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How To Make Up With A Friend After An Argument?

We go through many hurtful experiences in our lives and arguing with a friend is one of them. It happens sometimes that the argument emerges from no where and surprises everyone.

How To Make Up With A Friend After An Argument

Also sometimes tension generates in the enthusiastic and trust worthy relation of friendship and you are well aware that it is really hard to avoid what is being destined. We all have argued at some moments of our lives and it is absolutely normal, you do not have to worry if you get down about it.

The important thing is to know how to rebuild the friendship after having an argument. In this article, we will describe how to make up with a friend after an argument, so read the article till the end.

Wait Until You Are Relaxed

Wait Until You Are Relaxed

If you are still angry and you try to talk to your friend it will be of no use as both of you will not be receptive to listening. It is also said, “Never go to bed angry”.

If we ponder we realize that it has some wisdom to it as if you wait too long to make up, your anger will fester and will make you sleep poorly hence you will be less able to perform your task better, the next day. Also, as a result, you can end up having more arguments.

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However, it is not possible that every argument settles by the bedtime. You may not be able to make up early depending on the depth and complexity of the argument. But it does not mean that you should put it off.

If Possible Apologize Soon

If Possible Apologize Soon

It is best to apologize as soon as you can, if possible. There are some situations where apologizing is typically the best thing to do immediately and these are:

  • You have accused someone of doing something which he has not done and you are wrong.
  • You were not overly angry but it was just litte bit of anger, hurt, frustration and some other emotions were the reason and you didn’t apologize for this. So do not let them get in your way if you put these things aside, it can be easy for you to understand the situation and you will end-up with decision of a must apologize.
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  • Another reason to make up immediately is that the other person is willing to do so. It happens that the other person may avoid making up but if he wants to then do it now.

Invite Your Friend

Invite Your Friend

Keep in mind while inviting that your invitation to your friend should be as an offer instead of a demand.  This is because you do not have to make other person feel that he is obligated to talk with you. In fact, you should reflect your regret and sad feelings over the argument and invite your friend to express his or her feelings.

In this regard, you can send an email or a handwritten letter or card to your friend to say that you are sorry about the fight and you would love to talk about it so you can understand your friend’s feelings better. And ask would he like to talk about it with you or not.

Meet Your Friend In Person

Meet Your Friend In Person

If it is possible, try to meet your friend in person. It is necessary because in this way you will be able to talk to each other while being face to face. Also, we know that the non-verbal actions make up a huge part of our conversation.

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They play a great role in how we interpret each other’s actions and words. Meeting in person will be beneficial for you also as you will be able to clarify what you have done or said and can keep an eye on another person that how he responds.

Give Your Friend Space To Talk

Give Your Friend Space To Talk

While you are having a conversation with your friend about the fight and when you are expressing your feelings keep in mind to make sure that your friend feels heard. You do not have to share your feelings only. Give him or her the space to share their own perceptions about the argument.

It is essential because it will enable you to gain a better understanding of how your friend has perceived your role in the argument and thus you will be able to analyze how you can apologize. In this order, you can say that you are sorry that you have hurt him or her and you want him to help you understand what were his feelings.

Listen To What Your Friend Has To Say

Listen To What Your Friend Has To Say

It is completely fine to express that your feelings were hurt during the fight however it is better to first listen to what your friend wanted to say. This is because listening to your friend with concentration will send him a message that you value his feelings.

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Also, do not interrupt while your friend is talking and wait until he or she has finished. After that, you can ask for any clarification if needed. Make sure not to contradict him because making up is about accepting the responsibility first rather than determining that who was right and who was wrong.

Talk About The Future

Talk About The Future

Saying sorry is not enough, your apology must contain a future oriented comment which will let your friend know that you are serious about keeping the friendship. In this order, you can say the things like you are sorry about what happened and you will ensure yourself that this thing will not happen in the future.

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How to Choose a Good Friend?

You have heard a famous quote about friends that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. This builds an understanding that a true friend never leaves you in the hour of need. Good Friend always stands with you in both good and bad times of your life. A true friend never expects the same in response they just help you as a good human being. True friends are like a family. In our life, we grew up with a lot of people but few sticks in our mind.GOOD FRIENDS

So, it is up to you how you choose your good friend. On tape daily, we will help you out that how to choose a Good Friend.

Ways of Choosing a Good Friend

  • There are many stages of life from which a child passes in our society; childhood, school, college, university, office. In these stages, many people come to you but only a few become part of your life as a memory. As we grow up we start choosing our friends very carefully and be very cautious about them. When we move forward we leave behind our circle of friends and make new ones. These friends show our mentality and character.


