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What Is The Difference Between Goat And Sheep?

If you look at the goat and sheep then you can get confused to differentiate them because they have a close similarity with each other. If you go into detail then you can find out that sheep and goat have a different taxonomy.

Goat is a different species and sheep different for example sheep has almost 54 chromosomes, while a goat has 60. It is interesting to know that the sheep-goat hybrid is very rare. The hybrids which are made in the laboratory are called the chimeras.

Sheep and goat differences

If you are still wondering to know what is the difference between goat and sheep then keeping reading this article because we are going to explain this difference in detail.

Difference Between goat and sheep

Look at their tail

  • One of the easiest ways to differentiate between goat and sheep is by looking at their tail. If you look at the sheeps tail then you will find out that it hangs down and its tail is often docked due to sanitary and health reason.

Different size of goat and sheep

  • Similarly, if you look at the goats tail then you will see its tail is going upward direction unless your got is sick or frightened.
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Forage behavior of goat and sheep

  • You can also differentiate goat and sheep by looking at their forage behavior and diet selection. As sheep is a grazer and they like to eat the shot, clover and tender grasses. Sheep like to gaze near to the soil surface.

Goats have odor

  • on the other hand, If you look at the goats then you will find out that they are natural browsers and they like to eat the leaves, vines, twigs, and shrubs. Goats are very agile and they can even stand on their hind legs to eat the vegetables.

The different behavior of goats and sheeps

  • As goats and sheep are different species, therefore, they pose the different behavior. If we talk about sheep then they are aloof and distant, they have flocking instinct very strong and in case they are separated from the flock then a sheep becomes very agitated. To keep a sheep inside a fence is very easy as compared to the goat.

Sheep Like to Gaze

  • Now, if we talk about goats then it is interesting to know that they are independent and natural curiosity, Goats seek the shelters more readily as compare to a sheep. Goats do not like to get their feet wet and they also like the upland gazing as compared to lowland. You can also identify a goat when they fight because in a ram goats charge to butt heads and they roar up on his hind legs.

The physical difference between goats and sheep

  • Goats and sheep have a different physical appearance. Sheep have woolly coats which need to be combing or shearing once in a year whereas goats do not need combing and shearing. Sheeps tail are docked which means they have a short tail.
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  • A sheep has an upper lip which is divided by the philtrum groove whereas a goat does not have this. You can identify a male goat from glands which are beneath their tail whereas a sheep have a gland beneath their face or their eyes.

Goats Seek the Shelter

  • When goats reach their sexual maturity then they develop a very distinct odor and during the mating time, their order becomes very strong.

Horns difference between goat and sheep

  • Goats have natural horns and beard whereas it is observed that many breeds of sheep do not have horns or either they are pulled. You can identify goat from their horns as they are very narrow directing upright and have very less curve.


  • Sheep have a flee while a goat has hairs
  • sheep has a mane on the other hand goat has a beard
  • wild goats are very abundant while sheep are entirely domesticated
  • Goats and sheep have different horn structure
  • They have different physical behavior

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