Fear of speaking in public is the most horrible condition. If you also get panicked due to this fear of public speaking then here in article,”How To Lose The Fear Of Speaking In Public?” is discussed in detail, symptoms and techniques to overcome & cure public speaking anxiety by knowing your topic, practice, breathing normally and avoiding to talk too fast etc.

Lose The Fear Of Speaking In Public

It is the most common of all phobias and it is a form of performance stress in which a person becomes very concerned about himself that he might look visibly anxious, even panic attacks can occur while speaking. Most of us make a mistake by avoiding public speaking and we think that this is the solution to cure it. The best way to overcome is to face it.

For an average person, fear of speaking in public is ranked higher than the fear of death. Fear of speaking in public is a characterized form of anxiety. It can become intense from slight nervousness to the panic. If you are a victim of this fear, then this article will provide you the tips and tricks to overcome your fear, so read the complete article.

Know Your Topic

Know the Topic

If you fear that you will do mistakes, it is better that you understand what you’re talking about. The more you care about the topic the less likely you’ll make a mistake or get off track. Take some time to consider what you will say and what questions the audience may ask, so well that you could answer any possible question thrown at you.

When you organize all of your thoughts and materials before speaking, it helps you to become much more relaxed and calm. It can greatly reduce your anxiety because you can better focus on the one thing at hand, giving a great speech.

Practice And Prepare Extensively

Practice And Prepare

As it is said “Practice makes perfect” Keep practicing and preparing for your speech. For this you can write the key points of your speech, but remember you don’t have to read from the script word to word. Practice your complete presentation several times in front of some people you’re comfortable with and ask for feedback.

Eliminate Fear Of Rejection

Fear Of Rejection

“What if the audience hates my speech? What if they boo me off stage?” All of these questions haunts your mind.  Try to reduce all of your fears of rejection. The audience is there to listen to you for a reason and if you have quality speech you can surely force them to listen to you.

Watch Yourself In The Mirror

Watch Yourself In Mirror

The best way to overcome your fear is by practicing in front of the mirror as if you are speaking directly to someone. While doing such things, you should consider these things to improve your communication skill.

  • Pay attention to your facial expressions.
  • Your gestures.
  • Your body movements.
  • How welcoming you appear?

Take Some Deep Breaths

Take Some Deep Breaths

When a person gets nervous, he breathes rapidly and shallowly. This is giving a bad impression of you to the audience that you’re not confident. Normal and measured breathing is a sign that you’re confident and under control. Before going in front of people, concentrate on taking a few, slow breaths.


Pause Frequently

Frequently Pause

When you feel anxious at any moment while presenting, consider pausing. When you have more frequently but strategic pauses between points, it makes you feel relaxed. You have some time to regain your confidence.

Public Speaking Classes

Speaking Classes

Now-a-day, there are classes where you can overcome fear of speech in public with the help of a great coach or mentor. There are many groups that you can join to learn to learn speaking in public. These groups’ helps people get over their fears by having them practice speaking on subjects over and over.

Drink Water That Is Warm

Drink Warm Water

While suffering from anxiety we find it difficult to speak as one of the reason is, out mouth gets dry. Squeezing some lemon into your water helps very well by lubricating your throat. Try to avoid sugary beverages before speaking as these can dry out your mouth and make it harder to talk.

Don’t Over Think Audience Reactions

Don’t Over Think Audience Reactions

You should always keep in mind before speech that there is always going to be some people in the audience on their phone or yawning. Also, there will be people who are bored or tired. You don’t have to take it personally as none of these audience reactions have anything to do with you personally.

Avoid Talking Too Fast

Avoid Talking Too Fast

As it is described earlier that abnormal breath pattern expresses that you are not in control. When you talk fast during a speech, it interferes with your breathing patterns. You will breathe less when you talk fast. Feeling short of breath will make you panicked so practice slowing down when you speak, and you will be more calm and relaxed.

Meditate Daily


There are different relaxation techniques that should be practiced daily. These techniques are very easy to learn and are essential to overcome fear of speaking in public. Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the techniques that are normally used and the most recommended. It consists of inhaling slowly and deeply while doing this focus on the feeling that how the abdomen inflames, holding the air for a few seconds and exhaling slowly by removing the air from the mouth.

Note: This article is merely informative. In case, you feel that your fear of speaking in public is leading you towards serious psychological problems such as intense depression and you can’t overcome it alone, then it recommended to seek the advice of professionals. You can go to the Psychiatrist if you found that these tips are not working for you anymore. 

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