Exercises To Get Better At High Jump

High Jumping is a vital part of almost every major sports event, such as Olympics. This sport requires very specialized training. However, your body needs to get adapted to this type of sport, for which professional trainers suggest various types of exercises. These exercises are specially designed to provide flexibility in your body and extra power/strength in your legs.


The height of your jump also depends on the speed of running; the speed with which you approach the jumping point. Here are some useful exercises, which can improve your high jumping.

Running Speed

Practicing running is much important for a high jump. If you want to get better at your high jump, you need to improve the speed of your running. You need to be at the highest point of running when you approach the jumping point. This helps you to achieve the height, for which you are striving. So, we recommend you to do various exercises which can provide better running speed ability to you.

Before you go for specific exercises for a high jump, you need to improve running speed by regularly practicing running, taking short sprints each time and then improving the intervals of short sprints to get the maximum out of your abilities.


The second important aspect of running (which ultimately helps you get better at the high jump) is the strength of your legs. So, regularly do the muscle exercises to gain maximum strength in your legs.

Let us now suggest some useful exercises which can help you get better at High Jump:

  • Stepping – This is the most important and primary exercise you should do daily. It provides explosive power to your feet and legs. Do it with fast speed, 3 – 4 sets with 18 – 20 repetitions, in a session.
  • Leg Extensions – This is also very important exercise. Sit on the edge of a bench, with the help of your palms, resting on the bench. Lift your legs bent towards your chest. Now straighten your legs away from you but parallel to the floor. Then reverse back. Do at least 3 sets with 10 – 15 repetitions.


  • Jumping – Practice different types of jumping. Vertical jumping will help you gain height in your real-time jumping. So, try to jump as high as you can and keep on practicing. Also, practice jumping as long as possible, called horizontal jumping. Try to do it fast in both Vertical and Horizontal Jumping.
  • Squats with weights – Very good exercise for getting better at high jump. Squats with weights are the best option. Separate and bend your legs, slightly, with weights lifted to the height of your head.
  • Leg Raises with Ankle Weights – Fasten ankle weights with the help of buckles, while lying with face up. Now raise your right leg without bending, to the level where it is at the angle of 90 with the ground. Then return the leg back to original position and now do the same with left leg. 3 – 4 sets with both legs with repetition for at least 15 times must be done regularly.
  • J-Curve – J-Curve technique is considered the best for a high jump. It is the J shaped run up you adopt for approaching the jumping point. Take first few steps in a straight line and last few steps in the shape of a curve. The relationship between the speed of running and radius of Curve is very important.

The best curve suggested by the professional coaches is as under:

  • For Men: r = v2 / 6 : 8

(where r stands for Radius, v stands speed of running)

  • For Women: r = v2 / 4 : 8

Solve the math to get the perfect radius of your curve. However, accuracy and perfection will come with actual infield practice. The more you practice in the actual environment, the perfect curve will be achieved to get the best high jump. Using your ankles, lean on the ground and concentrate on the crossbar.

Now start your curve taking the one-foot stride towards the right. When you come closer to the take-off point, (the second last step), your stride should be longer than the previous strides. This helps a lot in perfect take off.

While taking off, the most important is the horizontal speed. This allows a perfect crossing over the bar. To achieve this, you need flexibility in spine and trunk. For this, you need to have some extra exercises, which are helpful to provide flexibility.

j curve

One such exercise is as under:

Lie straight on the floor with face up. Hold your hands near your neck and your feet on the floor mat. Now lift your trunk so that your trunk should be perfectly parallel to the ground. Keep trying with this workout and you will feel good until it comes to the flexibility of your spine.

Now, prepare your schedule of workouts for getting better at High Jump. Never forget the basic principle of consistency and giving your body rest on alternate days.

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