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Tricks To Dry Clothes Faster Without A Dryer

Dry clothes without dryer: Drying wet clothes are always being a pain for the people who need their clothes dry quickly. If you are an office going and need your dress ready in the morning but you can’t do it at the night and it is spoiling your moods, you have to wear your new dress on a birthday party in your university and the dress is washed and still damp with water and you don’t have a dryer to dry them.

If you are facing the above-mentioned problems then don’t worry because here on TryArticles, we are going to share some helpful remedies to dry your clothes quickly.

Tricks To Dry Clothes Faster Without A DryerBy discussing these tricks we will tell you that household products and techniques can be utilized to dry clothes without a dryer. Here we will cover all those issues you may face in your daily routine about dry clothes faster at home.

Dry Clothes Without Dryer

When It is Not Sunny Weather

When you do not have any equipment like dryer at home which you can use to dry your clothes quickly and there is the weather which is also not supporting and sunny, then just spread those clothes in a spare room and on the fan. It will take a little time but if it will be done in the night, clothes will be dried in the morning.

What People Do Before Electric Drayer Existed

In the ancient days when there was no electric dryer existed, the way people adapt to dry their clothes quickly was wrung laundry. It was rollers’ set and have the capacity to squeeze with the hand crank by using pressure. People who may have Victorian Mangle at their home are lucky to dry clothes quickly without any electric product.

If you do not have these facilities then you need to think about the cinnamon rolls you may bake at home. You have to take a towel of big size and spread your wet clothes on it as the cloth is covered in the towel. Now start rolling the towel from one corner to the other. When you complete this rolling squeeze it as you are wringing any other thing.

Pressure you will give while rolling the towel will force the water to come out from the clothes and absorb in the towel. You can repeat the process till then you need to do and have dry cloth.

If you have some time for drying the clothes then you can hang your clothes in the bathroom and they will be dried if you take the steam bath.

Heating And The Radiator Used For Drying Clothes Indoor

If it is weakened and the weather is not supporting for the wet clothes to dry which have to be ready for Monday morning then in the condition you can use a radiator or fan to dry clothes indoors. If you have central heating equipment then you can also use that and spread the clothes in a room for dry.

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Turn on that heating machine and radiator, this combination will help in drying clothes quickly. The radiator should be at normal speed so that if it will be too hot, it may leave stains of dirt and should not be too cool otherwise it will not able to dry the clothes.

For this drying purpose, you can also use electric heaters in the room because of heating in the room the moisturizer will be controlled which will help in drying clothes fast. Clothes must be spread in some distance so that they become saved from burning.

You can also use a fan for drying your clothes fast. It will spread wind in the room and this will be the best remedy to dry clothes even inside the house.

Plastic Bag And Freezer For Drying Clothes

It is an interesting and useful remedy to dry clothes overnight. You need to fold the wet clothes neatly and pack it in a plastic bag and save that bag in the freezer. Leave that bag for a few hours even you can place them for a whole night. On the other day bring them out and iron those garments to remove the moisture in them.

By utilizing this remedy you can even dry your clothes in winter and rainy season. Be careful, if you have food items in the freezer which may leave stains on the dress. If it can happen then do not go for this remedy because securing clothes is more important than drying them fast.

Hair Dryer Used For Drying Clothes Faster

This is another interesting and workable remedy for drying clothes. If you have some items which are smaller and need to dry fast like, undergarments. When you start using a dryer for drying clothes keep the dryer at a specific distance so that the clothes keep safe from burning and catching

Overheating element is the most important to manage by maintaining the distance because if the dryer is of high quality, it will burn the fire. It is recommended that try it when you need complete dry clothes on quickly basis. You can also use iron for drying clothes fast and quick.

Hanging Clothes Properly to Dry Fast

It is an important factor which you must keep in your mind that hang your clothes in a proper way so that they can dry fast and quick. If the clothes will not be hanging perfectly they will take a lot of time to dry.

You can put all these tricks to dry your clothes fast and make it sure that you are using the perfect remedy at the concerning time.


  • If you are using radiator for drying your clothes then be aware of its disadvantages too because the use of it for a long period can cause disastrous of a machine as well as clothes. So it depends on the type of clothes which you are drying.
  • If you want to dry the clothes faster than before you may experience then follow the way of spinning your clothes properly so that it will take less time to dry.
  • You have to hang your clothes in the place with constant airflow if there is humidity in the atmosphere otherwise make sure you have a dehumidifier ate your place.

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