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How To Find Channels On Telegram?

Nowadays everyone is signing up on various social platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap chat and Twitter accounts. The advantage of Telegram over Whatsapp and many other instant messaging apps are learned by people and Channels are one of the advantages of Telegram.


Telegram is one of the most commonly used application and is used for sharing news and debate. You just need to download the app and then you can share your views in different groups but if still, you are not sure that how it will work then take a look at this article and learn how to find channels on Telegram.

How To Create A Telegram Channel?

By Telegram channels, you can broadcast your information and messages to a wider group of people, whereas as if you want to join supergroup then it has a maximum capacity of 5000 members. Creating a channel is not a difficult task you just have to follow some steps and after that, your channel will be definitely created.

So here, I am providing some basic and easy steps.

  • First of all Login to your Telegram Account and tap on the top right icon that looks like a square with a pencil.
  • Now you just need to click on “New channel” and click on Next.
  • Now in this step, you need to provide a channel name, & description with the main picture.
  • On the Next page, you have to choose that either you want your channel as a private or public.
  • Your channel is created but now you just need to share the channel link so that others can join it.

Like Telegram many people use Instagram and they have multiple accounts. People use these accounts for different purpose like for social interaction, Brands promotion, etc.


What will you do? If you want to join a Telegram channel that is already created? In this case, you have several options so here I am providing detailed guidance so that you can follow each step without any difficulty or confusion.

How To Search For Telegram Channel On Android?

Searching Within A Channel

  • Open Telegram:- First of all on the home screen or in the app drawer you can see Telegram App with a white paper airplane inside a blue circle on your Android.
  • Tap Channel:- Now in this step you need to Click or Tap the channel you want to search as shown in the image below.
  • Tap:- Click on the top-right corner of the screen that is highlighted in the image below.
  • Tap Search:- In this step search the word you want.
  • Tap the Magnifying Glass Key:- Tap the magnifying glass key usually it is at its bottom-right corner on the keyboard.

Searching For A Channel

  • Open Telegram:- First of all on the home screen or in the app drawer you can see Telegram App with a white paper airplane inside a blue circle.
  • Tap the Magnifying Glass Key:- Now in this step, you need to tap the magnifying glass key that is at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Name Of The Channel:- You can type the name of any channel or if you are not going for a specific channel then you can also enter a word that may bring a related result.
  • Select Channel:- Now you need to select a channel from search results and if you want to see a preview of the channel before you join, tap Instant View or Open Channel.
  • Tap Join:- At last you need to Tap the Join button if you decide to join the channel and it will add you to the channel’s members.

Joining A Channel From A Link

  • Open Telegram:- First of all on the home screen or in the app drawer you can see Telegram App with a white paper airplane inside a blue circle.
  • Navigate to the Invitation Link:- Now in this step, you need to open the link somewhere on Telegram having a message, group or page.
  • Tap The Link:- In this step, you have to tap the invitation link which will open a confirmation window.
  • Tap Ok:-  At last, you need to click or tap the Ok button so that you can become a member of the channel.

Telegram is acknowledged by clients over the globe, because of its apparent security advantages to the client. One of the recent updates is the capacity to stick a message on Telegram.

Best Movie Telegram Channels

Here below, I am providing some detail to see the best movie telegram channels list and join button icon. Choose your favorite telegram channel and tap on Join Channel button and it will redirect you to telegram apps and says join the channel here you just need to simply click on Join.


Fibergets Channels

It is the best movie/video telegram channel and this channel provide popular company ( 20 century, fox, Marvell) movie and series through the link, file, and capture mode.

iMovie Share channel

The another best channel name as iMovie telegram channels share update latest Hollywood movies and serial. All the movie shared by it is in the English language. So it is very important and is a popular movie telegram channels worldwide.

Indian Moviez

Another popular channel in India named as The Indian movie telegram channel shares Bollywood movies, Tollywood movie, Hindi dubbed movie, etc. If you are Indian then you must join on Telegram Hindi Movie Channel.

Malayalam movies

You can also join this Malayalam movie telegram channels and get Hd Malayalam movie. Both the Indian Movies and Malayalam movies admin are same i.e. the admin of this channel is also an admin of Indian Moviez.

Telegram movies

As this telegram movies share an English movie so it is called English movie telegram channel. This channel has many advantages as it provides a lot of movies list, and give direct download link that can be easily downloaded.

Yify Movies

These Yify Movies telegram channels are UN official YTS movie and it provides an official trailer for YTS company.

Cinema Company

You can also visit Cinema Company as the cinema company channel has shared all kinds of the movie as well as genre, director, actor, series, documentary, TV series, and short films.

Many people feel difficulty while finding a private channel on Telegram so if you also have confusion then don’t worry I am also providing a way to find private channels on Telegram.

How To Find Private Channels On Telegram?

People face problem while searching for private channels as private Telegram channels will not appear in searches or many channel lists, which is why you will have to use other methods.


So what you need actually is the ID of the channel in order to enter it and for this purpose, you have to ask a channel member to send you the invite URL. But if you don’t have any friends, a good idea might be to ask the following bot: @get_id_bot.

American Telegram is an International Telegram Common Carrier/an Emergency Service Provider. Telegram Messenger lets you access your messages from multiple devices.

I hope now you are able to use Telegram easily and if you like to read similar articles like, “How to Find Channels on Telegram?” You can also visit:


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