Gestation Period For Cats: Cats are the most loveable animals you can keep as pets. Then having their kittens is another exciting feeling. Sometimes it makes you emotional seeing your cats loving her kitten. It is a very sensitive time for you and your cat when she is pregnant.

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When your cat is pregnant you must be very careful about her activities and diet. There are a lot of precautionary measures that you need to take during her gestation period. You can give your cat the best time of her pregnancy if you know the dos and don’ts.

Gestation Period For Cats

Just like us cats also face the time of their fertility. It is their peak time to become pregnant. This time of their life is called that cat is heat or in season. Cats can be in heat in every third week, so there are many chances for them to get pregnant. Cats can be pregnant for 58-67 days.

You always have a choice to stop your cat’s pregnancy. But it’s really cute to have kittens roaming around in your house. Your cat can also be very happy and stressful at the same time. It’s totally okay for your pet to be emotional when it comes to her kids.

Spaying/Neutering Your Cat

If you don’t want your cat to get pregnant you can neuter her right before the first heat. As she can easily get pregnant after her first season. Having a litter of kittens can be very disturbing for you and your family. Also, your cat can be quite stressful to bring up kittens.

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It is the most crucial part of your cat’s life. You are actually reducing the number of kittens from your home. No doubt it improves the health of your cat and reduces the chances of any disease or injury. But many of us let our cats get pregnant just to see them happy.

Stages Of Cat’s Pregnancy

There are 5 stages in a cat’s pregnancy. Let’s have a look at each one of them:

1. Fertilization

Cats usually reach the age of sexual maturity at the age of six months. Oriental breeds may reach this stage quite early in their fifth month. This is actually good to get your cat spayed early. Kittens may have multiple fathers, as it depends on how many male cats have mated with the female cat.

2. Early Stage Of Cat’s Gestation Period

In the first stage of your cat’s pregnancy, you will see that your cat gets morning sickness. This will be in the first two weeks of her pregnancy. Your cat will eat less and feel nausea all the time. In the third week, she will start eating normal and gain weight. You will also feel the lumps of her kittens.

3. The Middle Stage Of Cat’s Gestation Period

This is the time when your cat will start gaining weight. Your cat will look like she has swallowed a football. The size of her tummy will depend on the number of kittens she is having. You vet may need to do X-ray at this stage just to be sure about the number.

4. Pre-Labor

This stage starts a week before your cat’s labor. At this stage, you will notice that her nipple will become prominent. There may be milk drops on them as well. She will start to hide in warm and safe places. She may also create a nest for her to be born babies. Two days before your cat’s labor she will stop eating.

5. Labor and Delivery

This stage is quite obvious. You can tell your cat is in labor when she starts licking her genitals. She may also make pretty uncomfortable noises. If this is her first time she may be very anxious. An hour after her labor starts she will give birth to the first kitten. After that, kittens will come every 15 to 20 minutes until the last one.

gestation period for cats

The cat itself will clean her kitten by licking them. Don’t think it’s gross she needs to eat this placenta just to remain healthy. Do not panic it is very normal.  Your cat needs to be around her kitten for a minimum of 8 weeks. She will take care of her kittens because they need to be properly weaned. The mommy cat can take care of her kittens for 12 weeks.

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