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Eclectic decorating ideas for Living room?

There are so many eclectic decorating ideas for living room.The eclectic style consists of a variety of style and period which are brought together by using colour, shape, style, and texture. The word eclectic has been around for a long time, it has now become known as a decorating style. Eclectic style is simply a funky mix. Eclectic interior is great for modern people who want to create a mixture of styles and are not afraid to show courage and go beyond the usual decorating style.

Eclectic decor defines the fashion and self-confidence of the owner.

eclectic decorating ideas for living room

Eclectic interior is a mingling of different colours and design still following the principles of good design. When you think of eclectic living rooms you can see in your mind’s eye loads of bright colours and accessories that seem to be bold and unique at your first glance. There are many different ways to go eclectic while allowing the style to bring together nicely with your modern home decor. So, here on, we are providing you all the ideas for eclectic decorating ideas for living room.

Neutral background colours

  • The combination of colours in an eclectic décor can vary, but it’s very important to stick with very few neutral colours to help tie all the elements together. This décor implies bright color décor elements and textiles, the background colors of the walls is usually light (white, grey, cream, beige etc).

use nuetral background colors for decor

  • Furniture can also be light like the same colors of the walls or dark as well but not black. We can have the shades of blues, wines, grey, and burgundy. It is simply clear that contrast and harmony lie in the heart of eclecticism.

Uniqueness in art and furnishing

  • Background color, finishes, and décor materials in a room are tied together with furniture and fabric. An arrangement of textures and finishes sets an eclectic look apart from the rest. To set an interior design in an eclectic decorating style is complicated because it is not easy to keep a balance between the mixing of styles and designs.
  • In eclectic style, you combine luxury but in a simple way full of stuff arranged in a neat and clean way. You can create uniqueness by combining what is old and what are in now a day. It shows vintage touch yet modern.

Old easily mixed with new

  • The basic requirement of the eclectic style is the things we utilize in your décor will easily mingle with the old and out of fashion stuff. It is acceptable to combine a luxury dining table and simple chairs, with a modern buffet style theme. The furniture should be comfortable, functional and amazing.

we can easily mingle old with new fashion stuff

  • Elegance and style combined with synchronization all these distinguish the style. Furniture and décor can be simple, modern and vintage. It should be arranged in a harmony so that everything looks mixed up and blended so beautifully.

Experiment with the arrangements

  • You should not give up too soon with your old decoration piece; if that piece doesn’t look good at one corner it may look good on the other side, near the chair on a side table or simply on the floor. So keep on shuffling the arrangements of things until you find a good place.

you can do experiments with the arrangements

  • Textile products sometimes also provide a certain mood to a living room. Different arrangements of floor cushions, wall hangings, throws and beautiful carpets give classic oriental style.

Final touches

  • The guidelines to attain an eclectic look in your living room are very simple and easily approachable. You may add different kinds of stuff like furniture, paintings, rugs, and curtains this may sometimes end up in a big mess. You get failed to create harmony and blend in the things which result in clutter. Before throwing stuff to your living room, think how each piece in the room would enhance or detract from the final look.
  • A little bit of visualization, mind map and uniqueness is required.

Eclectic style depends on blending different contrasts

  • Simply if you want to attract attention to a certain piece in a room, you can paint it or give it a contrasting shade that will mix up with the surroundings. Adding different types of a hues pop in a living room is also another good trick for an eclectic style because it drags the attention to the single piece and distracts the viewer from the other stuff.
  • Eclectic style depends on blending different contrasts in a clever manner. It’s simply and strongly individualistic. You can use furnishings like curtains, nets, rugs, mats sometimes handicrafts and artworks or even electrical appliances that may add color to the area.

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