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How To Feng Shui Bedrooms?

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of any house; rather a focal point in every house. It may have many emotional attachments as well. The bedroom is the part of a house that gives peace, rest and comfort and where one sleeps. That’s why it has to be a place that can really provide you with comfort.

The layout of a bedroom, therefore, plays a crucial part when it comes to decoration. There may be hundreds of different styles of decorating a bedroom, mainly depending on your culture and traditions but the main idea behind every style is to provide peace and comfort.


 Feng Shui is one of the ways of decorating bedrooms. This style, originated in China is one of the most popular styles in use, these days.

In this article, we will let you know how to Feng Shui bedrooms. But for those who are not familiar with feng shui, let’s see what actually feng shui, is?

Feng Shui

In the old Chinese traditions, back to 4000 BC, feng shui is said to be a set of laws, which governs the orientation and placement of various things in a way that facilitates energy flow.

According to this traditional thought, this crucial aspect must be taken into consideration when constructing a building, placing furniture and other things in that building and even when sitting in this building in a particular room or place.

Feng shui is known as the pseudoscience or Chinese Geomancy of ancient Chinese traditions, which uses the forces of energy to harmonize the individuals with his surroundings. If we translate Feng Shui into English, it means “wind-water”.

It is one of the five arts of ancient Chinese metaphysics and is classified as “physiognomy”, which means “observation of appearances through formulas and calculations”.

feng shui bedrooms

They believe that there are invisible forces that bind the earth, humanity and the universe. Feng shui deals with that concept. Traditionally, it was primarily used for orienting a spiritual building like tombs and other religious places of worship using local features like stars or bodies of water.

Later on, this art was also used in the construction and decoration of residential buildings as well.

This glorious and spiritual history of feng shui has been turned into an art of decorating homes, in modern civilizations. Let’s see how a bedroom can be decorated using the feng shui art.

Diagonal Bed Position

The bed is the most important and prominent thing in any bedroom. In fact, the bed is the focal point in any type of decoration of a bedroom. In feng shui bedroom, bed remains the focal point as well.

Amongst many possible feng shui bedroom decorations, one most popular is the decoration where the bed is placed in a commanding position. In this layout, you will have to take care of the following things.

  • Under this layout of feng shui bedroom, bed position should be diagonal from the door of the bedroom with a solid wall on its back.
  • The bed must have the strong headboard on solidly grounded on both sides. Nightstands may be identical or if you like they may be different; depends on your creative sense. But the bed must be firmly grounded on the floor on both sides.
  • Place a rug in front of the bed or if you like, the whole floor of the bedroom may be covered with rug; that brings more energy and strength to your feng shui bedroom.
  • In this layout, the bed itself has to be in a commanding position. So, make sure that no other large furniture item such as a large drawer chest or any other thing like that, should not be placed on the sides of the bed. The best position of such things is a place towards the foot of the bed but away from it. Doing so, energy in your feng shui bedroom will remain in balance.
  • Alternately, you can place this large furniture item on any side of the bed but in that case, you will have to place another furniture item on the foot of the bed and one piece of furniture on the opposite side of the large furniture. But this item, placed on the opposite side of the large one, should be one that becomes the focal point as well.


Don’t force the bed to remain in the center of the wall facing the bed; it can be placed at any angle depending on the position of windows. The key point of this feng shui layout is the placement of bed diagonally with solid wall on the back and ample space on either side of your bed

The Door On The Side

Another very powerful feng shui layout of the bedroom is the one where you can place the bed at a position where the bedroom door is on a side of the bed. Follow these instructions for creating this feng shui layout:

  • Position the bed with bedroom door on the side of the bed.
  • Be sure that the bed should be as away from the door as possible; should not be, in any case, close to the door.
  • On the back side of the bed, there should be a solid wall with strong grounding energy on either side of the bed.
  • As in the case of the first layout, here also, a large piece of furniture be used as energy balancing. You can place a triangle in between two nightstands and the drawer chest.

Door And Bed On The Same Wall

The third possible layout of a feng shui bedroom again focuses on the positioning of your bed. Your bedroom may not allow you to place the bed diagonally or with the door on one side of your bed. If so, this third layout will be good for you. Here you will position your bed on the same wall where the bedroom door is situated.

If for any reason or space constraints, you cannot place the bed exactly on the same wall as the door, you can position your bed on the nearest wall as well. The bed should, however, be well grounded on both sides with a strong and well protected back.

Try to leave as much as possible between door and bed. But make sure that there should be ample space for the nightstand which will be placed on the opposite side of the door.

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