  • A good friend is one who always seems to listen and observe your thoughts. They seem to understand your every act. They will never try to break your trust and always respect your sentiment.  Friends will point out your mistakes and try to make it right by convincing you. They will try to polish the abilities and skills you got to make you a strong person. They will never punch you down by enhancing your weakness instead they would try to remove it. Friend will tell you the ways how you can enhance your personality.


  • A good friend is keen to look at your emotions and feelings and never try to overcome your opinion. He is always there to hear you. A good friend is very keen to see what is going on in your life and always wants to talk about it. He may be of some help to solve your problems. He feels very excited and developed after discussion with you.
  • A good friend always keeps your secret to his heart. He will never tell your personal feeling to anyone. Having this type of people in your circle you feel very blessed and safe. These are some important qualities which you should look while selecting a friend.
  • If you are going to choose a good friend you should see whether he is honest and sincere to you or not. He will never betray your feelings and emotions. He won’t mention your failures and always helps to improve your goals. He will stand at your side at the time of success and be a good friend to you. A good friend should be a figure of inspiration of you. Friend influences each other but a good friend always has a space for you so that you can grow morally.


  • An alternate way to choose a good friend is to take help from the past experience of friendships. If your experience of choosing a particular type of friends is not good then stay away from them. You should keep in mind the conclusions of the previous friendships. If you find these qualities in someone then you should ask him to be your friend.


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How To Maintain A Long-Distance Friendship

You might think of a long-distance friendship as a difficult relationship and one that is hard to maintain. It might stress you out thinking about it but if you act right, and follow up the ways, you can get a close and steady relation and distance would not be an issue.

It is a fact that different people can end up in different places at times, but as long as you keep in touch with your friend, the physical distance would not be an issue. As the physical distance can sometimes make people grow apart, it can also bring them closer if you follow the given tips and suggestions.

long distance friendship

Staying In Contact

It is a fact that as the world is advancing, days are getting more busier. In today’s era, it is really difficult to take out some time for your family or even to hang out with your friends. But, if your friend moves to another place, you must spare some time out of your busy life in order to maintain your friendship.

Call your friend every day and ask him about his studies or job. Try to acknowledge about happenings in his life and show your interest. You show also ask him about his new friends and if he is having any difficulty in his life. Try to listen, support and advise him.


Start Daily Chatting

With the advancement in technology, smartphones have made life way too easier. It is now convenient for us to talk to our loved ones with little effort. Take advantage of this and daily chat with your distant friends. You can also Skype or Facetime or any other video chatting application as it is the best way to stay in touch. To make the video chat more fun, you guys can have a light meal or snack and talk freely about your old memories with the addition to recent happenings.


Send Presents

Try to remember special dates such as that of birthday or your friend anniversary, you should also memorize your friend’s wedding anniversary if they are married. On these special occasions, you can surprise your friend with a beautiful present. You can show your friend that you still care and make them happy by sending them gifts, in this way, you will also receive presents from them and this exchange of presents will make your bond more strong.


Make Plans To Be Reunited Again

As you meet your friends regularly and hang out often, it is important to meet your distant friend as well. A friendship does not solely depend on chatting or video calling, planning a hangout and spending some quality time together is also a major element. You should try to take out some time to visit them or you can call them at your place. Planning a surprise visit on a special occasion such as their birthday can also grow you close. You can talk about things you would do together as it will play a positive role too.


Recall Memories And Plan Activites

In a long-distance friendship, the most important thing is to recall the memories and the quality time you guys spent together. It will not only grow you closer, but memories will not fade away. You should discuss the old memories one by one, especially the funny ones and laugh at it together. If you’re apart, you can still have fun. You should plan activities such as reading a new novel or watching a movie together or a fun new exercise. It will give you some new topics to discuss apart from how distant you guys are.FRIENDSHIP- PLAN ACTIVITIES

Stay The Same

Sometimes, when your distant friend makes new friends, you feel like you two are not close anymore. You assume that you are no longer good friends now. But this is not the case mostly, you should empty these thoughts or if they bother you more, you should have a talk with your friend about how you feel. If you do not change at all, they would not too. It is up to you to break or make the friendship.


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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl? 10 Simple & Easy Steps

Starting a conversation is tricky, we don’t know about the feelings of the other person. Especially talking to a girl you don’t know, for the first time can be awful. Let’s see How to start a conversation with a girl, so there is a pretty good chance you can not be ignored.

There is no need to take expert advice. You need one right shot to catch up with a girl. An unknown girl can judge you. Not only introverts but also extroverts struggle to get toward a girl for chit chat.

how to start a conversation with a girl

You need a strong reason to start a conversation and keep it going. But don’t worry after all girls are human beings, not zombies. We have some easy strategies to set your impression and how to start a conversation with a girl?

