How To Do A Fat Burning Workout?

Accumulation of fats in different parts of human body effects the overall fitness and health of a person. This accumulation comes through imbalanced diet and lesser physical activities or lack of regular exercises. Apart from an untoned and fattier body appearance, fats start accumulating in form of lipids which badly affects the blood circulation and may lead to serious heart diseases.

People normally do physical activities, thinking that it will help eliminate the fat accumulation. But as a matter of fact, many physical activities only burn calories and do not have the desired impact on burning of fats. For achieving the goal of burning fats, you need to enhance the metabolism in your system. For this purpose, you need to do high-intensity exercises.


Although the diet plays a vital role in controlling the fat accumulation in your body, yet the correct selection of workout plans remains equally important for burning and eliminating the fat storage in the body. Here we suggest some useful techniques on How To Do A Fat Burning Workout?

Cardiovascular Exercises

Some experts are of the view that Cardiovascular Exercises are good enough to control fats in the human body but many experts don’t think it to be the perfect approach. Cardio exercises such as swimming, running, spinning or cycling and cross training are good at burning glucose when done with low intensity. In this way, these also consume calories but don’t have ample effect on burning of fats.

For achieving the goal of burning fats with cardio exercises, you need to do these with high intensity for short durations such as 10-12 minutes, then with lower intensity for a few minutes and then again with higher intensity for a further 10 – 12 minutes. In this way, your system will start consuming excess oxygen even after you have finished the exercises.

Since the muscles need more oxygen for re-growth after completion of high-intensity workouts, the body starts consuming more calories, thus helping to eliminate fat accumulation in different parts of the body.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Weight Exercises

Weights or resistance exercises are not considered useful when it comes to the burning of more calories, as compared to the cardio exercises. But at the same time, weights or resistance exercise are good at excess oxygen consumption after completion of workouts, thus enabling burning of fats.

As a matter of fact, these exercises actually consume calories and glucose but once you have finished the workout, your body actually starts consuming more oxygen; hence it is true that weights or resistance exercises burn more calories during rest or after finishing the physical activities. This particularly helps eliminating the lipid concentration in your body. This process lasts for even hours after completion of workouts, depending on intensity with which you have done your physical exercises.

Now that you have learned about the basic difference between the Cardio and Weights training, we move on to Weights or Resistance Exercises through which you can burn fats in your body.

However, you must know the very vital factor before starting the resistance exercises; i.e. you must be fit enough to do these exercises with ease. So, it is important to start building your strength for which you need to do resistance exercises as under:

  • Complete a circuit of 10 exercises with ten repetitions in one set and do 3 sets.
  • Select appropriate weight. The correct weight is the one which gives you a tough time to some extent to work with. Too lighter or too heavier weights should be avoided.
  • Plan a set of exercises which includes the ones working on different muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Do these exercises on each alternate day or 4 times a week with breaks in between.

Weights ExercisesFollowing resistance exercises are the best and recommended for you:

  • Squats: Squats are especially beneficial for working on glutes, toning of buttocks, hips and thighs. To start with, you should do squats without weights but after getting accustomed to it, you may do the same with appropriate weights. Weights can be increased gradually depending on your fitness level.
  • Plank: This type of exercise is good to work on the entire abs, hamstrings, oblique muscles and glutes.
  • Pull-ups: Pull Ups are useful in toning your arms, whereas these are also good at working on your back muscles. It can also be done in the gym using the machines and weights.
  • Strides: Strides or lunges are useful to work quadriceps muscles. Also, help tone your legs.
  • Bicycle Crunches: It’s a very useful exercise. For doing it, you need to lie on your back with the hands-on backside of your head and legs on the chest. In this position try touching the knees with elbows of opposite arms.
  • Press Ups: These exercises work on deltoids, shoulders, pectorals and triceps. Correct performance of this exercise is very important. So, make sure to do it properly.
  • Hip Lift: Also a useful exercise. To perform it, you need to lie on the exercise mat with your face up, bend knees and start lifting your hips by shifting the weight on your arms. Then come back to original posture. Repeat for several times
  • Full Sit Ups: This can be done either with a fitness ball or with the machine. To get best results, you need to do full sit-ups with at least 30 repetitions.
  • Lateral Leg Lifts: This exercise is good at working your hip and helps to tone your legs. Lie on the exercise mat sideways and lift the upper leg upwards and then return back to original position. Repeat for many times with both the legs.
  • Dumbbells Press: This exercise works on the dorsal and deltoids muscles. This exercise can be done while lying or sitting on the bench and dumbbells of appropriate weights in each hand.

Once you have finished the Resistance or Weight Exercises, it is now time to complete the workouts with Cardiovascular Training. After completing the Resistance Circuit you should finish the workouts with some cardiovascular exercises to help burn your fats. For getting best results you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Select the activities that help you maintain the intensity during the routine exercises. Cross training is one of the best options. You may also do cycling. However, most important factor here is the maintenance of similar pace during the entire workout. A minimum of half an hour session is required for the best results.
  • High-intensity cardio exercise should be done at least twice a week on treadmill or bicycle or cross trainer.
  • Cardio exercises must be done after the resistance circuits. This will help you protect the muscles and enhance the burning of fats.
Remember! As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workout and take care of your diet. Never hesitate to take the assistance of professional trainer if you feel something is going wrong.

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