Facebook is an online social media and social networking platform where people create profiles and share their special moments with friends. Facebook friend suggestion is one of the features of Facebook. What does it mean? How does it work?

Facebook is an online social media networking site based in California. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his friends. Today, Facebook serves 2.37 billion monthly active users.

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms all around the world. Users are attracted towards this platform just because of its cool and amazing features. It has various impressive features such as messenger, share and comment option, etc. However, here we will explore the friend suggestion feature only.

What Does Facebook Friend Suggestion Mean?

Friend suggestion is one of the best features of Facebook. The basic function of this feature is to encourage users to make new friends. This feature helps the user to connect with the new users on the basis of interest, mutual friends, and location.

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When you log in to your Facebook account, you will see a friend suggestions section. The people listed there are Facebook users who are not a part of your friend list. But there is something common between you and the listed people such as friends, education, etc.

Against each suggestion, there is an option of adding that individual as a friend or remove it from the suggestion list. It’s your choice. There are two kinds of suggestions, both are briefly explained below:

1- Suggestion From Facebook

In this kind of suggestion, Facebook suggests friends. This suggestion is made on the basis of various factors such as network, country, location, common friends and educational history. Facebook just suggest friends, it does not send friend requests to those they suggest to you.

2- Suggestions From Friends

Facebook also offers users the ability to suggest friends and pages to each other. Somone in the friend list can suggest you to like a page that he liked. To suggest something with friends, you need to click on the suggest friend option.

How Does Facebook Friend Suggestions Algorithm Work?

There are many factors on the base of which Facebook suggest friends. Most of people think Facebook friend suggestion feature uses location. Well, this is not like that, Facebook officially denies this information.

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The question is still not answered if a location isn’t using then how they do suggestion. There are many other factors through which facebook suggest friends. Few of them are listed below with a brief description.

#1- Mutual Friends

Face suggestion algorithm works on the basis of a mutual friend. Mutual friend means that a person who is connected with you and also connected with that person, whom you received a profile in the friend suggestion section.

#2- Work Information

Work information is another factor on the base of which facebook suggest a person. You are working in an organization and update your profile that, you start working in this organization. Now Facebook will search for a person who is also working in that organization, if he found, he will suggest you.

#3- Education Information

There is also a possibility that Facebook will suggest you a person, who has the same educational background, means same school, college or university. Suggestion algorithm scans the profiles and group the profiles of the same educational history.

#4- Browsing style

Sometimes you see the suggestions that haven’t any mutual friend or educational history common. Then why they are in that place. They lay at that list because of the same interest.

#5- Contacts

When we install facebook on a mobile phone, it requests for the contact access. If we give it permission, this application will be able to read our all contacts. So on the basis of contacts, suggestion algorithm may suggest you a person who is your contact but not yet added on facebook account.

How to Disable the Facebook Friend Suggestion Feature?

You can turn off the friend suggestion feature of facebook. As I described the factors of suggestion algorithm earlier, contact is also a part of that list. Delete the imported contacts and the suggestion feature will be turned off.

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Below are steps that you should follow to disable the friend suggestion feature.

  1. Open the Facebook profile, click on the Find Friends option.
  2. Now click on the Manage Imported Contact option.
  3. Click on the Remove all the contacts, then click on Remove.
  4. A confirmation message will appear, confirm that message. All contacts will be removed, the Friend Finder section will disappear.