How To Exercise Without Losing Weight?

It is a misconception with many people that exercises are only aimed at reducing weight. No doubt, losing weight through different sets of exercises are very common these days but, exercises are equally important to achieve a stronger body fitness without losing weight. After all, everyone going to the gym is not overweight.


So, even if you are not overweight, you must follow a plan of regular exercises to maintain your fitness level and strength of various parts of your body, without losing weight. You may have met with people who start workouts to lose weight and after some time (when the desired level of weight loss is achieved) they discontinue the exercises, resulting in weight gain, once again. Such people should also follow the exercise plans that are aimed at “not losing weight’.

Let us see, how you can exercise without losing weight?

Change Your Diet

Weight gain or weight maintenance is directly proportional to the total intake and burning of calories in a day. Simultaneously, it also depends on total food intake per day. When you perform your exercises, Calories are burnt, ultimately reducing fats in your body, thus losing weight.

But if you are not overweight and only doing your workouts for maintenance of fitness and strength level of your muscles, you need to adjust your diet plan accordingly; means include food that provides more calories.


Hence, it is compulsory to change your diet plan when you are exercising for weight maintenance, instead of weight gain or weight loss. Monitor your food consumption, how much protein, carbohydrates and fat, you are taking daily.

While this is a more precise and scientific way of food planning, there is a simple method as well; intake food as per your body demand or hunger level you feel. But this may lead to unnecessary or surplus food intake, which may have a negative impact and your weight may start increasing.

Remember! Keep balance in your diet plan, when it comes to “not losing or gaining weight”.

Strength Training Exercises

Extended workout sessions in the gym, result in weight loss. Some people think that exercise is only effective when done vigorously for hours. But be careful, so much extended exercises may result in loss of weight and also injuries, whereas your aim is to exercise without losing weight. So, here you are required to follow strength training workouts.

Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercises are specially designed routines that are good for muscle build up and strength. Normally these are done in short spells.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

These are specially designed exercises that are done in even more shorter periods. These are designed for cardiovascular improvement, in addition to weight. These are very effective and are done in the shortest time period to provide maximum strength without losing weight.


What Should Be The Schedule Of Exercises And Rest Periods?

Schedule of exercise is very important in your daily routines. Exercise is meant to provide you a healthier body and ultimately a good lifestyle. For exercises that are aimed at not gaining or losing weight, you are required to spend very little time in the gym, so, it is easier for you to plan in an efficient way.

Remember, daily workout schedule should not be an extra burden on your body. Spare a time when you are free and can do the workout without any stress on your mind or body. With a tense mind you cannot achieve the desired results; rather it may have a negative impact, especially on your level of interest.

The other important factor in planning your daily routine is providing rest periods to your body. No exercise is effective if done continuously without giving break. Rest or break is highly important for your muscles to recover from the effects of workout and in order to return at a normal level.


Although rest is much important in all types of exercises, when you are doing the workout for weight maintenance, it becomes more important. If you do not provide rest period to your body, it may result in weight loss, which is not your aim at this point.So, schedule your workouts and rest on alternate days. Three days workout plan weekly is ideal for your cause.

Attention! You may also jump over to more extensive program with 5 or 6 days per week, once you are accustomed to the exercise plan.

As with all workouts and fitness programs, consistency, right selection of food intake and rest intervals are key to your success. Remember, fitness, strength and maintaining your weight needs continuous struggle. It is an ongoing task, so, never give up, keep trying.

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