Which Flowers Bloom In Autumn?

When you think of flowers, a beautiful spring season comes in your mind. On the contrary, while thinking of an autumn season, one gets a feeling of fallen yellowish leaves all around. One can hardly think of any flowers blooming in this season, especially in the areas which are relatively colder than others.

No doubt most of the flowers bloom in spring but there are some others which bloom in autumn and even in winter season. So, if you want your garden to bloom in the autumn as well, you need a little bit of planning.

For a beautiful blooming garden in autumn and even going further up to winter, one has to start planting the autumn and winter blooming flower species in containers or on the borders of your garden during the spring season.

autumn flowers

Need no special technique to grow these autumn flowering plants; just grow them as you grow other plants. But naturally, you won’t like to spoil your garden layout right at the peak of the spring season. That’s why it is recommended to grow autumn blooming flower plants on the borders and in the containers.

There are so many varieties and species of flowering plants that bloom in autumn. If you are interested in decorating your garden with blooming flowers during the autumn, this article will guide you on which flowers bloom in autumn.


Crocus is considered the best autumn flowering plants. Growing these plants can be the great value addition to your home garden. There are different varieties of crocus that blossom in autumn.

  • The most popular type of crocus that bloom in autumn is known as Saffron Crocus. These are also known as lilac, which is bright colored having a red stigma.
  • Another type of autumn-blooming crocus is called Cloth of gold, which is orange-gold in color, having brown stripes on their petals.
  • Crocus pulchellus or pale lilac is yet another variety for this purpose. These are yellow in color having purple veins.
  • Bieberstein crocus having flowers that are lavender colored or of vibrant violet-bluish color.

source: www.dutchgrown.com

For successful growth, crocus needs a well-drained soil. Remember, water should not stay around this plant, otherwise it will be damaged. So, make sure to plant them under the wide trees, if your area receives much rain. Can also be planted under the shrubs.


Also called the sneezeweed. These are red, yellow or orange in color. Plant a mixture of different colored flowering heleniums in different parts of your garden so as to get a spectacular view of blossoming autumn flowers. Though heleniums can be grown through seeds but it is better to grow them from clumps of helenium plants.

source: www.crocus.co.uk

You can obtain these clumps from your neighboring garden or otherwise can be bought from the garden shop. Select a healthy live clump of heleniumn plant and then divide it into little clumps having only 2-3 rosettes. Another way of raising helenium plant is through the stem cuttings. Whatever may be your choice, you must do in the spring season to get blooming autumn flowers.


Sternbergia is very much similar to the crocus. These are yellow in color and is known for its beautiful autumn flowers. In some parts of the world, these are also known as fall daffodils.

source: www.order.eurobulb.nl

Sternbergia bulbs can be planted at any place in your garden but make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight during the later part of the day. Bulbs should always be sown deep enough in the soil, not less than 4-5 inches deep.


Dahlia is yet another very popular autumn blooming flower plant. It has large vibrant flowers, which bloom under the sun during the autumn mornings. Flowers of dahlia varies from 2 inches to 10 inches in size.

source: www.longfieldgardens.com

These can be grown from the tubers, during the spring season. Soil should be well-drained. This plant can attain a height of up to five feet. These plants are susceptible to gusty winds, so make sure to protect them properly from the wind.


Begoina is famous for their long lasting flowering season that starts blooming during summer and lasts till the start of frost season in winter. This may be a good choice for your garden to blossom during autumn. These are available in different kinds of orange, red, pink, white or yellow colors.

source: www.thompsonmorgan.com

Begonia can be raised through tubers. These should be grown in pots under a shade, preferably the shade of trees or even under the roof. Preferably these should be planted in the spring season. Once the plants start growing, you can shift them in the open air, after about 6-8 weeks.


This is yet another beautiful flowering plant that blossoms in autumn. Nerine flowers are pink in color. When planted in groups these pink nerines give a pleasant looking view in the bright autumn mornings.

These pink flowers keep on blooming during the entire autumn season; hence may be a good choice for your garden. Its large strap-shaped foliage lasts even longer; even during the winter as well. They can be grown in the well-drained soil during the spring season.

source: www.thompsonmorgan.com

Cyclamen Hederifolium

Cyclamen are also very popular autumn flowering plants. Think of carpet of autumn-blooming cyclamen in your garden; something worth seeing. Plant them beneath the trees or shady areas, which normally go desolated during the autumn. When cyclamen start blossoming, it gives a lush silvery leaves and white and pink flowers that last the entire autumn.

Cyclamen Hederifolium
source: www.ebay.com

Gladiolus Murielle

Gladiolus murielae is a beautiful autumn flowering plant. Can be planted in spring to give you fragrant flowers during the whole autumn season. Flowers are large and white in color. Remember to remove the corms as the leftover grassy foliage can badly damage this plant. Also, protect them against the hard cold weather.

In addition to the above, you may also grow some winter flowering plants in your garden alongside the autumn-blooming flowers. Winter blossoming flowers are of different types and varieties such as Cyclamen coun, Snowdrop and winter aconite.

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