People who are interested to get a new pet in their house they should always first check habits and temperament of the pet. If you check habits of your pet before bringing it to home that would be best for you. In case you are interested to bring a dog like a German shepherd in the home then you should learn how to interact with your dog and how German shepherd behaves.

Germen shphered

if you understand the behavior of your German Shepherd dog that would be very helpful for you and your family. We will tell you what are the pros and cons of having a German shepherd.

Pros of having German Shephard

First, we talk about, What are the benefits of having a German shepherd?
  • If you need a beautiful dog which attracts the attention of everyone at one glance then German shepherd is the best choice. Their physical shape of this dog are much admired. If you adopt this dog and you train him well when they grow well managed and extremely loyal to you and your family.
  • If your children’s are energetic then German shepherd dog choice is the best option, because these dogs are full energetic and like to play. These dogs are very smart and watching them play is an amazing scene.

German Shepherd cute

  • You can easily train these dogs because they are very obedient pet as compared to other dog’s breeds. You can train your dog to obey your commands and you can teach them to perform a lot of tricks.

Cons of having a German shepherd

Some of the Cons of German shepherd are following!
  • You cannot leave alone your German shepherd dog for a long time because they are raised to follow orders. Therefore when you leave your dog alone for a long time they become restless. When these dogs have no one to play or follow commands for a long time then they create a mess.
  • In the early stage like when these dogs are young and you are training them at that time they are naughty and sometimes they push their boundaries. At first, they do not follow you they dig here and their in-house and eat anything they find there for you have to control and train them.
  • You have to be strong enough to control and handle these dogs because they are very strong.
  • German shepherd dogs have dense hairs on their body, therefore, they shed continually. If you continually brush your dog and try to control it you can’t because in the warmer season shedding is increased.

Dense Hairs

  • You have to take your dog on the regular walk and you are a busy person then it is very hard to keep your dog active and healthy because these breeds need attention.
  • If you are going outside the home for few days then you have to arrange an alternative for dogs care before leaving because they need food, water etc.

German Shepherd is cute

  • You must take care of your pet’s food always give them fresh and quality food, give nutritious food to your pet according to the physical activity it does and according to its age.
  • You must vaccinate your pet against the rabies disease, as rabies is a fatal disease and transferable therefore you must vaccinate your pet against this disease.

Vaccinate your pet

  • Always give plenty of fresh water to your pet after exercise to keep them hydrated because they like to run long distances, therefore, give them plenty of water.

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