Scribbling or doodling is the process of drawing something usually without thinking or unconsciously while talking on the phone, in the office or doing different work. All of us, sometimes, doodle while sitting in class or while waiting for someone or in a different situation.

Draw While Talking On The Phone

Some of us draw flowers, shapes, objects and some use specific colors but why we do this and what does it mean. In this article, we will describe why do we scribble and what does it indicates about our personality, so read the article till the end.

Why Do We Scribble?

Why Do We Scribble

According to a graphologist Sylvie Chermet-Carroy if a person scribbles while in the office or in the room or while talking on the phone it means that a door is opened to the unconscious. Scribbling is a creative gesture, in which we give freedom to our imagination. Scribbling by a person is a way to stop anxiety, facilitate the wait, but also to escape and be inspired.

There is nothing to be worried about scribbling. Sometimes, we hide our scribbles because of fear of being considered bored. But instead of lack of concentration, they indicate that we are focusing on our or deep ideas and thoughts.

What Personality Traits Are Revealed Through Scribble?

Doodles reveal a lot about the personality of a person. It is because when a person is doodling he is drawing his deep ideas and thoughts on the paper. Some of the doodles and their respective meaning are given below.

Size And Placement

Size And Placement

Different sizes and placement of doodle on page describe the following:

Large Doodles

If a person’s drawing takes almost a full page, he is likely to be attracted to nature, might have a reserved personality, but want to socialize.

Small Doodles On A Corner Of The Paper

The person is neat and organized in his own ways and does not like wastage and prefers everything in its proper place.

Doodle At Center Of The Paper

The person is extrovert and in need of attention.

Doodles At The Top Of The Page

The person is confident and has an abundance of ideas.

Doodle At Left Hand Side Of The Page

Indicate feelings of nostalgia for the past.

Doodle At The Right Hand Side Of The Page

The person has an urge to express himself or communicate hidden thoughts.

Objects And Things

Objects and Things

Everyone draws different objects which indicate the following:


Indicates that the person is ambitious, determined and passionate.


Shows a need to search peace and unity.


Represents a strong and well-developed mind.

Square Or A Series Of Squares

Represent that the person is hard working and practical.


Indicate a need for luxury, relapse to childhood to run away from the hard reality.


Represent focus and concentration on detail.

Ladders And Steps

Display the desire of a person to move up or be successful. The ladder usually represents a great ambition.

Three Dimensional Forms

These are the symptoms of an intellectual, logical mind.

Closed Boxes

Indicate a need for privacy.

Open Boxes

Indicate a wish to bring someone in the life or a desire to run away from a restrictive case.


Show the inner self of the person. Big eyes mean outgoing personalities and small eyes indicate reserved personality. Closed eyes indicate a denial to look inside oneself.


Indicates that the person is romantic in nature.


It is a sign of subconscious aggression.


House with chimney and smoke coming from it represents the extrovert nature.


Could mean that you are desperately seeking the means to escape from a claustrophobic situation.

Intricate Maze

It indicates that the person has no way out in a situation.


Represents that the person wants a perfect self-portrait. However, can indicate that the person possesses introvert personality.

Question marks (?)

The person has a difficult decision to make, or he has doubts about his role in life.

Repeatedly Doodling Your Name

It indicates that the person may have an identity problem.

Repeated Stars

Indicate the person is incurably romantic.

A Tree Without Leaves Or Roots

Indicates isolation and a week family bond.

An Umbrella

Shows the desire to help someone you loved, or the desire to protect yourself from unwanted external influences.

Doodles Of Cars

Represent a wish for the material things.


It indicates a sense of being trapped or being in trouble.

Spider Webs

Indicate that the person is constantly seeking to widen his horizons and improve himself usually with much more complication than is necessary.


Indicates a happy person who loves daydreaming, but also has a strong sense of freedom around them. Stormy clouds can show depression.



When a person doodles, it is generally with whatever is in his hand. Depending on different cultures, indications of colors also differ.


This color represents:

  • Power.
  • Anger.
  • A need to impose authority.
  • In china, it is seen as prosperity and joy.


Orange color indicates:

  • Social communication.
  • Optimism.
  • Also considered as a sign of pessimism.
  • Superficiality.


This color indicates:

  • Mind.
  • Intellect.
  • Optimistic.

. However, it can also suggest:

  • Impatience.
  • Criticism.
  • Cowardice.


This color indicates:

  • Well-being.
  • Balance.
  • Growth.
  • Self-reliance.
  • Possessiveness.

In negativity it shows:

  • Envy.
  • Sickness.
  • Money.


This color indicates:

  • Stability.
  • Strength.
  • Trust.
  • Peace.
  • Loyalty.
  • Integrity.
  • Conservatism.
  • Frigidity.


This color indicates:

  • Intuition.
  • Idealism.
  • Structure.
  • Ritualistic.
  • Addictive.


Purple may represent:

  • Sexual frustration.
  • Need to appear unorthodox.
  • Creative and individual.
  • Immature and impractical.


Brown can suggest:

  • A conservative personality.
  • Repression.


This color may suggest:

  • Feminine energy.
  • Emotional.
  • Sensitive.
  • Mysterious.


This color shows:

  • Success.
  • Achievement.
  • Triumph.
  • Prosperity.
  • Luxury.
  • Quality.
  • Prestige.
  • Sophistication.
  • Value and elegance.
  • Material wealth and extravagance.

Black And Gray

They indicate:

  • Stability.
  • Strength.
  • Life-giving earth.
  • Associated with darkness, evil and death.


This color indicates:

  • Perfection.
  • Purity.
  • Innocence.
  • Wholeness.
  • Completion.

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