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How To Identify Original Reebok Shoes?

Reebok pioneers in the industry of sporting goods and fitness necessities. It is an American-inspired global brand with a history of great heritage. Reebok represents the lifestyle of sports to the core. A company with such rich heritage and a drive to create top-notch products for athletes and the likes is sure to have imitations lurking around. But like other products, you will find fake Reebok shoes, so be careful while purchasing.

reebok shoes


To save you from all the fakes that are readily available on the market, we’ve gathered all the vital points for you in this article. Rest assured, if you follow all the pointers you’ll save yourself the hassle of being fooled.


The original Reebok box can be spotted easily as it is made out of hard cardboard and is brown in color. The name “Reebok” is written in black on the top of the box.

Original Reebok Box

The name is perfectly printed in the center of the lid and on the sides of the lids. The same is printed on the body of the box, on the sides facing front and the back. The logo is red in color and is placed right beside the name.

Information Sticker

The information sticker is pasted on the left side of the box. The sticker is white in color and the printing done on it is, black. The sticker has the following information listed on it:

Sticker On Reebok Box

  • Name of the shoe, for e.g. Reebok Zprint Run.
  • Different shoe sizes it’s in (USA, UK, EUR).
  • The size of the shoe in centimeters and mm.
  • A barcode.
  • Shope type, for eg running.
  • The color.
  • Model number.

Wrapping Paper

The paper the Reebok shoes are wrapped in is of light-weight butter paper, with Reebok printed on it at a slant angle in grey. The font is entirely in capital letters.

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Reebok Shoes

Coming over to the real deal! Let’s split our focus into different categories so we may analyze all of them separately. This way we shall make sure we leave no chance of being scammed.

Tongue Label

The tongue of Reebok shoes contains the entire information regarding the shoes. just like it is on the sticker pasted to the box. The right way to ensure the shoes are not imitation is to tally the number code printed on the tongue with the number code printed on the sticker.

Bottom Sole

All Reebok shoes have differently designed bottoms but what you need to look out for is that they always have the company’s name engraved on the sole.


The Reebok logo was changed again in 2014 to what it currently is now. The brand wanted to shift it focuses from professional athletes to regular people hence reconsidered their logo. Though, the motto stays on fitness and encouraging everyday people to do sports.

Reebok logo

Reebok has a timeline of evolving their brand’s logo, but it’s been 4 years today to the new one. It now consists of 3 flat trapeziums that form a triangle. It’s called the “Delta” logo and it’s red in color.


The seams are stitched and put together so perfectly, the shoes make you want to run! That’s one way to identify a Reebok shoe. They will be super comfortable to wear, but that’s too risky to leave on perspective and opinion. What you need to notice is that the seams are stitched with very uniform gaps, with no threads spurting out.

If you see any stitching that is not aligned or neat, you probably have fake Reebok shoes. Also, the thread used is a perfect match for the base unless otherwise chosen differently for design purposes.

Side Part

There will always be a Reebok logo and or the entire name,  Reebok” printed on the outer side of the shoe. The side that faces the open on both the shoes. Notice carefully that the logo does not look dodgy and all 3 sides of the delta triangle are equally distant.

Also, focus on the two “e” letters in the word, Reebok. They don’t close incompletely. Any type of “e’s” other than these are a scam!

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