Forgetting And Its Causes In People

Forgetting is a process to kick out the useless material and memories from conscious. Many psychologists say that this process is a blessing because it gives a chance to learn and revise new materials. Sometimes people do a mistake to understand the forgetting by considering it abnormal.Forgetting And It's Causes In People

Forgetting is a normal process while fugue, amnesia, multiple personality and depersonalization is abnormal. Here at TryArticles , I have discussed some interesting causes of forgetting.

The Reasons That Cause Forgetting In People

There are many reasons that lead to forgetting in people. Sometimes depression and anxiety can cause forgetting. It is a loss of information that stores in our long-term memory. Forgetting is a continuous process in which old memories are automatically replaced by new memories.

False memory also happens in which a person can recall an event or situation that did not happen. It may relate to sexual abuse in childhood. Following are the reasons that can cause forgetting in people.

Brain Shock Or Trauma Situation

Head injury can cause forgetting in people because it can damage your hippocampus. Trauma can also cause forgetting in people because it includes severe distress event. Trauma may occur due to psychological or sexual abuse.Brain Shock Or Trauma Situation

If forgetting occurs from childhood it means that the person is suffering from childhood trauma. Sudden shocks to brain create forgetting. Psychological or emotional trauma in people is the main reason for forgetting.

The sudden death of loved one or accidents promotes forgetting in people that result in loss of conscious or long-term memory. Trauma may include the changes in brain areas that can misplace the previous events from the brain. Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur from a traumatic event.

When Brain Cells Decay?

The decay of brain cells is the death of neurons. The main reason of decaying is old age. Everyone loses his brain cells normally and new cells form that perform the better function. Most people are unaware of the process in which brain automatically form new cells and replacement of old cells by these new cells is called neurogenesis.When Brain Cells Decay

If you are an abuser and use heavy drugs than you still have a chance to repair your mind. Many people do the activity of headbanging in which they move their head fastly. This activity can also kill your brain cells so you should be aware.

Alzheimer’s disease can also cause decaying of brain cells. The brain has 75% water so make sure that your brain is hydrated because dehydration can casue damage of brain cells.

Unconscious Reasons

Unconscious reasons can also cause forgetting in people. People who suffer from grief, anxiety, and depression can repress their painful events. Repression is the defense mechanism that blocks the painful memories. Depression and severe anxiety can cause motivated forgetting in people.Unconscious Reasons

Long-Time Pause

When a person experiences any situation and after a long time he tries to recall it then he may fail to recall that event or memory because forgetting occur and old brain cells are replaced by new cells. A long-time pause can also cause forgetting that’s why people do not recall some events of the past.Long-Time Pause

It is a long gap between the event experienced and the recall of memories that relates to the respective event. A longtime pause can remove the information from our long-term memory.

Lack Of Motivation

Lack of motivation can also cause forgetting. It differs from laziness. A lazy person does not want to perform work even if he can do and depress person want to perform work but due to lack of motivation, he cannot do the work.Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation inhibit your life activities and it can restrict you to a dark room like depress people.It can also divert the mind and confuses the people. Lack of motivation creates violence and anxiety in one’s mind that can cause the brain cells to decay.

Emotions Of Fear, Anger And Extreme Grief

Sudden and negative emotions always push you back towards depression and darkness. It has bad effects on psychological well being of people. The emotion of grief creates anxiety and stress in the mind that effects physiological process and functioning of the brain.Emotions Of Fear, Anger And Extreme Grief

Aggression also creates stress and violence in the mind that can decay brain cells. Extreme grief is cause of an emergency situation or situation of frustration. People try to repress the painful and shameful events from conscious that cause forgetfulness. Following are some steps of grief.

  • Shock.
  • Denial.
  • Pain.
  • Guilt.
  • Depression.
  • The Upward Turn.

Over Learning And Lack Of Sleep

Students who take anti-sleeping pills and awake all the night for learning and prepare their exams before one night can also face forgetting. In the morning they feel their mind blank and they fail to recall the lessons. They also feel nausea from awaking and anti-sleeping pills. This situation can also cause forgetting in them.Over Learning And Lack Of Sleep

Law Of Disuse

Law of disuse also includes forgetting. It makes an individual inattentive and diverts the mind of people to perform work. When a person tries to focus on learning or another activity he feels inattentive and restricts to perform work. Inattention can become a big issue for the people who face the law of disuse.Law Of Disuse

Intoxication, Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse Or Opium

Drug addiction can cause severe forgetting in people. Many people use drugs to overcome their depression and anxiety. Some started abusing others just because they want to satisfy their own emotional abuse. People who use drug or alcohol become habitual and addicted.Intoxication, Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse Or Opium

By abusing others these people may forget their own abuse or traumatic experiences. Opium is the dried latex that obtains from a plant named as opium poppy. It uses to make heroin and drugs which cause sleep and relaxes mind. But it is very toxic and can cause your brain cells to decay.

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