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How To Get Grease Out Of A Suede Couch?

It is very important to get grease out of a suede couch. A suede couch is a luxurious item in your living room or drawing room. A suede couch in the living room looks very comfortable and it allows you to have a peaceful time on it. If your expensive suede couch deliberately gets stained by grease then it should be immediately removed. You must think if grease has fallen on you suede couch that now it is impossible to get the grease stain out of your expensive couch but it is possible to remove it.

Getting grease out of a suede couch

You just have to act as fast as you can because recent and fresh grease stain can be treated very easily as compared to the old and dry one. Removing old and dry grease stain from you suede couch is very difficult and time-consuming and it may also not gives you satisfactory end results, so you need to move fast if your suede couch gets stained by grease or oil. So, to getting grease out of suede couch is very important and there are many ways from which you can do so.

You just have to follow simple steps to get grease out of a suede couch. So, here on, we are providing you some of the many easy and effective steps on How to get grease out of a suede couch without damaging it.

Things Required Getting Grease Out of a Suede Couch

  • Suede brush
  • Sponge
  • Commercial de-greaser
  • Small towel
  • Eraser
  • Corn flour

Steps To Follow Getting Grease Out of a Suede Couch

Before starts cleaning suede couch you should know that the suede material does not resist wet cleaning very well. Suede absorbs grease, oil or any liquid very easily. So, you have to apply cleaning methods or products that are able to pull the grease out of suede couch without causing any damage to the fabric. You should use cleaning methods that don’t decolorate the fabric also. So once you will remove the grease out of a suede couch successfully your couch will again look like a new one.

Getting Grease Out Of a Suede Couch Method:1

For this method, you will be required 2-3 cups of corn flour, eraser, soft bristle brush, and one small towel. After collecting all these things let’s start to follow instructions given below:

  • Firstly, take a small towel and dab it on the grease stain and try to remove excess grease out of a suede couch. Do not rub the towel on the grease stain.

Cover grease stain with corn flour

  • Now cover the grease stain with corn flour, and pat it gently on the stained part of the fabric. Then leave corn flour on a stain for a whole night. Corn flour has the ability to pull the grease out of a suede couch.
  • Now in morning, brush cornstarch using a soft bristle brush.
  • If some grease is still there, then again put corn flour on the grease and leave it for 3-4 hours.
  • After that again remove the cornflour with a soft bristle brush. Repeat the same process until all the grease is removed from the suede couch.

Use suede eraser for cleaning

  • Finally, rub eraser on the affected area of a suede couch to restore the texture of the suede fabric.

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Getting grease out of a Suede Couch Method: 2

So, now there is another remedy to get grease out of a suede couch. For this, you will need, small cloth, soft bristle brush, soft sponge, an eraser and commercial de-greaser. Follow the steps given below:

  • Now slightly damp a sponge and apply it on the grease stain to remove it. If the grease stain is tiny and fresh then only this single step can also be helpful to remove it.
  • If the grease stain is little old and dry, then you have to use a suede brush. Gently rub the suede brush on to the grease stain. Do not rub vigorously, as it can damage the fabric. If you are not having suede brush then you can also use a soft eraser, juts rub eraser on the stain and you will notice that stain starts to disappear.

Use de-greaser on suede

  • If the stain is very old, then you have to use commercial de-greaser on it. Apply de-greaser on the stain and then apply damp sponge to remove it. If you still notice the grease stain then repeat this process until the stain completely leaves the suede couch.
  • So as you know that these cleaning methods are great to use, and you can apply them to any suede materials to clean them. If you want to clean suede bags, suede shoes, suede jackets or anything of suede material these cleaning methods will work effectively.

Getting Grease Out of a Suede Couch Method: 3

This method will help you to make your own de-greaser at home. You will just need corn flour, talcum powder, absorbent paper and a suede brush. Now follow the instructions given below:

  • For making your own de-grease just mix talcum powder and corn flour in equal quantity.
  • Then apply them on the stained part of your suede couch carefully.
  • Leave these two ingredients on the grease stain for a whole night to sit and to properly suck the grease from the couch.

Use suede brush for cleaning

  • Next morning, remove the residue of talcum powder and corn flour using a soft suede brush.
  • If the stain is still there, then repeat the process until it leaves the fabric completely.
  • Finally, if you have removed the corn flour and talcum powder from the suede couch, now wipe the area with damp absorbent paper for 2-3 times.

Getting Grease Out of a Suede Couch Method 4

  • Another very simple and easy method to get the grease out of it. It is to use cornmeal on the stain. This method is best to use on light color or white color suede fabrics because it can fade the color of fabric so it is best for a white one. So it is not advisable to use on dark color suede fabrics.

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