How To Gain 5 Pounds With Fast Metabolism In A Week?

Obesity and overweight, are very common problems with most of the people, either man or woman, young or old. Perhaps the diet and lifestyle are the main causes of this problem for which numerous exercises and diet plan are available everywhere. But some people have an altogether different problem; a lean body with under weights. Such people are always in search of ways and techniques to improve their body weight.

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People suffering from the problem of being underweight must be aware of the fact that gaining weight is much a bigger task. It is very hard to gain weight; even if you eat much and avoid exercise. Fast Metabolism, may be one of the causes or main cause of this condition in lean bodied people.

What Is Metabolism?

The food we eat is ultimately digested in our stomach; it is decomposed here and our all the nutrients are made part of our blood circulation, thus providing vital chemical processes to provide energy to our body. This is called “Metabolism”. In most cases, rate or speed of metabolism is just normal but in some cases, it is very fast. Means, the food we eat is immediately consumed; resultantly no weight gain.

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Then what to do, if you want to gain some weight in this case. The solution is to reduce the rate of metabolism and simultaneously increase the calories by selecting the right diet in our daily life. Here we will give you some techniques to gain weight by way of fast metabolism.

Selection Of Right Diet

The first step towards gaining weight is the selection of diet/food that contains more calories. In normal cases, a person gains one pound of weight with 3500 calories in a day. For gaining 5 pounds of weight in one week, you need to intake meals that provide at least 3500 extra calories per day, continuously for one week. A mass gainer food will help you do this.


You may achieve this by adding some healthier food items in your daily meals and snacks.

  • You may add a banana in your breakfast cereals. Banana is one of the fruits that are full of calories.
  • Alternately, you may take a slice of white bread with some healthier nut butter, such as avocado or peanut butter.
  • For off time meals; the mid-morning or evening snacks, select healthier nuts, having more healthier fats. You may also take yogurt made up of full-fat milk.
  • The food selection for Lunch is very important. Consuming a whole meal version of a food item can further increase your metabolism which negates your endeavor to gain weight. Instead, you need to take a refined version of that food item. Add some lean meat such as turkey, on your lunch menu, at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Make a habit of taking a glass of milk, instead of water, in your dinner. Add French dressing to your salad, that provides more fats. Fatty cheese may also be included in your menu for dinner.


If you are a known patient with hyperthyroidism, don’t take above-listed food items; these may enhance your disease. In this case, you should intake probiotic foods, having omega 3 fatty acids. These also help increase the body weight.

Carbohydrates And Calories Calculator

Carbohydrates are a rich source of energy. Addition of healthier foods having more quantity of Carbohydrates will go a long way in gaining weight. Bread, pasta, rice or any type of grains are the rich sources of Carbohydrates; so, make them part of your routine meal.

The count of calories in your intake is one of the most vital factors in gaining weight. Each food has a specific number of calories in it. Calories calculators are available which gives you an exact number of Calories, each item of food has. You can take help of any such calculator to calculate your daily intake of Calories. While calculating intake of calories, also consider consumption of calories by your body, to reach a perfect diet plan for gaining weight.

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How Many Times You Should Eat In A day?

If someone is trying to lose weight, nutritionists recommend taking small meals, at least five times a day. But when it comes to gaining weight, you must take big meals at proper intervals, three times a day. You must, however, continue with snacks during the intervals between your three big meals, in addition to taking milk in between Exercise Increasing weight with fast metabolism does not mean that you should only eat more and avoid exercise.

A well-planned exercise program is a key to your success when it comes to gaining weight with a fast metabolism. Anaerobic exercises such as weightlifting are the right choice, instead of cycling or jogging or running. But don’t do the exercise daily; do it for just 30 minutes or so, on alternate days.


You can easily gain at least 5 pounds of weight in just one week, by following the above pattern. But never compromise on your general health. Your choice of food intake should remain balanced so that it provides you all necessary nutrients, normally required for a healthier and toned up body.

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