How To Fake A Fever With Garlic?

You may want to simulate illness for many reasons like to skip school or college. You can pretend to be ill as sometimes lying is easier than hurting someone’s feelings. In this post, we will see how to Fake a fever with garlic or onion.

You might want a fake fever to go home early, even you don’t want to be ill or you don’t want to tell your boss.

How To Fake A Fever

In this post, we will see how fever with garlic and onion can make you temporary ill. Garlic and onion available in the kitchen, and students often use them for a fake fever to skip school.

How To Get Fever with Garlic?

The Trick for a fake fever is not going to work for everyone and the scientific evidence to support it is scarce. Some people may not be aware that students often grab a garlic clove to skip school.

Garlic has a lot of chemicals and the skin of your armpit is sensitive. When you place a clove of garlic in your armpit, chemicals can enter into your bloodstream.


What you need to do is to cut a garlic clove in half and place it in your armpit. Place left or right under your armpits overnight, in the morning you will feel fever symptoms.

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This garlic method isn’t foolproof if the one checking up on your fever they might suspect you. There are different theories that how garlic causes fever symptoms like:-

  • Garlic has faster antisepsis effects when its smell enters your bloodstream through the thin membrane of an armpit. The armpit is the best place from where air absorbs into your body and is also the most common body parts from where body temperature measured.
  • When you keep garlic in the armpit, it attracts viruses and microorganisms. As a result, the number of microorganisms increases and triggers your body’s defense mechanism. After that, it starts fighting against the potential threat that it senses. When your body’s system is busy fighting, your body temperature increases and starts showing signs of fever.

Faking fever

  • When the smell of garlic enters into the bloodstream, your body identifies it as a dangerous substance. Antibodies start fighting against the garlic proteins, and as a result, mast cells in your body’s soft tissues produce histamine. When histamine content increased in the body it causes tissue inflammation and leads to symptoms of fever.
  • It is also possible that garlic slices in your armpits may cause temporary inflammation. So after applying the thermometer at the same site, you may find a slightly higher body temperature.
  • You should know that garlic contains natural pesticides like syn-propanethial-S-oxide which cause irritation. When this chemical contact with your thin membrane in the armpit, it may raise its temperature.

Now you need some more effort to convince others that you are sick. So how you can convince others? keep reading.

You also need to remember one point that Factitious Disorder is also not good for health. Your family can also take you to the best hospitals where your lie could be exposed so you also have to control your situation.

Garlic in Armpits – Time Duration

So, if you want to fake a fever using garlic, you must know about the time duration of putting garlic in armpits. You must put garlic in your armpits for 7-8 hours. Garlic contains so strong smell, so because of that people find it difficult to resist its smell.


Furthermore, if you want to get the best results then you must have to put garlic cloves overnight. If not, then at least for 2-3 hours.

Convincing Signs of Fever

For fake fever you need to consider some other symptoms, as well as you, need to fake includes:-

  • Shivers: Shivering is not that difficult you just need to tighten your arm’s muscles and let your body shake. There is also another way for fake shivering and that is by hiding some ice under your clothes and feeling the real chill.
  • Sweat: Sweating is also not that hard too all you need is to just run around the block to get some good sweat. You may have people in your house and if you can’t go outside, then go to a private place. Remember that you don’t over-do it and keep breathing normally.
  • A headache: Act like a Fake headache like when you stand up or move around your head. Remember don’t make sudden moves as it actually hurt your head. After tightening your facial muscles for a few seconds will make you look as if you are really having a headache.
  • Muscle ache: You can even act fake pain by trying to lift a heavy thing. You can do everything, and can complain that your muscles are hurting.
  • Appetite loss: Remember, your action should be just like the real you should behave as you have a real fever. So you need to resist eating and what foods you like to eat. When someone offers you something to eat, reject it at first so that could satisfy others.
  • General weaknessSince you have the fever, show symptoms of weakness like being lazy, making an excuse whenever someone asks you to do something.

Some people become habitual of fake fever which becomes their psychological problem. You can visit McLean Hospital as they offer comprehensive mental health services.

Some Precautionary Measures to prevent Damage

Furthermore, if you are faking a fever, you have to play some tricks. Everyone has to take some precautionary measures before trying this trick. Otherwise, it can cause serious damage.

  • You have to make sure that you are not allergic to garlic.
  • Avoid letting the temperature to rise so high. As it is dangerous for your health.
  • Make sure, that no one is watching you while you are doing this.
  • Try not to smile and act like a sick person.

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