Eclectic Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

The decoration of homes and especially the living rooms is a subject of interest for all households. This largely depends on the traditions, culture and religious attachment. Yes, weather conditions also have its impact on how one decorates his / her room. But the basics of decorating a home or living room may not differ so much in different countries and civilizations.


The basic idea behind decorating a room is to provide comfort to the persons using the room and simultaneously it should also look good. A perfect balance of comfort and beauty makes a decoration perfect.

Amongst many ideas and techniques to decorate a living room, the eclectic decoration is a widely adopted way of decorating a living room, these days. In this article, we will let you know useful tips on eclectic decorating Ideas for living rooms.

What Is Eclectic Decoration?

Eclectic, by the dictionary, means “styles or ideas or taste derived from a diverse and wide range of sources”. It’s all about creating heterogeneity. A mix of diverse and varied styles of decorating a home or room is the essence of eclectic decoration, i.e. find and create a balance between various styles from different civilizations, ages or communities.

Though it makes your room more attractive and lively some people do it wrongly thus resulting in a mess. It is not about stuffing too much of different things in your room. It is also not about placing too many things without following a set pattern or layout.

Eclectic decoration idea is just to be creative, to take an inspiration from different styles, to mix and match them to develop your own style.


An eclectic decoration style is also a mix of old and modern things. It is about placing some antiques for decoration with modern equipment like computer, laptop, LED TV and so many other things that we have to use as a routine, these days. But with a touch of creativity, without compromising the balance.

Basics Of Eclectic Decoration Ideas

Like every other art, there are some basics of eclectic decoration, as well. Follow them wisely, if you want to achieve a perfect style.

  • You have to mix classic, vintage and modern styles of decoration.
  • You have to mix different patterns.
  • Follow a predefined color scheme and never compromise on it.
  • You have to mix ideas from different civilizations, cultures and eras.


  • Select and mix different materials, such as wooden items, steel items, plastic items, marbles, and glass items and so on.
  • Be creative. Don’t hesitate in applying extraordinary or out of the box ideas
  • Give a personal touch to your room. Your room must reflect that it belongs to you. Express yourself freely but without compromising on other basics.
  • Keep your room tidy and well arranged. Avoid too much of things placed haphazardly.

Different Ideas Of Eclectic Decoration

Before you start following different ideas or creating a few of your own, first thing is to collect the main things for your living room, such as sofa, chairs and table. First of all, place such items at places where these can be conveniently used for your daily life. Next step is to start decorating your living room with different items. Let’s give you some useful ideas.

  • If you have an antique table, mix it with modern, steel chairs. Vice versa, you can mix a most modern glass top table with old Victorian style wooden chairs.
  • The most modern large sofa can be mixed with an oriental rug.
  • Mix your modern sofa with some colorful gypsy ottomans.
  • Spare a reasonable space for displaying different souvenirs, you might have collected during your travels. Place them all in one place. Or otherwise, create small places in different corners of your room to place them, depends on your imaginative skills.
  • Combine both of the modern day styles, the Boho and the Industrial styles.
  • Place some colorful and printed pillows in your room to give it a creative touch by mixing different patterns.
  • Combine different style and designs of rugs and curtains.

different ideas

  • If you are facing space constraints, as your room is relatively small, you can opt for shelves as a base of your decoration style. But be creative in selecting different styles of cabinets and closets.
  • For small rooms, best eclectic decorating ideas is the use of multipurpose items. Place a seat covered with some ethnic styled pillows near a window, to serve as a guest seat or a reading point or a chilling area.
  • If your room is small, naturally, you should not go for big furniture items. Use small or medium-sized sofa and the small table to save space in your living room.
  • Create an eclectic wall in your living room. It’s just your creative ideas than anything else, which will guide you to a beautifully created eclectic wall in your room. You can start by displaying a large painting in the center surrounded with different pictures and art pieces. Think and create more styles.
  • The last thing, which in fact, is the first thing. Create balance. Always follow a predefined layout that should give a balanced look to your room.

Do’s And Don’t

  • Do consider layout. Plan your eclectic style living room before doing anything. Prepare the layout of your living room. The layout is most important, even more than the color scheme
  • Don’t forget the focal point. Eclectic style is combining different things but never forget to create a focal point in your living room. Create a focal point with an attractive element.

  • Do consider utility. You are decorating your room to live in it, not merely for placing different things in it. So, while preparing the layout, keep in mind the utility of your room and different things placed in it.
  • Don’t be inconsistent. Though eclectic style means variation and diversity when it comes to the entire home, be consistent with all rooms. Every room should follow the same style and should not look different from each other.
  • Do pick one color. Choose a single color that should dominate the entire layout. This should be the focal color of your eclectic style decoration.
  • Don’t confuse eclectic with “anything goes”. Though eclectic style means variety and diversity but doesn’t take it as you can place and go with anything. Doing so will create a mess.

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