If you want to get into a relationship with a girl, you have to get to know a girl. To get to know a girl you have to win her heart and show your interest in her. You have to be very much on your feet for this job. You just cannot leave a girl because of her looks. You have to understand and fully adjust your parameters according to the girl. Well, it is not that easy as it looks but you have to do a lot of homework for that purpose.

To get to know a girl you have first decided what do you want from a girl to be in a relationship with you. Because sometimes your focus may lose just a little bit after your first meeting with the girl.


Talk a lot to get to know a girl

  • To get to know a girl you have to be fully conscious and smart so that she should show complete faith in you. If you frequently communicate with a girl from which you want to be your girlfriend, you have to stay calm and open-minded. Sometimes it happens with a lot of people that they do not communicate with the regular basis which results in misunderstanding between the two people.
  • To get to know a girl you have to gain her trust and make her feel comfortable while talking to you. If you do not give her proper space and time to feel safe, then she will quickly get bored with you.


Be a good listener to a girl

  • After the first step, you should try to impress a girl, not by your looks and dressing sense. You have to be a good listener to a girl when she communicates with you because she wants her lover to be his ideal. These kind of boys are always favorite for girls to get a relationship with. A good listener always understands what a girl wants from you and how depressing she is.
  • You have to fully understand the feelings and emotions of a girl. If you are a good listener, you will keep your girl safe from all the tensions and hard feelings she has for her family and relatives.


Good eye contact to know a girl

  • To be in a relationship with a girl you have to communicate regularly and must have a good eye contact while talking to her. If you communicate and your eye contact is not good enough then it will divert your attention from her which will not be a good sign for your relationship. If your eye contact is not up to the mark then the girl will be distracted from you.
  • She would think that you are not interested in her that is the reason you do not look directly in her eye. To make her realize your love for her you have to maintain a good eye contact with her.


Keep your face smiling

  • If you are with a girl, you should keep a smile on your face all the time. This will make her feel that you are happy to be with her and you really love her. This will be a positive sign for your relationship and she seems to attracted to you all the time when she is with you. She will admire you and feel very happy while talking to you or going out with you.
  • This will give her hope that you will always stand with you and never leave you in the hour of need. Your smiling face will also give positive impact to the people around you.


Understand her body language and behavior

  • If you want to get to know a girl, you have understood her body language and her behavior so that you will able to understand her emotions and feelings according to the moment. Sometimes it happens boys cannot figure out what is in the mind of a girl. Which keeps you off the gird of your girl.
  • Some people do not focus on the body language of their partner which results in the break up of their relationship.


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