Skunk Spray Poisonous to Dogs?

The skunk spray is very harmful to dogs. This spray is a very volatile mix of different chemicals. The dog which is affected by the skunk animal may suffer from that toxic effects for months or more than that.

how to get rid of skunk smell

That musky strong smell also affects your dog physically and emotionally. So it is necessary to take action as soon as possible against that odor scent to save your dog from further any danger.

Symptoms of Dog Sprayed By Skunk

There are many other symptoms of skunk spray other than the strong odor scent. Few most common are listed below:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Squinting due to pain in the eyes
  • Tearing in the eyes
  • Rubbing of the eyes and face
  • May be temporary blindness

Steps to Follow to De-Skunk Your Dog

Skunks live all over the areas near the home, so there is a chance that your dog will be sprayed by skunks. Most of the people are aware of the tomato juice only, which is not the only way. There are many other methods through which you can get rid of skunk spray.

dog sprayed by skunk house stinks

There are some products such as Miracle Skunk Odor Remover which are used for the quick fix, but if you don’t have that, you need to follow the below steps:

Step- 1

The first thing which you need to do after realizing that your dog is affected by skunk spray. Keep your dog outside the house.

Step- 2

You need to check your dog’s eyes if they are red, you should wash them with cool water. You can also use Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid, Which is safe and easily available at the market. 

Step- 3

You need to mix the below ingredients in the mentioned quantity:

  • 1 quart of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap

You should wear rubber gloves first, now apply this solution once it is mixed well. Remember that never store this solution for a long period of time, as it could explode in the bottle. You can also replace this solution with the vinegar diluted with water. But the above mixture must be first priority.

Step- 4

Clean your dog with the mixture, but remember that never leave this solution too long as hydrogen peroxide can bleach your fur.

Step- 5

Now wash your dog with the pet shampoo and clean thoroughly. Dry your dog with a towel. Keep your dog in a sunny and warm room for the next few hours.

Step- 6

The last step is to clean yourself now. As you rub dog then there is a chance that it is skinks onto you. So Remove the clothes and clean them with the regular laundry detergent mixed with a half-cup of baking soda.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog For Few Days

You should keep an eye on your dog for the next few days even after treatment. You need to check the skin dogs for any scabs or crusts.

my dog got sprayed by a skunk

In some situations skunk spray cause few medical issues such as dermatitis. Also, make sure that the dog is up-to-date on its vaccines.

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