False Friends: How To Recognize Them?

It is the nature of the human being that he is usually related to other individuals and by emotion for survival. We are social animals and we establish connections of both love and friendship to avoid the feelings of loneliness and to strengthen the security in ourselves.

False Friends Recognize Them

However, we may come across false and hypocritical people whose aim is to relate to us out of good interest. Although it cost us a lot to admit it, these types of people exist and it is possible that, at this time, they are close to us. We must identify their behavior patterns to avoid being hurt and get rid of this type of relationship.

In this article, we will discuss fake friends and how to recognize them so know more about an enriching friendship and a friendship of interest, read the article till the end

Characteristics Of A False Person

There are many attributes which depict the deceitful nature of the person. Some of the common characteristics of the false person are:

Establish Links Too Fast

Establish Links Too Fast

You met a person and suddenly he wants to go out everywhere with you, you do not know why but he is very curious and wants to know everything about you. He even cares about your strengths and weaknesses.

Be careful! False people try to open others as much as possible to detect their weak points so that they can manage them. Such smart links are usually a sign of false friendship and for mere interest.

He/She Is Always Smiling

HeShe Is Always Smiling

Another characteristic of false and interested people is that they are always smiling. This is because they always seek to please you and that is why they use a nonverbal expression as an adaptive strategy. Since they use the smile as a forceful emotion it is identified as the deceitful and forced smile.

He/She Is Passive-Aggressive

HeShe Is Passive-Aggressive

This characteristic can be very dangerous for all of us and we should be careful. In this, a false person will never put on the table what bothers him and what does not. Therefore, he always tries to make us feel bad but without falling into a real confrontation.

Also, the lack of self-confidence is reflected at a huge level. He also has the inability to face the truth and seeks strategies to make others feel insecure.

Use Ambiguous Compliments

Use Ambiguous Compliments

“You look so beautiful in this picture, you do not look like you” or “How slim you look in this dress!” This type of compliments are typical of fake people, their purpose is not to make us feel good, but rather the opposite. However, they mask their offenses under an ambiguous compliment to avoid raising suspicions.

How To Recognize Fake Friends?

How To Recognize Fake Friends

It is not difficult to recognize a false friend, the problem lies that we do not want to admit that the person is playing with us and our feelings. Whether due to pride or affection for that person, sometimes, it is hard for us to open our eyes to what really happens in that relationship of friendship.

It is likely that, after the personal disappointment, we have problems to make new friends and even ask ourselves internally how to know if we have real friends.

A fake friend is one who only seeks you out of interest, does not count on you for important plans and you can not rely on him when you really need him. He is only there for good times and many times he makes you feel insecure when you are in the group of people.

Once we recognize and admit that we have been next to a false and most probably manipulative person, it is a high time to choose what to do, if we learn to deal with his company or get rid of him or her.

How To Treat A Fake Friend?

Even if we know that our friendship is not true, being biased we want to keep that person close, it is the time to learn how to deal with a fake friend, for this, we recommend the following tips:

Do Not Trust Everything They Tell You

Do Not Trust Everything They Tell You

Fake people are also often quite deceitful. They often lie about events in their lives that have not really happened or, on the other hand, they also lie about likes and dislikes to strengthen personal ties or to gain the attention of others.

Develop Confidence In Yourself

Develop Confidence In Yourself

It is not good to have a false friend for the matters of trust. It is possible that you may become betrayed and those situations can be very painful, to avoid feeling so much hurt, it is important to develop your personal strength and in this respect do not depend so much on other people.

Do Not Confide Deep Secrets

Do Not Confide Deep Secrets

You must know that this type of friendship is based on detecting the weak points of the other person and playing with them. If you put your weakness and secret in front of him have much easier ways to manipulate you.

Look For Activities To Do without That Person

Look For Activities To Do without That Person

Leaving the circle of contagiousness randomly or time to time is a good strategy to promote your mental health. You can make plans with other good friends and rely on them instead of completely depending on a fake friend.

Note: This article is merely informative. The characteristics of a fake person can vary from person to person. If you find any of these characteristics in your friend then you must end that friendship. You must spend your valuable time with those who worth it. You can also share some other characteristics of a fake friend in the comments section, so all of us can have more information regarding this.

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