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How Do Cats in Heat Behave?

If you have a cats either female cats or male and you want not to neuter your cat. Pets change their Behavior in heat if your cat shows a change in behavior you may surprise. If you have a pet then it is important for you to understand and know the process which changes the behavior of your pet.

Similarly, you should be aware of cat’s behavior before they reach sexual maturity. If you understand this behavior change then you can take positive steps during the sensitive days of your cat.

female cats

In case you sterilize your cat, they will be in heat at least once. Therefore it is Beneficial and useful if you read this Tape daily article how to do cats behavior in the heat.

At what Age Either female cats or Male go into heat?

First of all, we discuss when cats go into heat before understanding behavior of cats in heat. At 8 to 12 months age male cats reach sexual maturity and at 7 their reproductive age ends. On the other hand, female cats are in a reproductive age when they are 7 to 8 months old and their reproductive age ends when they are at 8 years old. It is important to know that female cat does not mate with males until 10 months, spring is the greatest season for cats reproductive activity.

Cats in heat

Cats can go in heat at different periods it depends upon the breed of the cats and environment conditions. For example, a Siamese cat breed can go into heat four times in one year whereas other breeds can go ones or twice in one year.

What is the difference between feral cats and domestic cats?

Domestic female cats which are living in house or apartment can mate and breed at any time of the year. Whereas Female cats which roam freely outside like farm cats follow a common heat cycle pattern with wild and feral cats.

Feral & domestic

 Different phases of heat in cats?

There are major three different phases of heat in cats.

  • Proestrus
  • Heat
  • Diestrus


in this phase, Female cats experience changes in their reproductive organs, which comes to be ready for mating, Fertilization, and pregnancy. Cats become restless and more affectionate in this phase.


The actual heat in cats starts after five days of the first state. In this state female cats are eager to mate and interested. If in this stage cats do not find any mate they may start crying, groan and can rub themselves with the floor. In this stage, cats can leave the house to find the male cate. This is the most intense condition in cats you can recognize this stage like if you stroke your cat she postures to mate.


In this phases, if cats do not find any male cat for mating then they become calm.

Male cats go into heat?

In male cats, there are no heat cycles like female cats follow. Therefore there is no change in the behavior of male cats. Tomcats can breed and mate in a year at any time.

How heat affects male cats in the presence of Female cate?

Male cats do not follow heat cycles like female cats do but their behaviors change in the presence of a female cat. The male cat is attracted to female cats smell and call because during the heat cycle of a female cat their smell and call can be recognized by male cate from several miles away. Whenever male cat smells a female cat in heat he would go to find her.


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