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How To Fix A Bad Smelling Drain?

A very common and serious issue that you might have faced so often in your house is the bad smell from the drainage system. While the kitchen is the most likely place where you may come across such bad smell in drains, it may also come out of your bathrooms or anywhere else as well. Sometimes this smell is so strong that it takes over the entire environment of your house.

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Drainage system consists of gutters, floor traps and pipes etc. that are normally laid underground for draining out the waste water from kitchen, washrooms and from floors or any other parts of the house. Due to this, these pipes run through major part of your house. In modern construction, plumbers prefer to keep these pipes out of the interior of the house, as much as possible. That facilitates its effective cleaning without disturbing the interior of your house.

But in any case, floor traps have to be fixed at various places in order to collect the wastewater from all around the house. When something goes wrong with entire or a part of this drainage system, the bad smell starts emitting from any drain, anywhere in the house. If not fixed timely, this smell may spread all over in the house and in the worst case, the drain may be blocked. It is therefore very important to fix the problem immediately on noticing the bad smell from any drain in your house.

Here we are suggesting some very effective tips on how to fix the bad smelling drain.

Causes Of Bad Smell

There may be several reasons for the bad smell coming out of a drain. It may be a single or the combination of any of these:

  • The smooth flow of water is the lifeline of a drainage system. If for any reason, the flow of water is blocked that particular part of the system starts accumulating debris that ultimately causes the bad smell.
  • Sometimes the main pipeline that drops into the main sewerage starts smelling that ultimately comes out of any drain or floor trap in your house. Actually, this smell is coming from the main sewerage pipe.
  • Elbows and U-bends are frequently used in the drain system. Sometimes waste residues and debris starts accumulating in these bends. This may cause the bad smell in the drain.
  • The kitchen is perhaps the major culprit when it comes to the blocking of any part of the drainage system. Food wastes should normally flow away in the pipes from your kitchen without any hindrance. But it may start accumulating around the kitchen sink or in any bend or pipe in the kitchen that results in bad smell and blockage of the drainage system.
  • The laundry area is also vulnerable to accumulation of lint and debris in or around the washing area. That also causes blockage and bad smell.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell?

The bad smell may come out of any drain in your house. You should, therefore, be ready to get rid of it immediately before it spreads all over your house. Some useful and effective tricks are as under

Clean And Clear The Bends

Elbows, bends and especially the U-bends are always prone to get blocked with waste residues. Ensure to clean U-bends periodically. Remove the u-bend, clean it thoroughly with water and reassemble it on its original place.


Apart from it, all other bends (including the U-bends) may be cleaned regularly with water. Normally, these bends have an open end, covered with a lid. This lid can be unscrewed easily thus providing you access to the bent portion. Clean this inside of the bend with plenty of water, remove any debris from it and screw back the lid. This may be done frequently so that debris should not accumulate so much.

Clean The Drains

Drains or pipes and even the bends can be cleaned with different types of solutions available in the market or homemade.

Clean With White Vinegar

Prepare a solution of white vinegar in warm water, taking 250 ml of white vinegar and half a liter of warm water. Also, mix 100 grams baking soda in this solution. Drop this solution in the smelling drain and leave it for some time. Now pour plenty of hot water in the drain so that entire solution may be drained out. This action will ensure removal of bad smell as well as be cleaning the entire pipes thus reducing the chances of accumulation of debris

Clean With Yeast

Yeast is another useful product for removing bad smell. Just dissolve some yeast in the water and throw in the smelling drain. Leave it overnight and then clean by flushing water in the drain. Preferably this should be done at night before going to bed. Doing so at least once in a month will ensure cleaning of the drains quite effectively.

clean the drain

Clean With Chemical

Sodium Hydroxide is a powerful chemical that removes the debris and waste residues from the drains quite effectively. Use it in diluted form. Being highly toxic should be handled very carefully. Before using this chemical be sure that the pipes and other material used in your drainage system should be resistant to this highly toxic chemical. If the material used in your drainage system is not resistant to it, don’t use it, or you may damage the entire pipelines.

Clean With Cleaning Products

Different types of drain cleaners are readily available in your local market. If you opt to use one of these, make sure that it should be of a reliable brand. Buy one of your choices and use it as per the instructions printed on the packet or bottle. Use correct quantity for the correct time to ensure best results.

Normally these tricks should work well in removing bad smell from the drains of your house. But sometimes you may face a situation where all these tricks fail. That means the problem is more than serious. In this case, don’t wait anymore and call the professional plumbers to get the drainage system of your house thoroughly examined for removal of any fault in it.

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