Genuine Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Anxiety to start a conversation is worst. But once you started a conversation with a girl that feeling will go away. Start a conversation with a reason and that is engaging her to keep the conversation alive.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl? The answer modifies, there are some Dos and Donts. Though following are the best 10 easy and simple strategies to follow while interacting with a girl.

#1 Approach a Girl

Don’t be shy, get over the butterflies and talk to her. Either you are dressed or in a rough tough appearance. The way you speak matters. Be confident in your skin, don’t try to act too smart.

  • Approach to a girl in a casual, decent and respectable manner.
  • Make eye contact but don’t be desperate.
  • Don’t try to trap her. Make her feel easy.
  • Listen to her, show that you are interested in what she is saying.
  • Start respectably. Hi, Hey, Hello, Excuse me.

#2 Don’t Be Fake in Conversation with a Girl

Prefer to be real. Girls like Confidence, humor, maturity, and intelligence. Be yourself, it can help you connect to her more genuinely. Make a casual fun conversation, it can be done only when you are relaxed.

#3 Start your Conversation with General Questions

There is no need to say some extra things or magic words. Sometimes Pick up lines are a big No! First, try to start a conversation. For instance:

  • How are you doing?
  • Say something about the place.
  • You can ask for help and then start a conversation.
  • How are you? EASIEST
  • Talk about the weather or any general subject.
  • Vibes of the place.
  • About her either she is a student of doing a job.

#4 How to Keep Conversation with a Girl

Once you have started to talk. Look for the signals is she still interested to talk or she is not feeling it. Stop immediately if she is uncomfortable. This act can also give you a plus point. She might talk to you back with respect.

start a conversation with a girl

Otherwise, if she is also comfortable talking to you start a conversation. Don’t be extra, go slowly in a decent way. Talk about her likes and dislikes related to the questions you have asked earlier.

  • Do you like to travel?
  • What your job title?
  • Why you have chosen this field? ( If she is a student)
  • What’s in your wish list?
  • Your favorite eating spot/cafe in town?
  • The worst nightmare you ever had?
  • Favorite book or a movie?

All the questions can be asked according to the response she is giving. Though don’t sit quietly speak about your goals or life as well.  It will make her feel comfortable and she will speak up more.

#5 Observe Her Gestures

Pay attention to her responses. In any conversation half of the talk is done by a person’s body language. How do they behave, what are the responses you re getting?

Either you are getting short replies, or if she is pretending to be busy while talking. Take a break. Stop there and wait for her to start the conversation if she started then you get it Boy. Otherwise, wish her well and leave.

But if you are lucky enough, you have got her attention. She will also ask you questions. That means she is easy talking to you. You can ask for her contact number later on, but don’t be quick.

#6 Compliment Girl in a Conversation

Most of the time guys think only appreciating a girl on her looks can help them compliment her. Though, commenting on intangible qualities is better than making pick up lines on her outer beauty.

#7 Ask for Her Opinion

Always be sweet and be respectful of the other person. Don’t be cheesy and creepy. being sweet means show her that you have sentiments too. It’s ok to be emotional and vulnerable.

Her opinion about different topics should be asked. Let her talk as well. Make her feel her opinion matters and she will be more likely to tell you how id she feeling.

#8 Talk about Mutual Interest

Talking to her can help you in guessing things in common. Talk about the shared interest it can make your small talk and interesting one.

Ask what she thinks about that common thing and tell her yours too.

#9 Show Interest

There is no need to be rude and show yourself strong. Act normal. Use some strategies to show her that you have an interest in whats she is saying.

  • Ask for suggestions
  • Compliment her
  • Give her advice
  • Be nice

#10 End Conversation in a Sweet Way

Well its time to leave, don’t panic and rush to say goodbye! Wish her well. Make good remarks on having a conversation with her.

Ask for another meeting or a contact number if it’s appropriable. Otherwise, stalk her on social media, send her a friend request a few days later.  Then leave, don’t look back, again and again, it appears creepy.

talk to a girl



In some cases, the conversation ends after a HI! only, why is it so. Make sure you won’t do anything inappropriate unintentionally. Here are some Dont’s:

  • Saying you are too pretty/cute/beautiful in the first conversation. Don’t do that girls hate it.
  • Don’t be quick on getting her number. Don’t make cheap tricks like do you use WhatsApp, or you have facebook id.
  • Never bug her, if she declined on something it means to leave.

talk to a girl on text message


Well, there is no specific way to start a conversation with a girl. Though other than live conversations what if you have to talk to a girl on Text message. Or you might catch up on a girl in a party, university, workplace. They have more or less the same tips.

The bottom line is don’t be creepy or desperate. Be nice and decent either you are having a live conversation with a random girl. Or a chat/text message or you are in a specific place where you share a formal relationship with a girl(workplace/college/office party).

Some cases from daily routine are illustrated in the video below that you can relate to. To start a conversation with a girl does not need some special requirements.

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