Dyeing your hair is an exciting change to bring in your everyday life. Plus you’re never short of inspiration. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity or your regular Instagram feed, this was a 2016 trend that never died and isn’t going to anytime soon. And gorgeous purple locks are all the rage! Ranging from dark gothic purple to pastel icy lilac, this is a must try trend!

Although, following trends doesn’t and shouldn’t always mean that you would look as good as the person you saw doing it. But, there’s only one way to know – Go for it! We can always deal with the aftermath later, right?

Dye Your Hair Purple

This Try Articles article will tell you how to go about dying your hair without bleaching them! But before we jump into that, let’s read up on bleach!

Why Avoid Bleach?

Bleach is way too harsh a chemical to subject to your hair. Besides, it causes further problems in the long run like breakage, hair fall, and dryness. Bleached hair is more vulnerable to chemical and non-chemical processes as cutting down your natural hair color makes it porous. This paves way for the chemicals to damage your hair at a very micro level.

Damaged Bleached Hair
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But, don’t bite your nails yet! There’s more to unravel in this article, so keep reading.

How To Achieve The Perfect Purple Hair Dye Look?

Achieving this desired look is not as easy as it looks on Instagram. It’s no short of pounding the pavement especially if you have dark hair! Brunettes aren’t as lucky in soaking up rainbow colors as their blonde or redheaded sisters. Lightening your hair with bleach for a better color payoff is not healthy for your hair.

Hair Type

The first thing you should keep in mind is your hair type. Some hair types and consistencies dye better than others.
Hair Types
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For instance, African hair is difficult to dye because of its porosity and curliness. Likewise, Asian hair has a stronger cuticle layer and hence is tricky to dye.

Choosing The Right Hue

Shades Of Purple
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The second thing when selecting your shade of purple is to choose a hue that suits your skin tone. And because purple is not a color found on the natural hair spectrum, it’s not as easy to pull off. It is recommended that you keep matching your color according to your skin tone.

Purchasing A High Lift Dye

A product that will actually aid in lightening your hair 4-5 times than your original hair color without exposing your hair to bleach. But bear in mind these dyes only work on never been dyed before hair. Choose a dye of reputable brands like Manic Panic’s Violet Night or Pravana’s Violet or Lavender.

Use Lemon Juice To Lighten Your Hair.

Lemon Juice For Hair Lightening
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Nature’s hair lightener. You can make it at home. Its easy peasy lemon squeezy! Literally. Keep a 1:1 ratio of lemon juice and water. Spritz on hair and soak up some natural Vitamin Ds from the sun. Use a blow dryer if sitting in the sun makes you uncomfortable.

Use Katam Hair Color

Katam or better known by its trade name “black henna” is a 100% natural dye. It comes from the leaves of “katam buxus dioica” grown in Yemen. These are dried and crushed to produce a dye that is a very dark indigo. As its natural, it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that aid in promoting hair growth and restoring the pH of the scalp. This can be used separately or with regular Henna.

Now that you’ve attained your desired hue of purple, make sure you maintain your hair color by doing this one simple trick:

Colored Conditioner

Take a small amount of your dye and mix it in with your conditioner. Every time you condition, you touch upon your hair color.

Conditioner For Coloured Hair
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So, just be sure about pulling this intense color off! Even if you feel like it’s not gelling with your vibe, you can always dye your hair with any brunette shades.

With this note, we bid you well and hope this article proves to be helpful. Do let us know what your experience was when you followed our tips. Always, looking forward to your response.

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