“My favorite bags are those, that lay under my eyes” – said no one ever! In fact, these are the least liked bags in the entire Universe. They’re a bummer for your upbeat energy. Making you look droopy and like you haven’t slept in ages. So, why do they exist? Experts say they’re part of natural aging. The collagen reduction and the weakening of muscles lead to saggy skin, hence creating a look of a sloppy bag.

It’s not solely the aging process though, there’s a lot more to the baggy look. Lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and a generally unhealthy lifestyle contribute as well. There are special creams targeting this issue, and quite frankly they’re pretty expensive.


So, the question is: Is it wise to burn a hole in your pocket when the cure is actually lying around in your very kitchen. And the answer is No! So what’s the solution, you ask? That’s exactly what we at Try Articles have assembled for you, your answer with a few home remedies to battle under eye bags!

Home Remedy 1 – Chilled Spoon

Cold Spoon
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This one works instantly, and its pretty simple to do to. All you need to do is keep two tableware spoons in the freezer overnight. Wake up the next morning and de-puff those poofy eye bags by placing the spoon over your eyelids either with the deep side in or out (as per your liking). Hold them there while they transfer their coolness on the eyes and they turn warm. So how does this really work? The cold temperature of the spoons helps reduce the swelling and tames the bags.

Home Remedy 2 – Egg White

Egg whites known for making the skin firm and hence used in many face packs, work equally well for under the eyes. All you need to do is get an egg (free range would be the best option). Carefully break the shell, preserving the yolk in the broken shell and letting the white pour down in a container. Then whip the egg white and apply directly onto the under eye bags with either your bare fingers or an unused foundation brush.

Leave it on till it dries out. You will feel the skin under it getting tighter and that’s good! We want to minimise the sag as much as possible. It will take about 25 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Notice an incredible change. Repeat as per needed.

Home Remedy 3 – Vinegar And Oil

For this, you’ll need not just any Vinegar, but Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar is high in potassium and thus very beneficial for water retention, another possible cause for under eye bags.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Under Eye Bags
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Take 1 Tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 Tsp of Olive oil for dilution. Since the vinegar is acidic in nature, it is very important to dilute it in water or oil (oil in this case) so that it may not burn our skin. Once you’ve prepared the mixture, massage gently around the contours of your eyes. Do 5 minutes of massage both ways, clockwise and anti-clockwise. This will improve blood circulation leading to a reduction in eye bags.

Repeat this ritual daily at night to see visible results.

Home Remedy 4 – Hot Water And Salt

Salt and Water Mixture
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This is one famous concoction! You must have used it for gargling on a sore throat to bring it relief. It works just the same for puffy eyes. It helps in reducing the swelling. Take 2 Tbsp of water (enough to soak 2 cotton pads) and add 1 Tsp of salt in it. Word of caution though, make sure you stir well to dissolve the salt crystals because we don’t want any going into our eyes and causing irritation. Also, keep your eyes closed at all times.

Home Remedy 6 – Strawberries And Oats

Strawberry For Puffy Eyes
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Strawberries possess anti-inflammatory properties and are a natural source of salicylic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), both of which are very beneficial for our skin. These two together help brighten up dull skin and gives a nice youthful glow.

Start off by cutting away the top leafy part of the strawberries (you may freeze them at this part or use them fresh). Mash or blend 2/3 strawberries and add oats to turn the puree into a thick paste that would help it stick to the skin. Oats, on the other hand, are very soothing for the skin and also very moisturizing due to the high content of fat in it.

Both these make a power duo and give amazing results. Leave this under eye mask on for 20 minutes or you may also wait till it dries. Gently wash away with lukewarm water. Say hello, to a noticeable change! Repeat this drill as necessary.

Home remedies have been quite successful and are a thing lately and you don’t want to be late getting on the bandwagon! Mark your calendar and record your home remedy journey, you’ll be surprised how effective these recipes are.

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