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How to Make a Dog Drink Water when Sick?

As you know water is an essential element for all the living beings, For food digestion, To keep hydrated, kidney to work properly, in fact, all the body processes require water to function properly. If you have a dog in your house then you know it they drink water there own, you just have to provide them fresh water in a bowl.

Give Fresh Water To your dog

In case your dog stops drinking water due to some illness then it is your responsibility to take some action and make sure your pet is drinking enough water which keeps them hydrated.This article we will explain to you how you can make a dog to drink water when he is sick, Important steps which make sure to improve your pet’s health.

Make your dog drink water

  • If you ever adopted cats then you know that cats usually do not drink plenty of water, but on the other hand, dogs drink water a lot when they are thirsty. Whenever you observe your pet stops drinking water then be alert because it is a sign of sickness.
  • If your dog has some kind of condition or disease due to which they have lost interest in drinking water then chances of getting dehydrated become very high and their health becomes worse.

Give Water According to its weight

  • A good rule for you to know your dog must drink water 2.5 times the weight of there food. In case your dog stops drinking water then the first thing you have to check is either your pet is dehydrated or not.
  • The best way to check your pet is dehydrated or not by pinching their skin, if dogs skin does not go back to its normal position after pinching it then its mean your pet needs water immediately. One other symptom of dehydration is dogs dry gums.
  • If you observe your dog do not drink water then go and check their water bowl if the water is dirty or water is not fresh then clean your pet water bowl and add fresh water. It is possible that your dog is not drinking water because water does not taste good.

There must be source of water

  • Make sure you have a stainless water bowl for your pet because they are specially designed for dogs.
  • One good approach to make your pet drink water in sickness by placing several water bowls in the house where your pet goes and rests in this way chances for your dog to drink water and keep hydrated is very high.
  • In special health condition, our dogs need to drink water a lot like in consecutive vomiting, in diarrhea or in fever. In these conditions, Tryarticles gives you some useful tricks to attract your dog’s attention to drink water and keep hydrated.
  • The Sweet smell of water attracts dogs and make them excited to drink water, therefore, you can add some sugar in the water
  • one good way to hydrate your dog is to give them ice cubes.
  •  if your dog is not responding to above to tips then you can use a cotton ball and soak it in the water and then squeeze it in the moth of your dog, it helps dogs to lick the dropping water.

Make sure your pet drink water a lot

  • If you see your dog suddenly stop drinking water and do not want to play or eat then you must immediately take your pet to vet because there are a various disease like parvovirus or distemper which decrease the interest of animals to drink water.

give water according to its weight

  • The amount of water a dog drink depends upon the food you are giving to your dog and the weight of your dog. if you are feeding your dog dry food then pets need to drink water a lot on the other hand if you are feeding them wet food then they require less water.
  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.

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