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When Can You Give Babies Shellfish Such As Shrimp, Crab, Squid?

Many parents ask the question “at what age we can give shellfish to our baby?” or “when can a baby eat shrimp?” These are some of the common queries about which parents are usually unsure and ask their pediatrician.

Give Babies Shellfish Such As Shrimp, Crab, Squid

As an adult, you might be eating lots of crabs, shrimps, and squids at home and you are confused about giving it to your baby. Besides, there are some issues regarding shellfish allergy so you should always consult to a baby’s pediatrician before adding this to your baby’s diet.

In this article, we will describe when you should give your baby shellfish, so to know more regarding this, read the article till the end.

At What Age You Can Give Shellfish To Your Baby?

At What Age You Can Give Shellfish To Your Baby

Before you ask at what age you can give shellfish to your baby, in general, you should ask yourself what is the age to give solid food to a baby. At present, until the age of four months it is not recommended to give anything else than breast milk and formula milk even it is better to wait until the age of six months.

When a baby is of the age of six years, his stomach is ready to accept most of the adult foods hence there is no need to follow your parent’s strict introductory food schedule which was considered in the past.

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If you eat everything and your baby is on breastfeed he will get the nutrition of all types of food via your milk and you do not have to bring them boring beginning food. Even when a baby is in the belly, he is vulnerable to general susceptible foods.

However, there are some exceptions, for instance, some foods babies should avoid are honey, salt, chili, and cow milk until they are one year of age because their excess can cause health risks.

So if your child is of the age of six months, the recent guidelines say that you can feed him almost anything using your common sense always and try to introduce a new food every three to four days so that you can check the reaction.

Shellfish Allergy

Shellfish Allergy

In the past shellfish such as crab, shrimp and squid were not fed to babies the reason behind it was because it caused the shellfish allergy sometimes. The pediatricians believed for the past forty years that by delaying the introduction of some specific nuts, grains or shellfish, your baby would be able to tolerate such foods batter in the future.

In a study, this belief has been proved totally wrong, especially by a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) from 2008.

In that report, it was suggested that there are no preventive steps you can take to stop your child from developing shellfish allergy, also by delaying the introduction of nuts, grains or shellfish you will increase the risk of shellfish allergy.

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This is because babies consume allergenic foods such as crab, shrimp, and squid while being in the belly and when they are on breastfeed. When we make them stop eating such foods, as a result, they become more intolerant to these foods.

So, should they eat shellfish? The AAP gives us the answer to this question. They tell us that we can choose to give our baby shellfish from the age of six months after consulting with a pediatrician and after when our baby has positively endured other solid foods.

Is There Any Risk?

Is There Any Risk

A great care must be taken while deciding to feed shellfish to your baby. If a member of your family has been allergic to shellfish or your baby has eczema then in such case, it is better to consult first with a pediatrician or to delay giving a shellfish.

It does not mean that delaying makes your baby endurable to eat such food but because there is a risk of getting an allergic reaction and such reaction at a very young age could be dangerous.

Some pediatricians remain careful as to when you can give shellfish to your baby because they fear that reaction can be more harmful in your baby as compared to a toddler. You must consider this when you are deciding to give shellfish to your baby.

How To Give Shellfish To Baby?

How To Give Shellfish To Baby

After deciding that you have to give shellfish to your baby the next step is how you will proceed. In this regard, first, you must give other solid foods for a few weeks to ensure that your baby can tolerate solid foods very well. Then give a small quantity of one type of shellfish for three to four days but do not make it a routine.

Introduce shrimp, crab, and squid very slowly and make sure that you do not make it at a restaurant, do it at home. After that, monitor your baby for some hours to diagnose any shellfish allergy symptoms.

These symptoms may include swelling, rash, abdominal cramps, vomit, diarrhea etc. if you detect any, immediately call the emergency number and bring your baby to the hospital.

Also, the kind of shellfish dish you desire to serve your child also relies on the type of weaning method you are following. So when you should give your baby a shellfish also depends on your baby’s personal circumstances. Always consult your pediatrician before introducing a new food.

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