Different people go to gym for different motives. But the ultimate motive behind going to gym may be gaining fitness. The most important question, especially for the beginners is, however, how often should I visit the gym? Well, it depends upon multiple factors.

You may think that if you desire to get fit and look stronger, you should go to gym daily and do extensive workouts. This is not right, as our body need rest as well to regenerate the muscles to normal condition. Overtraining always results in injuries. So, take care of your schedule of going to the gym.


Here comes the tricky decision, how often should you go to Gym? Let us have a look at what is the best schedule for you.

How Many Days To Go To Gym In A Week?

Your training schedule largely depends on your lifestyle, working hours a week and how much time can you spare for gym. You can manage various combinations of the number of days of a seven days’ week according to your requirements and availability. We may suggest various combinations but picking the right one for you, keeping in mind your goals, rests with you.

  • Once or twice a week – Although not recommended but it’s okay if you are a starter. Going to gym more than once in a week is good for beginners, to get into a routine and gain a minimum level of fitness. But it is not good enough to get your body adapted to workouts. However, you should not expect visible changes, especially in your athletic performance.
  • Three days a week – This is the minimum requirement for a useful gym routine. At least it will improve your physical fitness and stamina. However, for a three days’ schedule of gym, you need to have extended sessions of training to achieve the goal of visible changes in your fitness level. Means, three days of extensive training sessions with your utmost capacity.
  • Four or Five days a week – Highly recommended, especially for non-professionals. You can gain maximum out of your workouts without any negative impact on your muscles, as it gives you a two days’ rest, which is essential for regeneration of muscles to normal condition. Spending 4-5 days in the gym, will make your body adaptive to your workouts and level of energy required to do that.
  • Six or Seven days a week – Not recommended for a non-professional. This schedule is meant for professional sports players such as athletes, football, hockey or tennis players. Equally good for dancers, by the way.

Gym Schedule

So, if you are aiming at becoming a professional sports player, follow the 6-7 days’ schedule but for others, 4-5 days’ schedule is best, as it gives you a break of two days a week, which is equally important to gain real fitness level.

Importance Of Breaks Or Rest

Giving break or rest in your weekly exercise schedule is very important. When you do the training, your muscles undergo a hectic effort. When you finish your training session, your body needs rest that is required for recovery of muscles to normal condition. So, if proper rest is given to the body, it will have a damaging effect on your body and fitness.

Remember, when your body is in rest mode, your strength and eagerness is on an increasing scale. It prepares you for your next endeavor. It is also essential to achieve a lean and stronger body. If you do not give rest to your body, you may lose your shape.

So, at least one day rest is imperative for professional players but for people who go to the gym for a healthier and stronger body, 2-3 days’ rest in a week is a must.

Effects Of Over Training

If you are not giving break in your weekly workout plan, you will feel the effects of overtraining on your body, which may be fatigue, bad mood, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite and weariness. It may also have a negative impact on your performance as an athlete or professional player.

Effects ofOver Training


  • If you do not exercise regularly, you should follow a minimum schedule of gym to start with.
  • Gradually increase the frequency of training
  • Build up your stamina for an ultimate schedule of 4-5 days’ a week, which is best for you
  • If you are a beginner and has just started going to gym, follow the three days’ a week schedule. Give breaks on alternate days. A possible schedule may be, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, giving yourself break on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • If you have settled in and are more adaptive to workouts, you should follow a 4-5 days’ plan per week. Giving breaks in between is much important.
  • Do not go to gym for more than three days, continuously. The best option is to go maximum two days in a row and give the break of one day, otherwise, your body will be tired and you will feel fatigued.

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