Fitness Ball Exercises For Hips

There are several types of exercise plans; some are aimed at general or overall fitness, whereas some are specially designed for a particular part of human body muscles. Similarly, there are many ways to do these exercises. For some, you may need lots of equipment but there are so many exercises which can be done with minimum equipment or even without any specific equipment. For such exercises you need not to go to the gym; you can do those anywhere, anytime.

Fitness Ball Exercises For Hips

Fitness Ball exercises for Hips are the set of exercises which can be done without any special equipment and more importantly these can be done anywhere. The only thing you need is the Fitness Ball. It is also known as exercise ball or stability ball. Such a ball is readily available in your nearby market or any good sports equipment store.

Fitness Ball is a very useful item in your exercise kit, so you must have it if you are regular and serious about your workouts. Fitness ball, in fact, enhances all your workout endeavors by a good 30-35 percent margin. Fitness ball is utilized in many types of exercises but here we are concentrating on the exercises done with the fitness ball for Hips. Let us explore one by one.

Exercise # 1

The first exercise for toning abdominal and lower back muscles, ultimately helping to give good look to your hips and thighs, with fitness ball, is commonly known as Bridge Balance Exercise. For doing this exercise, you need to sit upright on the stability ball. While sitting on the ball, tighten your stomach muscles.

Now move the feet towards your front, while lowering the back of the exercise ball with your head also in line with the back. Make sure that your feet must be firmly grounded, slightly separated to remain in the line of your hips.

Bridge Balance Exercise

Once you stable your body in this position, start raising the hips upwards, with the help of stretch in your stomach muscle. Keep raising the hips so that the head, neck and the stomach region comes in parallel with the ground. This way your body should make a rectangle with the floor; the ball and your legs making the shorter side of rectangle whereas the body and floor making the larger side of the rectangle.

Now, start lowering your hips towards the floor but do not touch it with your hips, then push up the hips to the original position. During this lowering and raising of hips, make sure that your heels must remain stable and firmly grounded. Do it for 10 times at least in one session. You will very nice impact on your hips and abdominal muscles.

Exercise # 2

Another very useful stability ball exercise for hips is known as the Leg Hip Lift. In fact, this is an extension of the exercise # 1, i.e. the bridge balance exercise. This is very effective exercise for hips and abdomen. In addition to giving a good shape to your hips, this exercise also provides strength to entire region around the hips.

Leg Hip Lift

Just like the previous exercise, you need to sit on the stability ball and move the feet towards your front, while stabilizing your back and the head on the stability ball with feet firmly grounded and separated slightly. Now lift your left leg upwards towards the roof, while ensuring to keep it straight, without any bend. Make sure to keep the right leg firmly grounded in its original position.

Once you reach this position, start lifting up your hips towards the roof up to a level, where the body is in parallel with the ground. Without changing the position of your legs, now start lowering the hips towards the floor but without touching it. Now bring the hips back to original position. Repeat this leg hip lift exercise for at least 10 times in one session.

Exercise # 3

Another wonderful exercise for hips and thighs is commonly known as Floor Bridge Exercise. This is considered the best stability exercise for toning up the hips and thighs.

Lie down straight on the floor with your face up. Place a stability ball under your feet. Both the arms and palms should be on the floor, as well. With your feet firmly placed on the stability ball, raise up your hips while tightening the muscles of the abs region. Lift the hips up to a level, where the hips, back, knees and your shoulders come in one straight line.

Floor Bridge Exercise

Now push the stability ball forward, with your feet while pushing the hips upwards. Once you reach this position, hold here for a while and then lower down your hips while pushing back the ball with your feet, so that you come to the previous position. Repeat for at least 10 times in a session and you will feel the impact on your hips and thighs.

As with all other fitness workouts, consistency is your key to the success. Be regular in your workouts to remain fit.

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