Exercises To Learn To Be Positive – The Best And Most Beneficial

It is estimated that a person has 70,000 thoughts per day i.e. you have 70,000 chances to build yourself up or tear yourself down. If you are a pessimist, you doubt your abilities and second-guess your decisions, in such case, definitely, you will harm your performance and most likely you will also be risking your physical and psychological health.

But the best thing is, you can change the way you think. Positivity in life is surely important and many times we have heard, to be happier, it is important to have a more positive attitude towards life and being optimist etc. But the question arises here that how it is achieved?

exercise to be positive

In reality, it is nothing more than a change in the way of thinking. It is a trick to make your mind turn over to ensure that everything you perceive negatively is transformed and happens to not seem so bad. In this article, we will describe the best exercises you can do to turn over the way of your attitude to ensure a happy life, so read the article till the end.

Exercises To Be Positive

Before learning to be positive, you must realize that you have to do a little effort. If you have come this far, surely, it is because more than once you have seen yourself immersed in a cloud of negativity and self-destruction. So, if you want to change your visions of things, then given below are some exercises to learn, how to be positive?

Practice Conscious Acts Of Kindness

Practice Conscious Acts Of Kindness

The connections to others in your social circle play a role of oxygen to your sense of well-being. These connections act as a fuel to your happiness factor. A simple way to connect with others is to consciously reach out and share a positive message with them.

Each morning, as soon as open your inbox, write a positive and affirming email, praising someone or thanking someone for his or her contributions in your life. Being angry with the world will not do you any good.

A society comprises good people and bad people. Focusing only on the bad will make your perspective more negative and devastating. Focus to be one of the good people in the world and, for this, we recommend that you have a more open, friendlier attitude and dress yourself with the best smile. Thus you will help others to get good energy.

Forgive Your Mistakes And Defects

Forgive the Mistakes

It is very important to accept that you are not perfect and in fact, nobody is. It is clear that there will be something about you that you do not like too much and it is that we all have shortcomings. But we should not lash out at them.

We should forgive ourselves and accept ourselves as we are. And if there is something that really bothers us or prevents us from being happy, then it is time to try to change it and improve as people. Personal growth is something that we should be doing throughout our lives and, thus, we will be better with ourselves.



Each day, spend ten minutes writing the positive experience that happened to you in the past 24 hours. In this way, your brain re-lives that situation, which doubles the positive impact it has on your life.

Meditate Weekly


For meditation, find a quiet place and focus on your breathing and nothing else. Stop thinking anything for at least two minutes each day. In this multi-tasking and frenetic world, this can be hard. But if you managed to do it successfully, you’ll feel less stressed, sleep better, and have more energy.



For at least 10 minutes a day, engage yourself in any form of recreational exercise such as running, walking, biking, swimming, or whatever the activity you enjoy the most. During a research, depressed participants were asked to exercise daily for 10 minutes.

After 10 months, they were shown to have a far lower risk of relapse than those who took anti-depressants. With exercise, the likelihood of falling into negative thoughts is reduced and there is an increase in happy factor.

Techniques To Train Your Mind

To have an optimistic vision of life, below are some perfect techniques to have positive thoughts.

Give Yourself The Same Advice You’d Give To A Trusted Friend

Give Yourself The Same Advice

Beating yourself up and magnifying your mistakes will only drag you down. Studies have linked self-compassion to everything from the improved well-being of mind and better body image to enhanced self-worth and increased motivation. So make it a habit to speak to yourself in the same way you’d speak to a trusted friend.

Dedicate Time To Your Hobbies

Dedicate Time To Hobbies

You can never have a happy life if you do not like the way you are living. If you feel stuck, lost or feel like there is nothing that motivates you then it is highly recommended that within all the obligations and routine, spare some time to enjoy your hobbies and your passion i.e music, painting, dancing, and reading etc.

Balance Your Emotions With Logic

Balance Your Emotions

When you are controlled by the extreme emotions, it is recommended to go in for to boost up your rational thinking. Whatever the situation you are facing, economical, personal, or professional, when you’re able to balance your emotions with logic you will make your best decisions. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of your choices, this is the best way to stable out your emotions.

Create A Healthy Mindset

Healthy Mindset

No one can give you the best advice as you can. Therefore, it has a serious effect on your life when you have a conversation with yourself. If you wish to meat your greatest abilities, it’s essential to shape your mental muscle. Every day and over time exercise your mind, in this way, you will train your mind for success and happiness.

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