Fruit Flies In Bathroom: Do you get irritated with these little flies buzzing around in the bathroom? If yes, then you are at the right place for getting help. Although these flies do not bite or sting. But they are a nuisance.

Fruit Flies In Bathroom

It is always a good start to look around for any attractiveness. Even if there is nothing, fruit flies prefer moist and warm places in bathroom.

This article will provide you a detailed guideline on how to get rid of fruit flies in bathroom. So if you ready to get rid of these annoying creature then read the article till the end.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Bathroom?

Fruit flies can be really annoying while brushing your teeth in bathroom. But we have a few tricks which can actually help you get rid of them.

Setting Up Fruit Flies Trap

This is an easiest and the most convenient way to clear your bathroom from fruit. For this you just have to purchase a fruit fly i.e. disposable fruit fly trap.

Setting Up Fruit Flies Trap

You just need to open the lid of trap and place it next to the fly-infested area. Next day you will see plenty of dead flies in the trap.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

You can make your own fruit fly trap with vinegar. It is an ingredient that is mostly used and we all already have in our kitchens. For this, you will need a container or bottle, apple cider vinegar, dish soap, sugar, and water.

First, add two tablespoons of vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and one tablespoon of sugar. After that add half a cup of warm water into it and mix until the sugar starts dissolving.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Next, place the container filled with vinegar solution next to the areas where you see fruit flies and gnats are frequently. Such as the bathroom sink.

The flies will get attracted by the scent of vinegar and sugar and trapped into the container. When the fruit flies make contact with the vinegar solution, they won’t be able to escape due to the dish soap. Make sure to place several of these traps. One gnat trap won’t be enough.

Drown The Flies With A Candle Trap Setup

For this fruit fly trap, you only require a candle. Take a tray or bowl filled with water and place a candle in it when it gets dark. After that set the tray next to the fly-infested area.

Then turn off the light so that the only light source in the bathroom is the candle. You can close the curtains to block light coming from outside.

Drown the Flies with a Candle Trap Setup

There are two methods in which this homemade trap will kill the gnats. First, the wings of fruit flies will be burnt if any of that gets close to the candle. Eventually, they will fall to death. S

Second, some flies may avoid the flame and instead will go for the reflection of flame in the water. Once they land in water, they won’t be able to escape. If you add a few squirts of dish soap then escaping will be near impossible.

Create A Trap Using Stale Wine

If you have any stale wine leftover that you are not going to drink then create an amazing trap. It is very similar to the apple cider vinegar trap.

First, pour some wine into a bottle or container then place the container next to the infested area. The scent of the wine will attract the fruit flies into the container. After that, once the flies make contact with the liquid they will immediately drown.

Create A Trap Using Stale Wine

Besides, adding some dish soap will make it impossible for flies to escape. Moreover, you can use a wine bottle as a container.

Beer and any other type of beverages that depend on fermentation will work perfectly as well. Beverages with a lot more fruity aromatic scent will give you greater success.

Attracting Flies With Rotten Fruits

Rotten fruits contain the smell of fermentation which fruit flies love. Take a piece of rotten fruit and place it in a container or bowl.

Attracting Flies With Rotten Fruits

Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and then poke a few small holes into the plastic wrap. The fruit flies or gnats will fly in it and get trapped inside the bowl.

Sticky Trap For Fruit Flies In Bathroom

Sticky fly traps, such as the yellow sticky trap will perform really well for you if you are dealing with serious fruit fly infestations. You just have to place several of these traps around your bathroom.

Sticky Trap For Fruit Flies In Bathroom

Once this fruit flies land on the sticky surface, there will be no way for the flies to escape. These traps may also help you eliminate other common household pests like fungus gnats, pantry and clothes moths, and whiteflies.

These were some of the best tricks to get rid of fruit flies. If you think that these tricks are not working for you and your home is highly infested then call pest control service.

I hope you like my post about how to get rid of fruit flies in bathroom. If you want to give any suggestion then write it down in the comments section.